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finally finished volume 4

A lot of people have a hard time to accept the ending of volume 4, many Chinese readers said that MC made a stupid decision.  but to me, it was the most reasonable character development. it was actually quite predictable since the end of volume 3, where he started to have signs of mental illness.

having said that, it is really up to how each individual reader interprets the story.

A little spoiler, the next volume is the volume which made most of the readers cried the most. I really don't know how to translate a novel, so I know that my translation will not be able to provide that kind of feeling. but anyway before anyone takes over this project, I will carry on with my shitty translation.

I will need to take a month off to read the next volume and establish some words and terms. so no chapters next month, but if you have any questions, please use this link.


I will be answering all your questions there.

Chapter 302 legend

 Chapter 302 legend
All the insects suddenly stopped rushing, then an ear-piercing mournful cry arose from deep inside a giant tomb, it even caused visible sound waves to ripple through the entire yellow mountain area.
In the next second, all the insects, no matter where they were, they all rushed back to the tomb where the sound came from.
The mournful crying still continued, and it cried louder and louder every second. Even people covered their ears, they still could not stop the sound coming into their ears.
“Let’s go!” the senior ice messenger suddenly changed her face and said to the ice messenger Snow.
At the same time, she quickly broke open the armour and took Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning out.

Although she did not know if Tan Ning was still alive or not and why Chu Yunsheng’s body continued to swell and shrink every second. She still passed Tan Ning to the ice messenger Snow and said:” split up! And leave this place!”
She then quickly headed towards the east which was the side that was the closest to the edge of the yellow mountain area, without waiting for the ice messenger’s Snow’s reply. 
The ice messenger snow was dazed for a second. Despite she did not know why the captain wanted to split up,  she still followed her order and headed towards the west where her flying machine was.

“Yana Yan! You despicable Ice Race! Stop them!” An angry roar came from the main peak of the Yellow mountain. Probably because it had used too much energy during the attack, It could no longer project shadows into the sky.
The army of robots and the ordinary humans below the yellow mountain immediately split up trying to stop them.   

The army of robot quickly surrounded the senior ice messenger Yana Yan and the ordinary humans that were controlled by the divine realm also flocked towards the ice messenger Snow.
Only until now did the ice messenger Snow realised that her captain wanted to increase the chance of breaking out from this place.
“Ji Qing! Go! Help the senior ice messenger! ” the ice messenger Snow shouted at a group of Skywalkers.
Ji Qing did not trust the divine realm, she only trusted the ice race, however, when she was about to give an order, she suddenly heard a group of skywalkers by the name of six stars and 18 generals from the castle of raging fire shouted:” Do not move! Let them fight themselves!”
“Castellan!” Xu Qingshu looked at Ji Qing and said.
“Castellan!”  the horsewomen behind Xu Qingshu also shouted at her.
Ji Qing was lost. She opened her mouth, but she could not bring herself to say anything. In the end, she closed her mouth. She was smart, she knew that without the support from those people, she was nothing. So She did not give any orders.
When the divine realm and the ice race were fighting for the candidates,  the swarm had already gathered around the tomb number 1. The tombs no longer spurted out any smokes, instead, three tombs were spouting out a large quantity of strange liquid.

Dark was moved to the outside of the tomb No.1 by a tomb’s long tube, all the insects in the swarm were spinning around it, and all the insects were quickly dissolved as they approached Dark.
The body of Dark became bigger and bigger until a gigantic meatball was formed in the creep area.
As a loud roar appeared in the creep area, a gigantic monster that was almost 100 meters high broke out of the meatball.
All the Skywalkers were stunned. What the fuck is that.
A terrifying triangular shaped armoured head was facing the sky and roared loudly, its roar even shook the ground they were standing.
Below its neck, there were four huge sharp long armoured blades, each one of them was at least 50 meters long.
It had 6 strong thick legs,  every time when it stepped its foot on the ground it would shake the ground violently.

It's back was covered with a thick layer of armour, and on the top of the armour, there were many sharp spikes.
Behind it, there was a long armoured tail which was covered with scales, when it swept its tails, an entire tomb was pulled up and flew into the sky.

In the next second, all the skywalkers started to run in panic. Because the gigantic monster was charging towards them.
Two armoured blades were smashed at the robotic army. The ground was destroyed instantly, causing some other places to tilt upward and throwing a lot of robots into the air. But those robots were stopped by another two armoured blades, and they were smashed into the ground again. 

