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Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah

Chu Yunsheng only moved away for a few steps, then he suddenly turned around and asked:” how many thrusters does your flying machine have?”
Qin Qiying’s mind was still filled with shock and confusion, so Chu Yunsheng’s sudden question almost made her answer the question. Luckily the years of military training helped to stop her from leaking out the information.
After thinking for a second, the question Chu Yunsheng asked was not much of a big deal, and apart from the secret she was trying to hide, it seemed like no other intelligence can still be considered a secret in this time and age.

But she was not only one who knew that secret, there were three other very reliable officers who also knew about it. In order to safely send this secret to the capital, four of them were split up and escorted by different troops from different routes.  However, she didn't care about other officers, she must make sure that she was not the one who leak out the information.
She also realised that she was too relaxed around Chu Yunsheng. From the stories she had heard from Shan Yuxiong, and from Chu Yunsheng’s behavior which she observed this whole time, she knew that this was not a man who would pay extra care towards others. Although she did not know whether Chu Yunsheng asking her to take a good rest was to distract her or not, she needed to pay more attention now. 
However, she also forgot that Chu Yunsheng was not an interrogation expert. He was just confused when Qin Qiying said the flying machine was not theirs.

“It is not a big secret, like I said before, I will tell you anything you want to know, as long as it is within my knowledge.”  Qin Qiying said while adjusting the pillow on the bunk bed.
At the same time, Edgar finally adjusted his emotions and got into the RV with Yu Zhixuan.
“Wait.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, passing by Edgar and Yu Zhixuan. He popped his head out and glanced outside. The decent looking girl was still outside, but she seemed to be very sad.
“You... that’s right. You… could you come in for a second.” Chu Yunsheng said.
Chéng Dàiyōu was dazed for a second, then answered quickly:” Yes! Of course!” she quickly got into the RV like a gust of wind, as if she was scared that someone else would take over her place. 

She did not care whether it was the doctor or this man in balaclava hat who was interested in her, she just wanted to get on the RV.
“Could you do me a favor and help her to get off the RV, we need to have a meeting.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at Yu Zhixuan who just sat down and said.
Cheng Daiyou gasped in surprise, her mouth was wide open and she just stood there not knowing what to say. It was like winning a lottery but to discover later on that the ticket was fake, and it frustrated her.
Yu Zhixuan looked at Edgar, hoping Edgar would say something. However, Edgar intentionally turned around and started looking for something.
“Little girl, don’t worry, we still need you to guard the RV at night.” Chu Yunsheng knocked on the side of RV urging them to hurry up.
Cheng Daiyou wanted to say she could also guard the RV, but as the words reached the tip of her tongue, she could not bring herself to actually say it out... Feeling helpless and disappointed, she helped Yu Zhixuan off the RV.


“Ok, let’s start, major Qin, you first, then I will clarify a few things later.” Chu Yunsheng said
What a strange skywalker! Looking at the girl that was kicked off the RV, Qin Qiying thought, then she said:” doctor you are from the USA, you should have heard about area 51 right?”
“Yes, that place is very famous, it was said that the government was researching extraterrestrial civilization there, but no one actually had evidence to prove that. ” Edgar responded.
“But the place does exist.Before the apocalypse, researchers from the USA had discovered an ancient flying machine underneath an ice layer in Antarctica, and managed to transport it back to area 51 It was their top secret, but….” Qin Qiying smiled, she didn't carry on.
“Maybe they came to earth a long time ago, but we didn’t know about it.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said. He could connect those flying machines to the information he learned from the ancient book, even the senior practitioner also seemed to come from the outer space.
“Not necessarily so, did you notice what the flying machine said just now? Although the students below shouted that we are earthlings, but they were persistently calling us humans rather than earthlings." Qin Qiying raised her head slightly and said.   

“Prehistoric Civilization? Based on the history of the earth's biological evolution, there is no evidence to support this theory. " the topic was related to Edgar's profession, he became unusually confident about with his words.
“Regardless, we also found a similar flying machine, and we had also attempted to make it fly again However right until we left, we still could not succeed. ” Qin Qiying did not want to discuss the theoretical issues with Edgar, so she returned to the subject again.
“Wait. Don’t you  think the one we just saw also looked very ancient?” Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.
“Yes, I have also noticed it, but it is not the one from our lab.” she paused for a second then carried on.“In fact, the apocalypse itself is also very bizarre. Remember that when the sun disappeared, it did not disappear once, but disappeared several times, and each disappearance lasted longer than the one before, until the sun completely disappeared? ”

Of course, Chu Yunsheng knew that, and according to what he learned from the ancient book, it was a problem with the Sky tracks. But what the Sky tracks are exactly was something that he was never concerned about...
“Destroy. From the beginning to the end, the sun disappeared 7 times in total. It seemed like something was destroying something”  At this moment, Qin Qiqying was merely talking about her guess. After all, she was trapped at the scene capturing aliens when the sun disappeared. She had no clue about the classified research that happened afterwards.

“What makes you say that?” Chu Yunsheng frowned, other than the ancient book’s abnormal behavior, there was nothing else that was destroyed.

“From what I know, after the first time the sun disappeared, we received a lot of report regarding the crashing of planes, not just our country, all the planes around the world seemed to be knocked down by something! It was at that time, the government and the military started to mobilise, and resources started to be allocated…..” Qin Qiying looked at the roof while telling Chu Yunsheng what she knew, thinking back about the chaotic beginning of it all...

“But if I remembered it correctly, that was not what the citizens were told…..” Chu Yunsheng said bitterly.

“We didn’t know how bad it was going to be, and we don’t want to cause a chaos. It was not just us, every country was doing the same thing, France… Russia... ” Qi Qiying tried to explain...

“Forget about it, that was in the past, let’s talk about the crashing of planes, what was that about? ” Chu Yunsheng interrupted and said.

“I don’t know, the only thing that I know is that the alien that was captured was very fearful and scared, similar to a having mental breakdown in humans. This is something that I told you last time. .” Qin Qiying shook her head.

“So, based on what you said, the flying machine we saw today most likely already existed on earth for ages, and it was fixed by them, right?” Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.

“I think so. ” Edgar said.
“Could be.” Qin Qiying also nodded her head.
If this inference is correct, then regardless of the woman in the white dress or the cloaked man, the number of flying machines they have on hand should not be too much, in fact, it should be just a handful. Chu Yunsheng thought.

In that case, if they didn't have a lot of them, that meant they would not be able to search for him everywhere all the time. The thought of it made him relieved.

But It was time to change his plan, the woman in the white dress presumably got all his information from the deputy chief commander Zhu, and even knew that he prefers to act alone.
Luckily she didn't know about his monster seal talisman, although she might have seen the golden shell when he was running away, she might not know much in detail.

“Edgar, later on, tell the woman whose hair is in a bun that we could help her to transport some people,  they are heading the south right? Tell her that we are going to the same destination.” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and added:” you can also tell her privately that we will support her.”

Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to hide in this crowd of students, since they had already searched them, and the possibility of them searching this group again was very low. It was much riskier to travel alone now.

