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Characters list (all the names in this novel start with surname, Eg. Chu is Mc's surname.)
Chu Yunsheng
Yu Xiaohai
(Friend of MC)
Diao DingGuo
(The person saved by MC but also attempted to kill MC)
Gan Ziqiang
(the person killed Yu Xiaohai)
Du Qishan
(Commander of 218th Regiment)
Miss Zhao
The girl who gave MC the first map. 
Lin Shuiyao
a celebrity who gave MC the information of the second map
Lan Chaoyin
The girl Who saved MC twice. her ability is very similar to ghost rider  
Zhu lingdie
MC's commander when he was in Jin ling city.
Qian Deduo
MC's teammate when he joined the Dongshen university's escort team. (this guy talks a lot.....)
Ding Yan
MC's right-hand man when he was in Jin Ling
Yao Xiang
A chubby guy whose ability was fire Ring Cut. who also grouped up with MC in the fog city,
who admire Chu Yunsheng's ability the most, an honest man. who also like Jing Tian. and a person Chu Yunsheng could trust
Lu Yu
The person who saw his wife and mother died but could not save them in the fog city. also saved by MC.
Hu Zai
Little Tiger. MC's pet
Woman in the white dress
The Alien who  has powerful ice element skill
The cloaked man
The alien who  has powerful fire element skill
Jing Tian(Female)
Jing yi(Male)
MC's cousin

Chu Han
MC's auntie
Lu Guolong
The person joined chu yunsheng in chapter 120, he was originally a granary owner, and he has an earth element ability.
Black American

More detailed characters list can be viewed here

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Tian Gui (Sky Track)

Chu Yun Sheng(MC) thinks it is The boundary of space/world at the moment.  This may change when MC understand more words in the ancient book.(there is no specific description of what it is. every species in the story have their own opinion about it.)

Type of Yuan Qi

Tian Di Yuan Qi (Heaven and Earth Qi):
A fundamental life force or energy of the universe.  scientist considered it as a type of dark energy.

Ben Ti Yuan Qi:
it is a Higher Form of energy. it is converted from  Tian Di Yuan Qi when the Practitioner reaches Yuan Tian Stage Two.

Cultivation System 

Yuan Tian Stage 1: (Chú yuán Body)
requires 81 times of yuan qi circulation to strengthen the network of vessels/channels in the body through which Qi flows

Yuan Tian Stage 2:(Rong yuan Body)
 it is also called Róng yuán Body in the ancient Book. it has five sub-stages of transformation.

Sword Fighting Techniques 

1. Qian Jun Bi Yi(Ward off thousands army)
 An invincible beam of Sword Qi unleashed by the sword, shooting out explosively.  Sword Qi could spread into small beams doing an area attack, or it could form a single beam doing a single point attack.

 How a body was transformed

The Awakenings:
also called The awakening warriors in Kun city and Shen Cheng City.
they are people who gained the special abilities after their body was transformed by the dark energy.
Other names: Dark warriors(jin ling city)

Dark warriors ranking system:
Rank 5- 1  (Strong to weak)
Each rank has classes,  listed as Jia; Yi; Bing; Ding; (strong to weak).

[1] In ancient China,people recorded the serial numbers of time with Heavenly Stems ( 天干tiangan).
1. 甲(jia):the first of the ten Heavenly Stems.
2. 乙(yi): the 2nd of the ten Heavenly Stems.
3. 丙(bing):the 3rd of the ten Heavenly Stems.
4. 丁(ding):the 4th of the ten Heavenly Stems.
Those numbers can be used to describe ranks/levels. It is very similar to A B C D in English.

List of elements


What is Yuan Fu 
It is the Taoist talisman. Yuan Qi/energy can be harnessed and transmuted by it to empower, amplify, strengthen, weaken, dispel, or block other energy. In short, that is the purpose of a Yuan Fu (or fu in short) is to tap into energy in a way that can rectify perceived imbalances in the physical or material plane. the power of Yuan Fu came from the Magic Circle/incantations that were drawn on it. many junior practitioners draw the Magic circle on the yellow paper. but most of the senior practitioners can draw the magic circle/incantation in the air without anything but their fingers.