However, its attack was no over, in the next second, it opened its mouth to spit fire at the rest of the robotic army while charging towards the senior ice messenger. All the robots were instantly liquified.   

When it caught up the senior ice messenger Yana Yan, it swept its tail to smash at the senior ice messenger. 

The senior ice messenger was hit by the powerful tail, and it instantly made her throw up blood. However, despite the acute pain she still carried on flying toward the east quickly.
The gigantic monster followed her closely while trampling on the robotic army that was also chasing the senior ice messenger. 

Seeing the edge of the yellow mountain area was in her sight, the senior ice messenger Yana Yan used all her energy trying to break through the barrier!
She was so close, so close to break out of the yellow mountain area. she finally understood how Chu Yunsheng felt earlier.
The gigantic monster opened its mouth to shoot out hundreds of its “tongues” that were covered with purple flames. The senior ice messenger was wrapped around before she was able to break out of the barrier. 
Yana Yan quickly cast out many icicles attempting to cut the flame tongues that were wrapping her. However, no matter how she cut it, more and more tongues arrived and wrapped her around.
She was pulled back and Chu Yunsheng who was in her hand was taken away by those tongues. In the next second, the gigantic monster unleashed the most powerful fire breath.
All Yana Yan’s energy was pushed back into her body by the attack, and her body was caught on fire instantly. But she was not dead yet.   

While she was trying to put out of the fire,  Four armoured blades closely followed and started to chop her non-stop.
Only until Yana Yan stopped moving did the gigantic monster stopped the attack.
The monster did not carry on chasing anyone. Instead, a soft tongue that did not have any flame slowly opened next to its big eyes.  Chu Yunsheng was lying there with his eye closed. It bowed its head down and used its soft tongue to gently move Chu Yunsheng while mourning quietly as if a kid lost its parents.
Its eyes no longer filled with wildness. instead, its eyes were filled with tender and love. It was gently moving Chu Yunsheng body tirelessly as if it was trying to wake him up.
However, Chu Yunsheng was still lying there coldly, no matter how it “begged”, he was still not moving…..
The monster raised its head and roared again.
The roar was so powerful that it instantly shattered the space barrier that the divine realm was used to lockdown the yellow mountain.
Its eyes were filled with hatred. It slowly wrapped up Chu Yunsheng and swallowed him into its body. Then it used its legs to trample Yana Yan’s body repeatedly before it charged toward the yellow mountain.
Boom! boom! boom!
It frantically hacked the mountains with its four long armour blades. and then slammed itself into the yellow mountain constantly.
No one knows exactly how long has the yellow mountain been there. but at the moment, it was slowly collapsing under the gigantic monster’s wild attack.
Just when the peak of the mountain was about to fall, the mountain suddenly cracked open, and a flying machine that was much bigger than the ice messenger's flying machine flew out of the crack. 
However, the flying machine did not get away, it was immediately warped by the gigantic monster's tongues and it was pulled back to the monster's mouth.
The monster used its powerful jaw to bite, chew, worry and crash the flying machine, at the same time, it spat out its powerful fire breath constantly to burn the flying machine….

Perhaps the gigantic monster had also reached its limit, the fire started to appear everywhere around its body. It raised its head again and gave a last loud scream then collapsed next to the yellow mountain. 

The ground was still shaking, but it was no longer caused by the gigantic monster. It was caused by the swarm from outside the yellow mountain area that flocking into the yellow mountain area, the barrier was broken, and the mist that existed on the edge of the yellow mountain area also disappeared…..

No one knows why would the insect come into the yellow mountain at this time, but they did not dare to stay to find out. 

“Let’s go, take the kid as well!” Cao Zhengyi held the kid who was already woken up and said.  His eyes were filled with tears.  Grandpa is dead, although he did not want to believe it.
“Sigh…. ” no one knows who let out a long sigh, but all of them started to move out.  Edgar was staring blankly at the peak of the yellow mountain. only when other people started to pull him away did he realized that he needed to leave as well.
Through the windows of the flying machine, the ice messenger Snow cried:” the captain died, Chu Yunsheng also died, the divine realm was also destroyed, how did we end up like this?” she did not understand….
All the Skywalkers were gathered together, and all the ordinary humans also resumed their consciousness.