“Alright, there are three beds on the RV, the one at the back of the RV is mine, you need to make them understand that. The one above the driver seat belongs to major Qin, so before she recovers, do not let anyone disrupt her rest. The one in the middle is yours, and the remaining can do whatever you like. Also, I need an absolutely quiet place, do not let strange people get in!” Chu Yunsheng kept emphasizing the need to be quiet to Edgar, as he still needed the time on the RV to break through Rong Yuan body stage three. If the RV became noisy because of this, he would rather risk travel alone.

… ...

Half an hour later, in the small building.
“Really? Doctor, thank you very much, thank you…. I will gather the people right now, so you can choose whoever you like, but there was a student who has a frostbite, could you pick that student first? ” Jiang Qianqin was thrilled. Early on four students were killed by the flying machine, so everyone was very gloomy, but Edgar brought a great news to her.
However, to Ren Sanbao, it was not a good news at all.
But no one expected that the news Edgar brought to them would bring about a fierce fight for the seats...

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah
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Chapter 220 Sword Form

Chapter 220 Sword Form
Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah

The street was in a hubbub.  Students were talking to each other exchanging information, trying to guess who the man in the 3D holographic image was. 

People were racking their brains to find any pieces of information about the man because of the huge reward, all of them wanted to try their luck.

However, they did not know that this "person", was not far from them, the mysterious man was only less than a hundred meters away from them!

Moreover, they were unaware of a potential fierce battle that can happen any moment and could possibly get them killed.   

They were staying next to a time bomb and the trigger to the bomb was the person they call "Doctor" --  Edgar.
However, no one knew what Edgar was thinking. Chu Yunsheng did not have time or energy to think about what Edgar was planning to do. Ever since the flying object showed his image, he was already planning for the worst.
He was not sure if he should fight them or escape from them, since he did not know how powerful the flying object is At the same time, he did not think escaping was a good idea because he did not feel that his speed would be faster than the flying object.

Moreover, if the woman in the white dress was on that flying machine, he did not think he would be able to run away.In that case, maybe he should listen to the advise Ding Yan told him back when he was in Jin Ling city, which was to pretend to cooperate with them for a period of time, as long as he could live and eventually, there would be a chance.

At the moment he did not have many talismans to help him in a fight, he could only rely on the sword fighting techniques. 

Speaking of sword fighting technique, Chu Yunsheng always thought that the essence of sword fighting technique was to unleash more sword Qi and control the movement of sword Qi at will.

As he learned more words from the book, he understood more about the sword fighting technique. Only now did he learn that inside the sword fighting technique there were many forms of unleashing the sword qi. The higher and the more difficult the sword from, the more powerful the sword fighting technique was, and according to the senior practitioner, the most powerful form could only be unleashed once even by himself!

After he reached Rong Yuan body substage three, the sword fighting technique could unleash 18 sword Qi. This was a crucial part of the fighting technique, because once he was able to unleash 18 sword Qi, he would be able to use the first sword form [broken stab]!
[broken stab] was the simplest sword form, it was also the only sword from he could use. The form’s purpose was simple and concise: to break through defence, pierce through the target, and to kill in a single move.

This was also the reason why he needed to get an RV and ask Edgar to disguise as a Skywalker. He needed time and a quiet environment so he could study the cultivation method and break through substage two’s barrier as quickly as possible.

The power of the sword fighting technique gave Chu Yunsheng the strength and skills he desperately wanted, as it was his primary fighting ability. The talismans are only a secondary support. His physical body will only be strong when his main fighting ability becomes strong, which will then allow him to handle complicated and extreme situations when necessary.
Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a voice:”I know where he is!”

The street instantly became silent and Chu Yunsheng’s heart skipped a beat.
He did not know if that person really knew where he was, but he needed to take the first move to prevent any accidents from happening. While he was thinking, he moved quickly and lightly into the building, and ran all the way to the roof.
His plan was to use his sword Qi to destroy the thrusters of the flying object before they found where he was. If he succeeded, he would have a huge advantage when he wanted to run away. The flying object was levitating just above the roof, so he believed that once he unleashed the sword Qi, the chance of destroying the machine’s thrusters was very high.

At the same time, one of the searchlights locked onto the person who said it, it was a girl who was so nervous that her body was constantly shaking underneath the light. Then she pointed at the east and said:” we saw that man yesterday, he headed towards the east.”

The flying machine did not respond to her straight away, instead, the bright white light that was shone onto her changed into green ripples. As the searchlight moved up and down, the green ripples appeared to be scanning the girl from top to bottom.

“You need to keep your promise, can we have the food and weapon now?” the girl became nervous by the sudden change of the light, but still gritted her teeth demanding for the reward.
The green ripples then bounced back and the searchlight changed to red immediately. The robotic sound appeared inside the flying machine again:”

Human! Unfortunately, you are lying, and you will be punished!” 

Within a split second, another milky white beam shot towards the girl. Unlike the beams the machine shot out earlier, this time the girl didn't even make any sound, and was instantly blasted into pieces.

Everyone in the crowd felt a chill down to their spine, especially those who wanted to lie, all of them were stunned!

A few seconds quickly passed in silence. In the meantime, Chu Yunsheng finally arrived on the roof, hiding in the shadow. Beneath the searchlights, Edgar still did not make any movements.

The flying machine probably thought that they could not get anything useful from this crowd, and started to ascend. The robotic voice appeared again.

"Humans! We may meet each other again, and at that time, if you have any information about this man, our agreement still valid. But you have to respect the agreement, especially your honesty….

Remember what he looks like, his name, and remember that he likes to stay alone. If you see him, please tell him that we mean no harm….”

The flying machine ascended higher and higher until it became a bright spot, then quickly disappeared into the dark sky.

Only when it completely disappeared from everyone’s sight did Chu Yunsheng deactivate the armour and walked down the stairs. But before leaving the building, he paused for a second, took out a few more cotton clothes and wrapped himself up to make himself look a little bigger than before. He then carried Qin Qiying up again and returned to the RV.
“Doctor, are you alright?” just when Chu Yunsheng got near the RV he saw Edgar’s knees buckle and almost collapsed onto the ground. Yu Zhixuan who was next to him immediately asked him and tried to help him get up again.

However, her leg was broken earlier. Although it was set by Qin Qiying, she still did not have any strength to help Edgar to get up.,.
Suddenly another pair of hands came out of nowhere to help her.

“Doctor, do you need me to help you to get on the RV” it was Chéng Dàiyōu, giving Yu Zhixuan a provoking look while asking Edgar with her tender voice.

“I...I’m alright… alright...” Edgar murmured while sitting on the steps of the RV’s entrance. However, his mind was completely in a muddle, he did not expect Mr.Lennon would be…... 

“Doctor, you are blocking my way.” Chu Yunsheng was holding Qin Qiying and speaking calmly as if nothing had happened.


Edgar was like a panicked rabbit, as he jumped up immediately, bumping his head into the top of the door. 

“Doctor?” even Chéng Dàiyōu noticed his strange behaviour.

“I’m alright... alright….” Edgar did not dare to look into Chu Yunsheng’s eyes, as he bowed his head down and moved aside while looking at the ground.