Yuan Fu requires Yuan Qi to make, it also requires Yuan Qi to activated it. However, once it was activated "most" of Yuan Fu do not require additional yuan qi to unleash its power.

List Of Yuan Fu 
(Yuan fu has several levels, lower level Yuan fu is disposable. higher level yuan fu is reusable.)

Huo Bing Yuan Fu:
enchant a weapon with the fire element damage.

Shen Bing Yuan Fu:
enchant a weapon with additional damage/power

Li Huo Fu(Fire Rain/God’s flame talisman)
Summon the fire

Han Bing Yuan Fu(Frost Yuan)
enchant a weapon with ice element damage. 

Liu Jia Yuan Fu(Six Armour Yuan Fu)
provide energy shield 

Zhan Jia Yuan Fu(Combat armour Yuan Fu) - has three grades (weak to strong)
provide physical combat armour
  1. The initial grade/(tier 1) is called Yi Pin armour, 
    1. level 1: the most basic combat armour.
    2. level 2 is three times powerful than level 1.
  2. The second grade/(tier 2) which is called Er Pin armour,
  3. The last grade/(tier 3) which is San Pin Armour.

Wu Na Yuan Fu(Storage Yuan Fu)
a Taoist talisman provides a pocket dimension inside it. With a mere thought, the owner can store items inside it and retrieve them at will. 

She Yuan Fu(absorption Yuan Fu)
Use it to Suck Energy/Yuan Qi from dead creature. when it is filled with Energy/Yuan Qi. it could be used to restore practitioner's Energy/Yuan Qi. 

Feng Shou Yuan Fu(Monster Seal Yuan Fu)
Seal the Dying monster, and summon the monster during combat. 
once a monster was sealed, a spiritual connection between the monster and the controller will be established, this connection is called Feng Yin Ling which means seal mark. all the commands will be passed through this seal mark.

Bing Beng Yuan Fu(Glacier Yuan Fu)
Trap the monster with glacier and crash it.

Qū dú fú (Fu Of Cure Poison)
use to remove any poison element .

Yù tǔ fú (Harness Earth element Yuan Fu )
harness the earth element to reinforce any object to increase their defence.

Bīng kùn fú (Ice Trap Yuan fu)
trap the enemy with an ice square Bipyramid.

Bīng xuán fú (Icicle whirlwind Yuan Fu)
Once the talisman was activated, all the red shells within a radius of 50 meters would be penetrated by the spinning icicles.

Monsters (images are for illustration purposes only, it does not 100% reflect original author's idea )
Red Shell Insect
Green Shell Insect
Red Eye Monster
Flame Monster
Tentacle Monster
Centipede-like monster
Gigantic legs monster

Red-purple flame monster
Mutant mouse
Golden shell monster

Insect's sticky substance same as the Creep in Starcraft 2
flying-head monster
Meat Worm

Leech-like monster (carcass worm)
Green Fluorescent Monster

Glowing floating monster
larva-like long transparent worms

Other terms
GCH: General Command Headquarters;
DWH: Dark Warrior Headquarters;
GRD: General Research department;

Things about the Insect  
Worker Worms (first appeared at chapter 154)
larva-like long transparent worms (soldier worm often accompanied by the golden shell)
Red Shelled insect
Green Shelled insect
Golden Shelled insect
Cannon worm (first appeared at chapter 141, the Monster that shoots out fireballs, it actually does not have name but we call it Cannon worms)
Red-purple flame monster
Creep (also called the "area of sticky substances", "sticky floor", in the novel...)
Tombs(it is same as hive in starcraft)

-------------------------------------side note -----------------------
Retrospection ------first appeared at chapter 163 will explain later


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