Perhaps most of them learned something from this incident, all the skywalkers started to help the ordinary people and slowly moved out the yellow mountain area.
Luckily the light caused by the burning of the gigantic monster attracted the swarm that came from outside the yellow mountain area, so the swarm did not chase those Skywalkers and humans.
“He is a legend, even he is dead!” Xu Qingshu turned around looking at the monster that was still burning and said.
But everyone else bowed their head down while slowly moving in the dark.
No one expected this result. That young man, that skeleton-like old man, used his own life to destroy the divine realm and kill the ice messenger.


The dark once again swallowed the entire yellow mountain area. Apart from some strange screeching noises, heavy blood smell and the sharp smell of dead creatures, the yellow mountain area was deadly silent like other places on the earth.
Suddenly, a small pile of the gigantic monster's ashes moved slightly, then a heavily injured red shell insect staggered out of the remains of the monster.
On its back, there was a strange blurry pattern, the pattern that resembled a human skeleton.
Even the Min outside the yellow mountain area also did not notice that this heavily injured red shell had infiltrated into its swarm.

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end of volume 4

Chapter 301 I would rather die

Chapter 301 I would rather die 
The pupils of the senior ice messenger suddenly became bigger, she was very familiar with this scene, the scene of the last day of the Five Races’ war.

The falling fires were like drumsticks beat her heart whenever they landed.

She could see that within a 50-meter radius around that human, everything was caught on fire and burned into ashes.

People scrambled, ran blindly tried while they were on fire, but soon they still ended up like those Duo Neng race’s vehicles becoming a pile a scrap.

This male human was indeed the successor of the talisman civilization!

We have to have him! I have to get him!

As long as we have the talisman technology, we will be able to rebuild our civilization!

The senior ice messenger clenched her fists hard to force herself to stay calm, but inside her mind, she screamed as loud as she could.


Chu Yunsheng cast out 10 Li Huo talisman in one go, that was his limit, but if it were not that something wrong with his body, he would not be able to cast out half of them.

The burst of fire energy engulfed most the air around him.

Suffocation, blazing flames, and raging fire energy turned his surroundings into a place of death.

The power of Li Huo talisman was overlapped with each other, and Chu Yunsheng intentionally limited the attack range to 50 meters radius around him to maximize its power. It resulted that the half of the divine realm’s vehicles were damaged, countless robots were destroyed and all the humans around him were burned into ashes.

When he walked out of the fiery land, all the skywalkers who were observing the fight were stunned.  No one knew that if they should be feeling fortunate that they did not attack, or they should be feeling sad that their fellow humans were burned to ashes.

But it was not easy for Chu Yunsheng as well. He struggling to walk out the land of the fire as well.

His armour was fuming green smokes, and it was scarily hot. Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning both felt like they were cooked by the fire, they could even smell burnt smells from each body.

The fight still continued, no one was willing to give up.

The talismans attack were successful, but the divine realm also had countermeasures, the blue energy shield was split into many small spherical energy shields to cover its vehicles and robots, it completely gave up protecting those humans.

The fireballs that fired by ⅓ of cannon insects that were originally used to drain the energy shield's energy directly hit the crowd of the humans. In a split second, crowds of human were liquified turned into rivers of blood.

Chu Yunsheng was still charging forward,  but the fight was getting harder for him. After The shield was activated on those robots, their defensive ability was greatly increased. The numbers of robots that could be destroyed by the talisman were reduced to less than a half.

At this moment, a large floating mountain was lifted above Chu Yunsheng and smashed down at him, then it was lifted up again and smashed down again…...

Chu Yunsheng felt like his body almost became a minced meat, he cast out the glacier talisman desperately trying to destroy or maybe just reduce the size of the floating mountain. At the same time, he also cast out the Li Huo talismans to blow away the army of robots that were surrounding him.

Originally he planned to use all the talismans to deal with the ice race and the heaven’s messenger. He knew his own ability, he could not even defeat the ice race, let alone the heaven’s messenger who has not returned yet...

But he could not hold it any longer, he and Tan Ning were going to die if he did not use them.

The divine realm was too strong, it was totally and completely out of his imagination. Every human, every mountain, everything was under its control.

In this kind of attack, he believed that even the cloaked man itself also could not walk out of the yellow mountain area alive.

Is he going to die here?