He finally knew Mr.lennon’s real name.

It was a name that was so famous in Jin Ling city that even a foreigner like him has also heard of it. He had heard a lot of things about him, and as a researcher, Edgar knew that Chu Yunsheng had an important role in GRD.

When he was in the abandoned town outside Jin Ling with Chu Yunsheng, he had thought of the possibility that both men were the same person. However, he had never seen Chu Yunsheng before, so he could not prove it.

“Are you sure that you are ok?” Chu Yunsheng stepped onto the RV, then he paused at the entrance, turned around and asked him.

“Yes, Yes! ” Edgar forced himself to calm down, but he did not know where to put his hand. Instinctively, he tried to grab the roaring flame gun to pretend he was okay, however, he accidentally grabbed a smooth and soft little hand instead.

Yu Zhixuan instantly blushed.

Chu Yunsheng put Qin Qiying on the top of the bunk beds and said:” Major Qin, you may rest first, I hope you can get well as soon as possible, I can’t help you for too long.”

Qin Qiying was lying on the bed. However, her mind was filled with Edgar's reaction and Chu Yunsheng’s figure, and her eyes were filled with shock and confusion.

Chu Yunsheng might not know, but the former soldier Shan Yuxiong had told her everything that had happened in the camp, including how Chu Yunsheng killed Wu Weijian….

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah

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Chapter 219 A Familiar Figure

Chapter 219 A Familiar Figure
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The speed of the flying object was extremely fast!

It violated the basic physic rules of aerodynamics flying in an irregular pattern through the sky.

Within a split second, Chu Yunsheng quickly hid into the building next to him with Qin Qiying, it was the building that Chu Yunsheng used to level up his green shells earlier.

Whether it was the cloaked man's associates or the woman in the white dress’s associates, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have a conflict with them at the moment, once they started to fight him, he would either be heavily injured or dead.

They were too strong for him to fight at the moment.

His first objective was to find senior practitioner’s treasure first, then find a way to go through the mirror wall and find out where Jin Ling city was. It was not to spend time and energy fighting those aliens.

:”don't make any sound!” Chu Yunsheng took Qin Qiying to the third floor and whispered sternly.

Qin Qiying nodded her head, although it was dark in the building and she could not see Chu Yunsheng’s expression, she could feel that Chu Yunsheng was nervous from his tone. She did not doubt that the man would kill her if she makes any sound.

In the sky, the flying machine was just one bright spot, only when it approached the ground did it revealed its size. It was almost as big as a half football field.

It was not a circular or oval-shaped like what rumour said during the age of light, it was the pentagon shape. There was a thruster at each angle of the Pentagon, plus the bigger one in the middle, there were 6 thrusters in total.

The surface of the flying machine was black, coupled with the angular outline. Although the appearance of this flying machine might look old, in the eyes of those humans, it was truly the ultra-advanced technology!

The aircraft was descending rapidly like it was free-falling from the sky, it was descending straight down until it reached the high of the 10th floor. Then it stopped right there all of sudden as if there was no inertia, the thruster in the middle was shut down and the power of other thrusters around the edges also seemed to reduced a lot, then it slowly and continuously to fall vertically.

It appeared all of sudden, and it was also very mysterious, since the earth plunged into the darkness , it was the first time for everyone to encounter the alien’s aircraft, it was also the same for Chu Yunsheng, he was hiding in the dark behind the window and staring at the flying machine, however he did not know what exactly the flying machine wants.

Capture humans? Or save humans?

All the Skywalkers and students in the building ran out of the hall and raised their head to look at the flying object.

“Hi! Please save us!” A boy full of fantasy waved his arm and shouted.

“We are humans, earthlings, not monsters, please help us!” one females student shouted excitedly.

“Are you sure they will help us?” a student asked his classmate.

“Maybe they will use us to do some experiments!” the student said coldly.



The flying object was descending lower and lower when it reached the high around 4-5 storey high, it stopped descending anymore, all the rest of thrusters were shut off at the same time, no one knew why it could still levitate in the air. Then at the place next to the five thrusters, five extremely bright light probes were put down, and it was shining around seemed to search for something.

“What are they doing?” fat man Qian was holding a girl in the hall and asked timidly. The rampant behaviour he had when he was in front of Chu Yunsheng was gone, it was replaced by fear and ignorant at the moment.

“It seems... It seems like it was searching for something?” the girl in his arm said quietly.

“There is nothing here, apart from humans.” the fat man Qian murmured.

“Maybe it is looking for someone, or maybe some Skywalkers!” someone in the student group suddenly said.

:”you probably right, after all, we don't have research value, but Skywalkers are different….”

Qian Xiang had a sudden shudder, those two people's conversation made him wanted to find a place to hide.

Suddenly the flying object made a beeping sound, then a loud and clear machine voice appeared in every corner of the street.

:” Humans! Humans!

All the humans inside the houses need to come out, do not try to hide, and do not try to resist, our machine could detect where you are!

I repeat! we don't want any conflict, but if you hide, you'll be killed!

You have one minute!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, the creatures on the flying object could speak mandarin just like the woman in the white dress. However, he still didn't know if it was with the woman in the white dress or the cloaked man.

:”Major Qin, I'm sending you downstairs.” the place he was hiding was the third floor, Qin Qiying was very weak that there was no way she could go down to the ground floor by herself. But she also couldn't stay with him on the third floor, although chu Yunsheng didn't know if the creature was lying or not, he didn't want to get this major killed.

Qin Qiying was also very scared, she and Chu Yunsheng were thinking the same thing, they both thought the flying object was coming for them, because in her hand, she had another huge secret that she did not tell Chu Yunsheng.

So when Chu Yunsheng hid into the third floor with her, she didn't think too much about it.

But now she had to come out, right now, probably she was the only one knew how powerful they were apart from Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng held her while walking down the stairs and put her down when they arrived at the building's entrance, then he just stayed in shadow behind the door, since the wall couldn't block their detector, Chu Yunsheng did not bother to go upstairs again.

He had a level two energy shield which could help him to hide his life signal, so as long as he was not standing outside underneath the light, he didn't think those aliens would be able to find him. However it was just his guess, he didn't really know if the energy shield would work or not.

One minute quickly passed.

Once the time was up, three beams of light instantly shot out from the side of the flying object. The light beams went into the building opposite chu Yunsheng, instantly three blood-curdling human screams rang out in the silent night.

Fat man Qian was standing next to the hall, it instantly scared the soul out of him, if he didn't come out, he would have probably ended up like them.

The five light probes then started to slowly scan everyone's face and body one by one.


This is the penalty for not following the instruction!

As long as you are cooperating with us, we can guarantee that you will be safe.

Now, please have a look at this image!”

Just when the voice disappeared, the biggest thruster in the middle of the flying object was rolled over, then it projected a dim green fluorescent light beam downward, in the light beam, a three-dimensional holographic image slowly appeared.

Chu Yunsheng instinctively stepped back into the building, his face was twitching, that image was not someone else, it was him.

'Those bastards are really looking for me. ' Chu Yunsheng was trying to think of a plan quickly in his mind.