Chu Yunsheng was repeatedly trying to “hypnotize” himself: the tentacle monster in the Shen Cheng city couldn’t eat him, and the flame bird of the fog city couldn’t kill him. Even the Jin Ling City’s Min also couldn’t kill him. How could he die in this place?!

The divine realm was not invincible, it was definitely not invincible.

But where is its weakness? Is it the peak of the yellow mountain?

It must be there! It can only be there!

The dazzling light on the peak of the yellow mountain had never dimmed for a single second, and the more intense the fight was, the brighter the light was.

The divine realm’s physical body must be in there!

If he wanted to escape from this place, He needed to destroy its physical body. There were no other choices.

Chu Yunsheng once again stood up and dashed forward, but then he was smashed into the ground again.


The numbers of talismans were reduced rapidly, the combat armour was weakened every second, even the Xuan Bo energy shield also started to crack….

Tan Ning had already passed out, Chu Yunsheng did no know whether she was still alive or not.

But Chu Yunsheng only knew that he could not surrender, and he could not die here.


Finally, the Xuan Bo energy shield was broken, its device stopped working, and his armour was also on the edge of collapsing.

Blood mixed with sweat blurred his eyesight.

He started to cast out talismans and waving the sword by instinct. He did not know how many robots were broken and how many humans were killed, all he knew was that it was harder for him to wave the sword every second.

The creep area was near, he was almost there, he could even see the smokes that were spouted out by the tombs.

The swarm had already started to rush madly and desperately towards the army of robots….


Floating mountain once again smashed Chu Yunsheng into the ground.

He tried to used his hands to help him to get up, but the heavily injured legs could not support him standing...

It is almost there, almost there, as long as he got back to the creep area, he would be able to fight back.  He told himself.

Get up! Get up! Chu Yunsheng!  It is almost there! He told himself repeatedly.

But the floating mountain Landed on him again, and the robots were still firing at him.

Maybe the divine realm had used up its energy,  the robot army could no longer fire the red beams, and the vehicles could no longer fire the blue beams, even the blue energy shields were disappeared.

Or maybe I am dead, and this is just a dream…. Chu Yunsheng thought

The swarm was desperately trying to break into the encirclement to save Chu Yunsheng, then green shells also tried to break in, However, they were blocked by many Ban Lan birds...

Chu Yunsheng could no longer walk, so he cast out monster seal talisman to summon the insect to drag him.

Then the floating mountain landed on him again.  The insect died instantly, and he threw up a lot of blood, then summoned the second one, but it did not drag him very far, the second insect was killed by the mountain again.

Then the third….

The fourth ….


The insects he sealed died one after another, he was closer to the swarm every time, however even it was very close, he still could not break out.

Two purple flame monsters rushed into the army of robot first. but, they were instantly buried by countless robots...

Chu Yunsheng had finished all the talismans, he had nothing to use to fight back the robot army and the floating mountain.

All the skywalkers including those who tried to kill him earlier felt like a needle was stabbed into their heart while looking at Chu Yunsheng struggle.

“Grandpa, (Mr.Lennon), Please, Surrender!” Cao Zhengyi and Edgar were crying at a place far away from Chu Yunsheng.


 “Surrender. you have made your point, there is no need to carry on. It is over now!” the senior ice messenger flew into the encirclement and said to Chu Yunsheng. There was even a trace of pity in her voice.

“Surrender…...” the ice messenger Snow followed in and sighed.

“Surrender!” “Surrender!” “Surrender!” …. All the skywalkers started to murmur the same words again and again.

“Surrender!” those ordinary humans behind the pile of bodies also said with gloomy voices.

“Surrender!” those robots mimicked the human voice and said.

“Surrender!” the voice came from the main peak of the yellow mountain, The shadow sighed.

“Surrender!” “Surrender!” “Surrender!”


The sound of surrender resounded in the entire yellow mountain constantly.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth that were covered with blood and roared. Despite his legs were broken, he used his hands to push up his body so his broken armour could support his body from standing.

He did not want to kneel before those aliens!

“I would rather die...” Chu Yunsheng threw up blood and said with determination.

And before the ice messenger Snow said something, Chu Yunsheng laughed:” hahaha... cough… cough …. and I will take you all to hell with me! ”

When he finished, he took out all the absorption talismans and started to absorb them all at once, endless energy flew into his body and blew up his body like a balloon.

At the point when he felt his body was going to explode, he recited the incantation to make the monster seal talisman to suck everything from his body.

Before he lost his conscious, he murmured:

“Turn into the giant insect!

Turn into a devil!

Destroy the divine realm, Destroy the yellow mountain, Destroy everything here for me!”

Chapter 300 robot army

 Chapter 300 robot army
Chu Yunsheng had never killed so many people, he did even not how many of them exactly.  But he still did not stop killing.
If he did not want to die, then he had to carry on killing, no matter how many of them, how familiar he was with them.
It was not that he did not want to order the swarm to attack them from outside. If he really did it, then the swarm would lose its advantages and he lost the fight.
Moreover, Dark just levelled up less than 3 days, Although its control range was increased,  if it was outside creep area, it would require him a tremendous amount of Yuan QI energy, and it would also be much more difficult for him to control.
It was exactly what happened what he tried to save Tan Ning. At that time, his almost lost the control of the swarm.
Dark and the swarm was his last resort. If ordered them to attack now, that meant he was lost already.
So he needed to break through the encirclement, reach the creep area and join  the swarm


The bodies that Chu Yunsheng left behind were quickly increased, the Skywalkers that were behind ordinary people started to move back even faster.

His armour was no longer in the golden colour, it was now covered in blood red. When he finally reached the edge of the encirclement that was formed by the ordinary people, rows of black vehicles behind the ordinary people instantly fired at Chu Yunsheng.

The dense blue light beam immediately liquified the people who did not have time to run away into blood pools. Those beams swept through the crowd like a huge scythe.   
Chu Yunsheng was hit and knocked back into a pile of dead bodies. Then an acute pain instantly appeared in his abdomen area.
Before he had time to get up, two vehicles instantly aimed at Chu Yunsheng and fired again.
Nearly twenty blue beams converged into one point in the air to form a dazzling point like a bright star. The pile of bodies was liquified into a blood pool less than one-third of a second. then Chu Yunsheng was blown up, flew back and smashed into another pile of body again.

Pains, all he felt was pains...
Although the armour was not broken,  however, the damage of the blue beam also occurred inside the body, it triggered the energy shield to blocked the energy from running around inside his body causing more damages.   

The intense crash and the acute concussion cased Chu Yunsheng to vomit a bunch of half-digested sticky food.   

However, his was conscious and before he was hit for the second time, he immediately activated the Xuan Bo energy shield.   

There were two things that Chu Yunsheng had not used. One was the cloak, the other one was the Xuan Bo energy shield.

He wanted to use the cloak after the divine realm lifted its lockdown. If he could reach the edge of the lockdown area, then he could use the cloak to get rid of those aliens chase. 

He was surrounded by a large number of people at the moment, the space that he could move was almost as big as the palm of his hand. Even if he hid his body, he still could dodge the attack from all directions. If he was not cautious enough, he might end up heavily injured because of the limitation of the stealth mode.
Xuan Bo energy shield was something he originally planned to use at the end, it was the main equipment he wanted to use when he was dealing with the Ice Race or the heaven’s messenger.
But looking at the situation he had at the moment, he had to use it. Those vehicle’s attack speed was too quick, it was so quick that even with his speed, he also could not dodge it in time.
But he could not just stand there, he needed to destroy those vehicles.
At the time when the Xuan Bo energy shield was activated, the third round of the divine realm’s attack also arrived.
The blue light hit his shield, it instantly caused many ripples around the spherical shield. The beam did not disappear immediately, it pushed deeper into the energy shield causing Chu Yunsheng to move backsword. Luckily the shield was strong enough. Within a few seconds, the beam lost its energy, and the shield restored its shape.
This time, Chu Yunsheng only felt a minor concussion, most of the attack was absorbed by the energy shield.
He then quickly jumped up and fired several times at the strange vehicles, Tan Ning also fired several shots as well.
While the vehicles were cover by the fire, Chu Yunsheng quickly took over Qian Bi sword and cast out sword QI before the vehicle had time to fire again.
18 sword QI were merged into on beam and shot into the vehicle's gun.
Many electric arcs suddenly appeared around the strange vehicle when it was hit, it shook violently for a few seconds before it completely stopped working.
With the help of Xuan Bo energy shield, Chu Yunsheng jumped onto the vehicle and used his sword to hack another vehicle next to him. 
At the same time, Tan Ning also fired the freeze gun to temporarily freeze a row of the vehicles.
Sword broke the armour of the vehicle and Chu Yunsheng unleashed another round of sword QI into the vehicle again.
After Chu Yunsheng destroyed two of the divine realm’s vehicles, the ordinary people started to charge towards him again.
In order to avoid being surrounded by the ordinary people again, Chu Yunsheng had to stop the attack and leapt towards the outer circle.
While he was in the air, he unleashed another round of sword QI to clear the people underneath him, and when he landed he immediately charged forward again. He did not want to stop, he could not afford to stop. However, in the next second, he was hit by a wall of metal.
It was extremely chaotic on the battlefield. Chu Yunsheng didn't even know what was in front of him.
Only when he was blocked by the metal wall, did he realised that in front of him was not a strange vehicle he encountered earlier, it was a robot with three long legs?   