At the same time, Qin Qiying was finally relieved, although she didn't know the man in the three-dimensional holographic image, she finally realized that they were not here for her, otherwise she didn't really know what to do.

However, she found that the figure was very familiar….

It was not only her had this kind of feeling, there was another person who was even more familiar with the person in the three-dimensional holographic image, that man was Edgar. At the moment Edgar’s heart was jumping rapidly.

Then the image was suddenly switched, a streamlined red crimson armour was displayed with a sharp sword!

Chu Yunsheng gasped in shock and moved back a few more steps, he was totally hidden in the darkness and the armour was immediately activated, he was ready for the fight!

He realized which side this flying object belonged to, he had only encountered two aliens when he was in Jin Ling city, the cloaked man was killed and only the woman in the white dress was still alive.

At that time, his armour was still at tier two level one, and the colour was red crimson, not the one he had right now which was slightly green, so the only person could remember his appearance and his red combat armour would only be the woman in the white dress.

He did not know if the woman in the white dress was in the flying object or not, so he needed to prepare himself for the possible fight, he had already taken out the monster seal talisman as well.

Then the image was switched again, it was split into two, one was him when he was wearing the armour, the other one was him when he deactivated the armour, the images were big and clear,  they were spinning in the air so everyone could see every detail of the images.

Suddenly the robotic voice appeared again:


Please look at these pictures carefully, he is also a human, using your naming system, his name is Chu Yunsheng, from Shen Cheng City and he just left Jin Ling city. If anyone could provide us with any information about him, we will provide you with enough food and advanced weapons!

If your information is valuable, or if it could lead us to find him, we will provide you with a lifetime protection and the power you are dreaming of!

Moreover - you will be allowed to join us!

Now tell us, have you ever seen him?!”

Just when the robotic voice stopped, the people on the ground instantly became tumultuous. No one would expect that this huge advanced aircraft that only existed in the science-fiction novel would land here, spend so much time, and even shoot three people dead, just to find a human being like them!

Who is this man? Why do they want to find him so badly that they have to search him during the night time?  Why would they give out such huge price just for some information?

Looking at a tray that had many various types of food and weapons slowly flew out of the flying object, everyone was slobbering. However Chu Yunsheng did not look at those rewards, instead, he was staring at Edgar, because amongst everyone here, only Edgar knew who they were looking for.

Although Chu Yunsheng tired to be as cautious and prudent as possible, and since the first day he met Edgar, he never mentioned his name or did he revealed his true face, and his face was always covered by his balaclava hat, even when smoking and eating, he never once revealed his face before.

But Edgar knew his figure, not only that, Edgar also saw his armour, his sword before. Chu Yunsheng could guarantee that Edgar had already realised that the person in the image was him - Mr.Lennon!

The reward that those aliens gave out was deadly tempting, as long as Edgar pointed out who he was, he could receive a huge reward. Chu Yunsheng still remembered the condescending attitude the woman in the white dress had towards humans, she even allowed humans to join them in exchange for his information, so Chu Yunsheng knew exactly how heavy the reward was.

At the same time, Edgar's body was constantly shaking underneath the searchlights, it seemed light he was struggling…...

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Chapter 218 the hormones

Chapter 218 the hormones 
The dark night was unusually cold, the freezing air that inhaled into people's nasal was like skates slicing through the nasal and air pipe, it even made the nerves on the back of head twitching in pain.
The silence was always the main theme in this world, no matter when it was the night time or the time there were hazy shimmers, and no matter it was a remote wasteland or an abandoned city, it was always quiet and silent. Sometimes there were some noises made by some unknown monsters, it would resound in the air and reverberated to a place far, far away.   

Chu Yunsheng did not leave very far from the RV, he went into a house opposite to the low building which other people were staying.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng could hear women’s soul-shaking moaning and men’s heavy panting noise coming from opposite building.

Chu Yunsheng was not a saint, during the age of light, he also had some porn videos on his computer. however, whenever he was trying to relax, the death would quickly approach him.
Originally after he finally levelled up four green shells, he wanted to sort out Yuan Tian stage two’s cultivation method and study it again. However, the noise of copulation could always get into his ears, no matter how he tried to shift his attention and ignore it. it was just like Yuan Qi energy that broke all his “barriers” and went into his head, messing with his thoughts.

Chu Yunsheng was so irritated, he wanted to take out the roaring flame gun, point at the other building and pull the trigger.  The world would return back to the quiet state instantly if he did it.

No one would be able to stop him and no police would be there to arrest him, there was no punishment, no prison. He just needed to pull the trigger without worrying anything.

But eventually, he still did not pull the trigger. When the moaning sound slowly faded out in the air, his irritated feeling also quiet down.

Chu Yunsheng knew the problem came from himself. He suspected that when he saw Jing Mouyou’s naked body, it might have accidentally triggered the sexual desire that was hidden deep inside his mind, and since then the desire started to grow inside his mind.

At that time, he could suppress it, because he just escaped from the danger, but now the moaning sound was like mutated viruses Jing Mouyou had, it became even stronger.
Chu Yunsheng quickly put out the fire, left the windows and hid in the dark again, when the desire shrunk back into his mind, he also stopped thinking about it.

He just thought that the sudden impulse he had, was probably because that he hadn’t touched a woman for a very long time, If he remembered it correctly, since he broke up with his girlfriend, until now, it was already a very long time. As a healthy grown-up man, it was normal to have a sudden sexual urge once in a while, so he did not pay much attention to it.

However, he did not realize that it was just a start, it was still growing, although at the moment it was hiding in his mind, it was waiting for the third time, at that time, no one knows if he would still be able to stop it.

Chu Yunsheng stifled a yawn then adjusted his cloth, he went out of the building and returned back to RV, in front of the RV the girl with a decent appearance was still harassing Edgar this “Doctor”.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng returned or probably the girl was running out of the patience, she immediately changed her strategy. While Edgar was distracted by Chu Yunsheng, she took the opportunity and immediately threw herself into Edgar’s arm, at the same time, she grabbed Edgar's left hand and pressed it against her tummy and said in a delicate and touching tone:" Doctor, I am cold and I am very hungry, do you not pity me? ”

The girl eagerly looked inside RV, in there, Yu Zhixuan was just about to take out some cooked meat from the pot to pack them. In order to use the most of daytime to travel on the road, Chu Yunsheng had asked the girl to prepare some meat during the night.

Edgar was shocked, he immediately pushed the girl away, however, the girl was holding onto him tightly, so he did not succeed. At the same time, his was crying inside his mind:” let me go… OMG, why you holding onto me so tight, I am nobody…. it was MR.Lennon who not letting you in, it's not me...”

But he did not dare to tell the girl, he knew that he should not lead the problem back to Mr.Lennon, otherwise, he would be in a huge trouble.

“Cheng, I can’t let you in, there is no more space on the RV, seriously. ” Edgar finally took back his hand and raised his both hand up high, so he could show Chu Yunsheng that he was innocent.

“Then, why she could stay on the RV, what’s better about her? Is she prettier than me? Or she has bigger boobs than me?” the girl said jealously while throwing back her shoulders to show her pretty curves. 

Yu Zhixuan’s hand suddenly shook a little.

In fact, not only just one person who was jealous of Yu Zhixuan. During the escape, Edgar had secretly agreed with Jiang Qianqin and helped many girls to escape from the highway.

However, when they arrived at Xu Jia Ying town, most people were asked to leave the RV except Yu Zhixuan whose leg was broken at that time. 

The degree of safety and comfort in the RV were unimaginable to them. When they entered the town, the female soldier did not stop the RV in time and it crashed into a wall, however, the wall collapsed but the RV was completely fine, even the windshield did not break, as if there was something protect it.

Apart from that, there was food, although it was not many, it was meat! There was clean waters, thick and white bedsheets, a place to take shower, they even saw the toothpaste.

Compared to the broken buses they had, this RV was a paradise.

So all those people who were asked to leave the RV were extremely jealous of her. They all thought the doctor liked the girl. although the girl was indeed with a dedicated look and lovely personality,  it still did not stop other girls gossiping about her.

But they only dared to gossip it privately, everyone knew that Skywalkers had bad tempers, so no one dared to say something bad about the doctor.

“Because she was luckier than you, sometimes we need to depend on luck. ” Chu Yunsheng walked past them and helped Edgar to answer the question.

“Doctor, I need to talk to you.” Chu Yunsheng said while walked straight to the back of the RV, he didn't even wait for the girl to say anything.

Although Chéng Dàiyōu wanted to get into the RV so badly, she still did not dare to disrupt Edgar's discussion. So she reluctantly let go of Edgar.

“Mr.Lennon, i….”

“You don’t need to explain, I am very tired, I will need to take a rest. you can give monster’s meat which was in the luggage storage area underneath the RV to the woman whose hair was in a bun, this is all I can help them, you don’t need to mention me. I don’t want to get involved in any of their business. We will set out tomorrow.” Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said.

The situation in that group was complicated, and Chu Yunsheng did not have time to concentrate other things. Since they thought that Edgar was a Skywalker, so Chu Yunsheng just let Edgar deal with everything. In the meantime, he needed to hurry up reaching the Rong Yuan Body stage three. 

What if the spore forest was endless, if he could not go around it, then he had to break through it, he needed to get the rest of maps. Only when he gathered all the map would he have a chance to find out how to bypass the restriction of the sky track and then find Jin Ling. (refer c191.)

Edgar nodded his head, he was already used to the things that Mr.Lennon told him to do, no matter it was right or wrong, he had to do it, although he was very sympathetic to his students.

“go!” Chu Yunsheng said then turned around and about to return to the RV.


He noticed there was a light dot in the sky far away from them in the north, and it was coming towards them quickly.

“Fuck!” Chu Yunsheng’s heart immediately skipped a beat, he rushed into the RV and held Major Qin who was still in the rest using both of his arms, then he quickly moved her out of the RV and passed the binoculars to her. He pointed at the light dot and said with a stern expression:" look, Is that an extraterrestrial aircraft!” 

The cold wind made Qin Qiying had a sudden shiver when she was moved out from the RV. When she finally realised what Chu Yunsheng wanted her to do, she immediately used the binocular to take a look.

“That’s right, this is not ours!”  Qin Qiying said calmly;” it had 6 thrusters or the energy machines at the bottom…….it found us! It’s coming!” ”

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Chapter 217 The Doctor’s face

Chapter 217 The doctor’s face
Just when the masked man finished his words, the girl whose leg was broken earlier opened the RV’s door, she was searching Edgar in the crowd and said:” Doctor, the meat was ready!”

Her shout instantly made all everyone stopped arguing, instead, all their stomach were growling.
Edgar was at the back of the crowd. When he saw Chu Yunsheng was on the RV already, his heart was jumping rapidly. He secretly allowed the injured girl to get on the RV without even asking for Chu Yunsheng's permission, so he was not sure if Chu Yunsheng was angry at him or not. 

To him, although Chu Yunsheng was not a ruthless and ferocious man, he also wasn’t a man easy to talk to. At least he knew that Chu Yunsheng had a strange and special hobbit which was that he always liked to stay alone.

Edgar gritted his teeth and walked towards the front of the crowd, however, he accidentally walked in between the masked man and the girl whose hair was in a bun.
““Jiǎng Qiānqìn, for the sake of the doctor, I will ignore the things happened this afternoon, but I have to remind you that you should mind your own business, otherwise I will not work with you anymore!” the masked man’s sinister expression only appeared on his face for a split second, then he smiled once again. He patted Edgar's shoulder and said in a “friendly” tone:” doctor, once you finished the meal, remember to come upstairs to have a chat with us!”

Then he intentionally said loudly:” brothers have already arranged some beautiful girls to relieve your boredom”
Jiǎng Qiānqìn’s face instantly turned livid:" Scum" she cursed.

However, Edgar did not dare to answer him, his mind was filled with Mr.Lennon, he only felt that his face was so hot and he was so embarrassed.

Seeing Jiǎng Qiānqìn’s expression was not so happy, the masked man laughed out loud, he waved his hand and said:”let’s go!”

The fat man Qian Xiang quickly knocked on the RV’s windows and said:” brother, do you want to exchange or not? give me an answer.”

Chu Yunsheng threw away the cigarette butt and said:" no.2 then he opened the map and ignored him.
The fat man’s face instantly changed, he was not happy about Chu Yunsheng’s attitude, so he spat on the ground at said:” fuck, who do you think you are, if it weren’t the doctor, I’ll kill you, you stupid fuck!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, he closed the map and opened the RV’s door:“ you can try it now” he said coldly.

“Fat Xiang, what the hell are you doing! Get the fuck back in here!” the masked man instantly pulled the fat man back and said to Edgar:” I’m sorry, doctor, but tonight, you must remember to come over!”

Edgar’s heart was jumping rapidly, he was looking at this fat man in shock, how dare this man wants to challenge Mr.Lennon, did he want to die so badly?

“Doctor, Ren Sanbao was an asshole, please don’t join them….. Your students are still respecting you!” Jiang Qianqin saw the masked man let, so she quickly said to Edgar in a worried tone. It wasn’t easy for them to meet someone powerful on the road, if Edgar was recruited by Ren Sanbao using that disgusting method, then the power gap between two Skywalker’s team would be widened again. 

“We will talk about that later, let me introduce you, this….” although it was still very cold, Edgar was still sweating.

Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted him:” there is no need to introduce me, doctor, we can start meal now.”
Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Jiang Qianqin immediately looked at the man. Apart from the man’s face was covered and his strange behaviour, there wasn’t anything special about this man. However, this man had a strong and tough attitude towards the fat man Xiang and Edgar. Something was not right about this man, she thought.
“Doctor, I am not delaying you from enjoying your meal, if you have time, can we discuss in detail tonight? ” Jiang Qianqin sincerely asked.

“This…. We will talk about it later… later...” Edgar quickly got into the RV without looking at Jiang Qianqin.

“Sister Qin, foreigner always like to talk about the benefit and profit, they are not reliable, and it's not going to be easy, if you want to recruit him!” a hippy young man was smiling, no one knew where he got another thin branch from, at the moment he was chewing it in his mouth.