Same as the strange vehicle, its body was covered in black and its surface was so smooth that it could reflect the light from the peak from the yellow mountain.
The robot had a total of three long mechanical legs, each with three joints, and the main body part was a solid weapon platform with a long cylindrical giant muzzle on each side. Its disc-like head was also a rotating small-calibre weapon.
Although it was less than three meters high,  there were a scary number of the same robots densely crowded together behind the one he hit.

So, this was the thing he saw when he at the beginning. He instantly realised that he had a huge problem now, when he in that palace, he clearly saw that the number of this kind of robot was countless.   

The milky white beam and sword QI was shot out at the same time when the robot fired.
In the fierce energy collision, a huge fire cloud was formed between Chu Yunsheng and the robotic army. The shock wave was like a strong wind pushing away the rocks that were falling from the sky.
The aliens from the Ice Race had not started to join the fight yet, but Chu Yunsheng already fell into a desperate situation!   

While Chu Yunsheng was struggling, more and more of Skywalkers started to hope that Chu Yunsheng could defeat the divine realm. All of seemed to realise that why this fellow human being did not want to surrender….   

At the same time, One of the ice messengers who was observing the fight from outside the encirclement said to the other ice messenger with sympathy on her face: “Captain, is it over soon? Did Duo Neng Race lie to us? They don’t really want to work with us, do they? They want to have them both, right?  ”
But the other ice messenger did not say anything, instead, she knitted her brows while looking at Chu Yunsheng.
Suddenly, the sky became brighter again.
Woo… woo… woo...
There were fires everywhere!
As if may meteors, shooting down on earth!

The earth was trembling, the flame was raging, and the Yuan QI energy was sweeping across the battlefield….

Chapters 299 running on the road made of endless bodies

 Chapters 299 running on the road made of endless bodies
The armour was finally refined successfully, although it might look very strange, at least, it could cover two people and it did not affect his movement. When both of them were in the armour, it looked like Chu Yunsheng was carried Tan Ning on his back.
The guns on each side of the shoulders were freeze guns. Chu Yunsheng had also modified them so that Tan Ning could use them without any problem.
Chu Yunsheng did not really want to fight with the people outside the castle. When the castle collapsed, he tried to use a golden shell to dig into the ground. However, no matter how hard the golden shell tried to dig it, it would be bounced back to the ground again. He suspected that the divine realm definitely had prepared something in advance to prevent him from escaping from the ground.   
There was no way for him to escape from the sky as well, since many Ban Lan birds were flying everywhere and the Ice Race’s flying machine was just hovering above the castle of raging fire, so he could not order the green shells to take them away.
All he left with was just one route.
It was to escape from the ground, to make a bloody way in the crowd that had thousands of humans. However this route also made Chu Yunsheng scared, he had rough ideas how many people were in the crowd. Around 2000 Skywalkers and 30,000 ordinary people, plus the aliens and their machines. That was the number that would make his hair stand on end when he just thought about it.
Chu Yunsheng did not run very far before he was stopped by the crowd, his first sword QI was also stopped by several skywalkers who casting their energy at the same time.
“Kill Chu Yunsheng!”
“Give us the candidate!”

People were constantly shouting at him while charging towards him.