“He is a foreigner, but he is also your teacher.” looking at the RV’s door was closed, Jiang Qianqin turned around and said.

“Teacher? There is also a teacher upstairs, but that teacher still joined Ren Sanbao!” the young man dismissively said.   

“There aren’t just bad people in the world, some will join Ren Sanbao to do dirty things, but some will protect you and die for you just like Lao Li…..” Jiang Qianqin stared at the young man and said.

“Bah! How could you compare him to teacher Li? He is not worth it!” the young man instantly changed his lazy expression and said coldly.

“Since last time they recruited a new Skywalker, their strength is equally powerful as us now, recently they violated our agreement several times, if we don’t get the doctor to join us, we will be in a very bad situation, those people… they can do anything, so we have to get the doctor to join us, at least, make him stay neutral. ” Jiang Qianqin sighed.

“Sister Jiang, if they want to go, just give them a car, at worst, we just travel by foot. besides, there are so many cars on the road, I don’t believe that we can’t find a working one.” the young man’s cold face only last for a few second then he returned back to his hippy expression.
“What if they want our gas and food? And those girls? Today they even tried to forcibly take Xiao Tang away.” Jiang Qianqin asked. 

“Today they might need to use force, but tomorrow, those girls will probably beg them to take them(girls),  not just girls, even the boys…. Looked at the female Skywalkers in your team....and the boys around them(female skywalkers)… in this world, you can not take care of everything. ” the young man shook his head and hummed a song while walking into the house.  Then he suddenly stopped at the entrance, turned around and said.” you are playing with fire, you want them to protect everyone, but you have to remember, they are not dogs, they are wolves….”

Jiang Qianqin just smiled at him, she did not reply anything. Looking at the RV, she slowly knitted her brows.

Inside the RV.

On the dining table, in front of the sofa, there were four big food boxes, and there were a few pieces of monster’s meat in each box. It was a simple meal.

“Mr.Lennon...” Edgar said cautiously.

“Doctor, in China, we don’t talk while eating. ” Chu Yunsheng picked up a small piece of meat and started to recite an "incantation" in his mind: This is not a monster’s meat…. This is not a monster’s meat….. This is a delicious steak… this is a delicious steak...

Then he opened his mouth and quickly swallowed it in.

Although he was tired of eating the monster’s meat, he still needed to live.
Edgar and Qing Qiying did not know why Chu Yunsheng had to stare at a meat for a very long time and then it, compared to Chu Yunsheng, Edgar only started to eat the monster’s meat not long ago, however Qing Qiying and the girl who was injured never had this kind of meal before, so apart from Chu Yunsheng, the rest of people were actually enjoying the meal.

Chu Yunsheng did not speak, so no one dared to talk, everyone was chewing the meat, the atmosphere was very awkward.

No matter how slow the injured girl was, she also started to realize that the man sat opposite her was in control of this RV.
“Oh right, doctor, who is she?” Chu Yunsheng quickly finished the meal and pouted his lips to signal Edgar who he was referring to.

The girl and Edgar were both still eating the meat. When Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked, they were dazed for a second and almost choked by the meat.

“She was my student during the age of light, I was an English teacher, her name is Yu? Yu? I’m sorry I can’t remember your name” Edgar put down the fork and apologized. 

“It’s alright doctor, my name is difficult to remember, I am Yu Zhixuan, you can call me Xiao Yu.” the girl quickly swallowed the meat in and said.
“Doctor, are you planning to let her stay in here tonight?” Chu Yunsheng asked again.

Edgar felt extremely uncomfortable and nervous that Chu Yunsheng was kept calling him "Doctor", so he quickly replied:” I’ll send her back later.”

“No rush, we need to stay here for a night anyway, you and she can take turns to guard the RV, let Major Qin have a good rest tonight. ” Qin Qiying needed to recover her strength quickly. Chu Yunsheng still needed the alien’s information she had.

In terms of Yu Zhixuan could be trusted or not, it doesn't really matter now,  she just needed to watch out for the insects, not the Skywalkers in the house.
Even a simplified roaring flame gun could make them think that Edgar was a powerful Skywalker, so their overall strength was not going to be very strong.

“I am going out to do something.” after Chu Yunsheng arranged everything, he got up.

It was just around 6.00, it was way too early to sleep, besides, he also just sealed four regular green shells, so he needed a quiet place to level them to the second form.
“knock” "knock” “knock”

Suddenly, there was someone knocking on the RV’s door.
“Doctor, are you there?” a soft voice came from outside of the RV.
“Do not let more people in!” Chu Yunsheng stared at Edgar sharply and said sternly. Then he opened and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Edgar suddenly had a shudder, he had been following Chu Yunsheng for more than two months now,  so he knew what the consequence would be if he let more people in.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Chapter 216 I don’t want to sleep with him

Chapter 216 I don’t want to sleep with him
Chu Yunsheng just glanced over the hall, then returned back to the RV.
“You are back.” Qin Qiying opened her eyes and said, her voice was still very weak. It seemed like it would take quite some time for her to recover.
“Did Edgar prepare the meal?” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked. he was indeed feeling a little hungry after the hunt.

“It's on the stove, probably not ready yet.” Qin Qiyin responded while staring at Chu Yunsheng. Since Wu city, she was already curious about this Skywalker, just like what happened earlier, everyone was trying to run away in panic, but he chose to go near the monsters.

“Who is she?” Chu Yunsheng asked when he saw a girl sat on the sofa opposite the stove.

“Your friend’s student, she fell off the roof of a bus when we retreated, her leg joints were dislocated.” Qin Qiying leant back tried to stretch her body. Then she turned around and said:” I helped her to move her joints back to normal already.”

“You know that?” Chu Yunsheng was surprised, at the same time, he recalled the battle he had with the red shells back in horror city, he broke his bones several times, if it were not that Yuan Qi inside his body helped him to heal the wound and bones, he was probably a disabled person now.  He had no idea how to set the broken bones.
While Chu Yunsheng was talking, he already walked into the back of the RV, the girl whose leg was broken earlier instantly stood up in panic while holding the dining table. “It’s the doctor who let me in, he asked me to watched the pot...” the girl stammered.

“Okay, he is a doctor? Why does he not look like a doctor? He could not even figure out a “mushroom”! ” Chu Yunsheng opened the pot’s lid and said. Looking at the red insect’s meat were moving ups and downs in the boiling water, Chu Yunsheng felt sick, he instantly lost his appetite.

It was not hard for anyone to dislike the meal if they were having the same meal every day.

“Almost ready.” the girl was very nervous. Looking at the man who entered the RV cheekily without any concerns, who was also very condescending towards Edgar, she did not know what to say.

She thought that the doctor Edgar was a Skywalker, so Edgar should be the owner of this RV, and the female soldier at the front was probably also saved by Edgar.

“Wasting my fucking gas!” Chu Yunsheng lost his appetite, so he was not on a good mod. He took out a cigarette and returned to the driver seat and lit it up. :”major Qin, I want to ask you something.”