He quickly stored and the Sword and took out two roaring flame guns to stop those people approaching him even further.
In order to save his energy, and prepare himself for a long fight, Chu Yunsheng tried to use the roaring flame gun first.
Four guns might look usual, but they were extremely powerful, especially when there were four of them.
Puff….. puff…..
Bomb…. Bomb … bomb... 
Milky white beams and red raging flame were constantly fired into the crowd to make the way, Chu Yunsheng was running as fast as he could. While he was trying to break through the crowd, Chu Yunsheng’s armour was also hit by many energy attacks.
If it weren’t that his armour was mainly made of golden shells plus some purple flame monster’s shell, Tan Ning definitely would not be able to withstand the violent shake caused by every attack.
Chu Yunsheng had also used some flying centipede monster’s shells in the armour to increase the lightness of the armour. Otherwise, the weight of Tan Ning would affect this dogging speed.
Jumping left and right, dodging the attacks were one of Chu Yunsheng's specialities, this was the skill he learned whenever he encountered the swarm. Some of those skywalkers were slower than the red shell, some of them were weaker than the golden shell, so Chu Yunsheng was moving quickly and steadily in the crowd.
 A large number of skywalkers started to die since Chu Yunsheng fired the gun. Some were frozen and broke into pieces, some were burned and some instantly blast into pieces….
Chu Yunsheng was running on the road that was made of many bodies of Skywalkers...
Those who were not controlled by the divine realm started to panic, especially those who were from the castle of raging fire, they were afraid of him even more...
The smart ones like those six stars and 18 generals only pretended that they wanted to attack, actually they were shouting at Chu Yunsheng from the outer circle. None of them dared to charge into the crowd to kill Chu Yunsheng, despite that the divine realm had promised that whoever killed Chu Yunsheng, they would be the first follower of the heaven’s messenger. 

Compared to their lives, those rewards were nothing.
Although Chu Yunsheng did not stay at the castle of raging fire for long, they met those Skywalkers quite often, he was actually quite familiar with some of them. So when looking at them died one by one because of him, Chu Yunsheng had a mixed feeling.
They used to be comrades, but because of the divine realm’s influences, they needed to fight each other.

No, Chu Yunsheng did not think so, those people never truly joined his side, so there was not much of loyalty, to begin with.

Yes, Chu Yunsheng felt nothing but Irony. They were forced by those aliens to fight each other, to kill each other, and those aliens were watching them fight and watch them die...
But even that, Chu Yunsheng still did not show any mercy, even those who he familiar fell down next to his feet, he still stepped on their body making his way out.
There was no way to save them, it was either he dies, or they die!
The “failure” of the Skywalkers was beyond the expectations of the divine realms and the ice race. They immediately decided to change the formation, having ordinary people rushing to the front of the crowd with different types of weapon. 

Skywalkers were scared and afraid, because the divine realm could not control their mind directly. But hose ordinary people were different. None of them was scared, everyone’s eyes were filled with unusual red colour, and they were charge towards Chu Yunsheng fearlessly.   

Although their attacks were less powerful,  they have numbers, they were using their lives to drain Chu Yunsheng’s energy.
Chu Yunsheng blew away an ordinary man who was clinging to his leg and trying to remove Chu Yunsheng’s armour using his hands. 

Then another person jumped towards him, and then More and more people started to jump towards him. Chu Yunsheng was constantly using his gun to blow them away. however they were so weak, and they don’t have any protections, every shot would blow them into pieces and their blood and organs were splashed all over Chu Yunsheng’s armour.

Looking at this kind of bloody scene, some of the Skywalkers could not control themselves but quickly moved back and started to vomit.
However, the more they moved back, the more ordinary people started to move in….
Chu Yunsheng was tripped over by an original human’s body. When he got up his both hands were entangled with human’s Intestines.
Then he suddenly felt something hot flew down his neck. He knew it was Tan Ning who vomited in the armour.
Chu Yunsheng had seen worse, so he immediately shouted at Tan Ning,:” don’t stop shooting, more of them are coming...”

Boom…. Boom….

Chu Yunsheng just moved a few steps, then he was again buried underneath many ordinary people. His gun was stuck into an old woman’s chest, he was trying to pull it out, but the old woman was still trying to take the gun away from him. Chu Yunsheng had no choice but to blew the old woman into pieces and then blew the people at the top of him away.
Chu Yunsheng got up from the piles of dead bodies, again and again, he knew he should keep calm in this kind of situation.
However, when he saw a group of kid were holding many boxes that look like bombs and charging toward him,  he lost his mind.
They were all very young, 10 years old at the most, all of their faces were without any emotions, all of their eyes stared blankly at the front. They were not sacred, but Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning were…. 