“What is your question, since I promised you, as long as I knew, i will tell you.” Qin Qiying said.

Since the beginning, Qin Qiying knew that Chu Yunsheng was not friendly to the uniform she was wearing, she was a smart woman, she did not need anyone to tell her what to do. In order to gain this man’s trust and asked this man to help to escort her to a military base, she needed to remove this type of unfriendliness from this man first.   

“Is it true that the military or the government had already known about the apocalypse? ” it seemed like Chu Yunsheng was asking it casually, but then next second, he was staring at Qin Qiying’s eyes.

“It is difficult to explain it, we knew about it, but we also did not know about it.” she paused for a second and said:” from the incidents we gathered, we knew the apocalypse was coming, but we don’t know when, and how bad it was.”

“But you caught a live one, didn’t you?” Chu Yunsheng flicked the cigarette ash outside the window and said, even Shan Yuxiong had also guessed the apocalypse was coming, so what she told him was useless. 

“We did not catch it, it crashed itself. When the sun disappeared for the first time, all the telecommunications were being cut off at the same time, it was very strange. Then when the communication was finally restored, our intelligence agency had received many secret messages around the world regarding the crashing of UFOs.

So it was not just happened in our country, the one we found was in Fu province, the creature was very timid, it was very scared and panicky at that time, we don’t know why it was so scared, but it hoped that we could save its life. In exchange, it would tell us some advanced technological information. We did anything we could, but it still died.” Qin Qiying sighed. 

“The information you gave to Wu Weijian also came from it?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

“Yes, it was a shame that it only lived for a short period of time, and the information it told us was incomplete” Qin Qiying nodded her head.

“So, you are actually using Wu Weijian as a test subject?” Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his subject.

Qin Qiying dazed for a second, then she gave him a helpless smile:” then, what else I could do? You know what would happen to me if I don’t tell him the information.”

Chu Yunsheng did not respond to her immediately,  no one would feel sorry for Wu Weijian’s death. After a while Chu Yunsheng said:” wait until you are fully recovered, sort out the information you know, I need to take a look.”   then he was disrupted by some noises. 

Apparently, a few people had already walked out of the house and approached the RV. “Hi, brother, can I talk to you for a second.” a fat man who was dressed in leather clothes said. He was with a woman who had a decent appearance.

Chu Yunsheng looked at him not saying anything.

The fat man pointed at the cigarette Chu Yunsheng was holding and said:” brother, do you have any more cigarettes?”
Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

The fat man laughed awkwardly and pushed the woman against the RV’s half-opened window and said: "Come on! Brother, I am not asking for a free cigarette, I will use her, one cigarette for a night, How’s that sound?”

The woman instantly panicked:” brother Xiang, please! I don’t want to sleep with him! I don’t...”
“There is no place for you to make a decision, I say do it, then you just do it!” The fat man was still smiling but his tone was not eased at all.
Before Chu Yunsheng replied, another group also came out of the hall, the person that led the group was the woman whose hair was in a bun. 

“Qian Xiang! Are you going to break our agreement!” the woman said coldly.

“Fuck off, they chose to follow me, you can ask them, have I ever forced them?” the fat man did not seem to be scared at all.

“Even you are a Skywalker, you think you can do whatever you like?” a female student said angrily behind the woman.

“This pretty girl has such a bad memory. Without us, do you think you can get food? ” it was the man with the mask who had an argument with the woman whose hair was in a bun before. He moved the crowd away and said sarcastically.

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Chapter 215 Doctor, come and take a smell!

Chapter 215 Doctor, come and take a smell!
Edgar was holding a roaring flame gun and there was also a sword next to his waist. The sword he had was the metal sword Chu Yunsheng used a long time ago.

If there was a dog behind him, then Edgar looked exactly like Will Smith in the movie 《I am legend》.

:”Hi, foreigner, stop! One more step I'll shoot!” a boy said while pointing the gun at Edgar.

:”Ga Zi, are you dumb, can he even understand Chinese, you need to say English!” said lazily by a young man who looked like a hippy, he was holding an arrow and bow and chewing a small dead branch behind the boy. He didn't seem to worry too much about the sudden appearance of a stranger at all.

:”of course I can understand Chinese, I can even say it!” Edgar raised his hands to signal them that he was friendly.

The gun boy heard what Edgar said, immediately turned around, he quickly and slightly raised his chin at the young man.

The young man behind boy was not angry by the boy's provocative action. “ okay, the foreigner who can speak Chinese, are you seeking for a team or just passing by, if you want to pass us, please go back, wait for a minute!” the tall young man spat out the dead branch and replied casually, but while his long hairs were scattered around on his face in the wind, he secretly glanced at the RV Edgar.

The Rv had been thoroughly modified by Chu YunSheng in order to achieve the strongest protection possible, Chu Yunsheng did not hesitate to use one of the few golden shells he had to reinforce all the areas around the RV, apart from the front windshield. The RV was tightly wrapped up, Even the wheels and the chassis were covered with shells.

The gaps between the shells were not problems for Chu Yunsheng at all, he used the roaring flame gun to weld the shells together, it was now seamless without any gaps, and lastly he used the gray-black paint which he found in Wu city and painted the RV including the golden shell in gray-black colour, so when driving in a dark world, it more or less provided them somewhat camouflage effect.

In addition to that, Chu Yunsheng also specially made a Yu Tu talisman and cast it on the RV. This type of talisman was used to provide an energy shield to a non-life object, it was a level three defensive talisman. As early as when he was in Jin Ling City, he wanted to use this type of talisman to reinforce the west defence line, however, the city was disappeared, later on, so he did not get to use it.

Therefore, whether it was a purely physical attack or various complicated and violent energy attacks, this RV could easily block them all. This ordinary RV had been built as a mobile fortress by Chu Yunsheng, but it still looked nothing special from outside.

Suddenly, the bow young man whistled to the people at his back, it seemed like he was signalling his group members something.

Edgar returned without success, he shook his head reluctantly and said:" Mr. Lennon, there is a broken bus in front of them. They are very vigilant, we can not get any information from them, should we wait here for a while?"

Chu Yunsheng used the binoculars he seized from the animal's group to glance over the front line, in front of the broken bus, a few figures seemed to be quarrelling with each other. the entire highway was built above the ground, there were mountains underneath and around the highway, so there were no alternative routes.

If he wanted to go around them, he needed to go to the other lane. 

Chu Yunsheng put down the binoculars, looked at the sky which were gradually turning dark then said: "No, we can’t wait, we must arrive Xu Jia Ying town before the dark, the wild is too dangerous, and there must be insects around this area, the wind is filled with the smell of their sticky substances!" 

He was moving towards the driver's seat while said to Edgar:” Use  the roaring flame gun to open a gap on the concentre fence in the median strip, I’ll drive, there are many abandoned cars on the other lane, so you use the gun to blow them away.”

“Do we need to check if those cars got any petrol?” Edgar suggested.

“No need, they were most likely searched by those people at the front.” Chu Yunsheng closed the door and said.


Chu Yunsheng did not know if it was too powerful to use the flame monster’s seed as the source of energy or it was just that Edgar did not control the muzzle direction right. the ignited fire energy flame, not only torn a hole in the safety island, the roadside had also been destroyed by it leaving a deep burning pit.

Chu Yunsheng frowned his eyebrows, his knew his driving skill was not good, there would not be a problem if the road was in a good condition, however, with the shallow pit, Chu Yunsheng guessed that if he drove the RV, it would most likely be stalled.

Just when Chu Yunsheng about the call Edgar back, he suddenly heard Qin QIying said:” let me try it.”

Chu Yunsheng looked at her with doubt, Qin Qiying was very weak now, even she wanted to help, but did she have the energy?

“I don’t have a problem, besides, I am also a soldier.” Qin Qiying smiled, she knew Chu Yunsheng doubted her ability. However because she was so skinny, her smile looked rather terrifying.
“Ok, let’s swap the seat” Chu Yunsheng immediately opened the door and let Qin Qiying drive it.

When he got out, he immediately noticed that the group of people at the front were all staring at Edgar and discussing something.

Puff, puff, puff!

Edgar was busy doing his work, after he destroyed the concrete fence he continued to blow away or destroyed the cars that were blocking the other lane.

Qin Qiying’s driving skill was much better than Chu Yunsheng, with such bad road condition, she still found a route that was easy for the RV to pass, soon they passed the broken bus which was originally on his lane.

From the RV’s window, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see a woman whose hair was in a bun stopped arguing a man who was with a mask, they were looking at Edgar who was constantly firing the roaring flame in surprise. 

At this moment, out of a pile of shivering young girls next to the broken bus, a girl with a ponytail suddenly shouted at Edgar with excitement: "Dr. Edgar! It’s Dr. Edgar!"

Edgar was dazed for a second, then he realised who they were. :”it's you, you all are still alive!?” Edgar said in an unbelievable tone.

“Doctor, you are a Skywalker now!? ”

“Doctor, are you not in Jin Ling?”
“Doctor, does Jin Ling city still exist? Was it not surrounded by the insect?

“Doctor... ”

“Doctor... ”

A group of young people immediately surrounded Edgar, everyone was constantly asking questions, they did not even give Edgar a chance to speak.

It lasted for a while and it still did not have any signs of stopping. Chu Yunsheng pressed the horn to hint this “Doctor” to return back to his work, they still needed to destroy another concrete fence in order to go back to the original lane.

“Ok, ok, we will talk about that later. We will talk about that later...” Edgar suddenly had a shudder and said loudly, he did not dare to delay Mr.Lennon's plan at all.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng’s heart skipped a beat, “Fuck!” he cursed, at the same time, he immediately reached his gun out and pointed it at the sky. There were many black dots flying in the air at a high speed.

“Edgar! Insects are coming, make the way! Quick!” Chu Yunsheng shouted, then he also told Qin Qiying. ” get ready to dodge their attack!”

Originally there were only three of them, so as long as the RV was switched off, and hid next to other broken cars on the side of the road, those flying monsters on the sky general would not come down to check them at all. However,  he was with a group of people and they were stuck here, so they could not hide anywhere, those flying monsters would definitely dive down at them.

Chu Yunsheng’s shout instantly silent everyone, a group of people looked at surrounding in confusion. Only a few second later, did they realised the dots in the sky.

"Everyone, Do not panic! Find a place to hide, Skywalkers get ready to fight!"  the women with hair in a bun jumped onto the bus roof lightly and shouted.

“Fuck, i already said we should have abandoned…. Why do we have to bring so many people… fuck!” the man with a mask cursed.

All those girls who surrounded Edgar immediately scattered and hid underneath the cars or inside the pit.

Edgar quickly blew away the last car that blocked the road and the fence in between two lanes. Qin Qiying quickly stepped on the accelerator, the RV instantly returned to the original lane.

“Wait!” Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and stopped Qin Qiying.

Whether it was green shells or flying centipede monsters, both of their speed were very fast, as of this moment, the high-speed black dots quickly became visible to them, at least, Chu Yunsheng could see them clearly.

Those dots were not only flying centipede monsters, they were green shells as well.

To be exact, they were fighting each other!

The fierce fight continued from the place far away until Chu Yunsheng could see them clearly. There were a dozen of green shells surrounded an exhausted flying centipede monster.
In the sky not far from the highway, the flying centipede monster was clearly losing its strength, suddenly it turned around and flew towards the rear of the highway, it seemed like it was about to fell.

“I need to do something, you guys wait for me at Xu Jia Yin Town!” Chu Yunsheng gritted his lips and said, to him, since there were just one centipede monster and a dozen of green shells, then there was a chance for him.

There were still hundreds of leech monsters in his storage talisman, but he did not have enough green shells.

If he was lucky, he might even able to seal a centipede monster! 

Chu Yunsheng quickly jumped off the car and disappeared in the highway like a ghost.

The other group also noticed the situation in the sky, within a minute, they deiced to move the bus away together and abandoned the bus.

The people who were scattered around were quickly gathered by the woman whose hair was in a bun, people were stuffed into the other two buses, however, the other two buses were already full, so most of them had to stay on the roof of the buses.

Then they closely followed the RV….
With the help of freeze gun, it was much easier to seal an insect now.

Comparing to the roaring flame gun, freeze gun was much more advanced, on the side of the gun there was a switch which could be used to adjust the power of the gun.

But the roaring flame gun which was roughly modified by Chu Yunsheng did not have this function. Once the energy was infused into the gun, there was no way for him to reduce any power.

Chu Yunsheng was crawling on the freezing ground with his armour activated and cloak covered, his freeze gun was pointed at the group of flying monsters in the sky, at the same time, four type 2 green shells were quickly approaching them.

However, he was still late.

In the last moment, before the centipede monster died,  its body suddenly swelled up and exploded, a cloud of green smoke instantly spread from the centre of the explosion.

Half of the green shells which were attacking the centipede monster were dead, rest of half were trying their best to fly away from the smoke zone.

Four type 2 green shells immediately initiated their attack.

The regular green shells could not compete with the type 2 green shells, within a moment, four regular green shells were locked in the sky, Chu Yunsheng immediately took the opportunity to fire the shot and free them.

However, four regular green shells were all he could catch, rest of them flew away in panic, Chu Yunsheng was worried that there might have been a big battle between the monsters and the insects near him, so he did not dare to stay very long. It was already lucky enough for him to seal four more green shells, so he retreated and returned to the highway as fast as he could.

Xu Jia Yin town was a small ordinary town, even its name was also very ordinary. The town was not far from the place where Chu Yunsheng was separated with RV. With Chu Yunsheng high-speed running, he eventually arrived the town before the night went completely dark.

Next to a low building Chu Yunsheng finally found the RV and Qin Qiying.

In the hall of the low building, there was a small campfire, next to it, a charming girl was rubbing her body against Edgar's arm and said with a flirting tone: " Doctor, please let me get on the RV and take a shower, I have not washed for a very long time, if you don’t believe me, you can take a smell! "

“Biiiiiii-tch ” a boy whose name was Ga Zi cursed secretly, he was also the person who pointed a gun at Edgar earlier on.