Chu Yunsheng’s were shaking, and Tan Ning stopped shooting…. But eventually, before the kids reached Chu Yunsheng he still fired the gun…..
A loud explosion, causing a big fireball reaching almost 10 meters high. All the kids were blown up into the sky and then fell to the ground…..
Chu Yunsheng clearly felt Tan Ning was shaking behind him, but he did not regret. As long as he was not giving the divine realm what it wanted, everything was worth it.   

He carried on walking on the road made of endless bodies parts….
Slowly his mind as replaced with cold hatred. He hated those aliens, he hated the divine realm even more…..
In the chaos, a one-armed young man used his chest to block Chu Yunsheng’s gun again. After a hole appeared in the young man’s chest and before the young man was dead, the young man seemed to have resumed its consciousness slightly, he said slowly while there was blood still in his mouth: “Grandpa Yuan… me…. San... Fazi…. I….”
The young man died. It was already a miracle that he did not die instantly. However, he still didn't get to finish his word...
Chu Yunsheng’s hands trembled again, he pulled out the gun from San Faizi chest and roared:” AHH~!”

Chapter 298 Cannon insects

 Chapter 298 Cannon insects
The divine realms had cannons, but Chu Yunsheng also cannon insect, and the number of his cannon insects were definitely more than the divine realm’s cannon.
The reason why he had not attack the divine realm was that he wanted to reduce the divine realm’s energy as much as he could. He did not believe that divine realm had unlimited energy. Moreover, Chu Yunsheng believed that it needed to used the most of its energy to completed the return process.
So only until the palace started to have cracks did Chu Yunsheng finally ordered the swarm to initiated the first round of the attack.   

In the creep area, all the tombs were constantly emitting the black smokes, they were non-stop producing the insects one after another.
Around three hundreds long cannon insects were gathered together and raised their head read to fire….
Fire! As Chu Yunsheng send the signal through the seal token, Dark instantly ordered three hundred cannon insects to fire.
Many huge fireballs whistling through the sky and heading straight towards the divine realm’s cannon.
Just when the fireballs were about to land, a strange light blue coloured energy shield appeared above those cannons.
All of the fireballs were blocked by it, and all the fire energy were splattered all over the places around the energy shield

But Chu Yunsheng was not surprised, this was something that he already expected. So he ordered to fire the second round of attack.
The result of the second round of fireball was the same, every fireball would only cause strange blue ripples on the energy shield then they would be bounced back and landed on the ground outside the shield.
Chu Yunsheng constantly ordered the cannon insects to fire, the third round, the fourth round, and the fifth round, he ordered the cannon insects to fire 3 rounds at the same time. However even the blue energy shield was only covered with fire, it still did not break.
Chu Yunsheng frowned, the divine realm’s cannons did not seem to be restricted by the shield, they were still firing at the palace, However, the cannon insect’s attack did not seem to have any effect at the moment.

He knew that the palace would not be able to withstand the attack for long, but he still needed to stay here.

Only when he was in the palace with Tan Ning would the divine realm and the ice race be distracted. And only when they were distracted, would Dark has the time to produce more insects to assist him.
So Chu Yunsheng started to use the Yu Tu talisman to reinforce the structure of the palace. 


A loud explosion hit the roof the of the palace, it finally made a hole in the roof of the palace. The bright light from the peak of the yellow mountain instantly passed through the roof.   

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. He immediately ordered Dark to change the target.
He wanted to attack the peak of the yellow mountain!!!
The cannon insect’s attack range was very far, they could attack the peak of the yellow mountain from the creep area. The insect's fireball speed was very fast, the first round of the attack reached the yellow mountain within a minute...
The Halos, the holograms, the light were all caused by the peak of the yellow mountain, Chu Yunsheng believed that once he destroyed that thing, it would definitely help his situation a lot. 
The divine realm also seemed to notice that the fireballs were heading towards the mountain peak. Instantly, ⅔ of the giant cannons were retracted and replaced with many smaller sized cannons.
Those smaller sized cannons shot out red beams at many fireballs, and it instantly blocked the first round of the distraction attack.
But the cannon insects did not stop there, they were constantly firing fireballs under Chu Yunsheng’s command.
This was exactly what Chu Yunsheng wanted. With the only ⅓ of the cannons to bombard the palace, plus Chu Yunsheng reinforced the palace using the Yu Tu talisman on time. He finally maintained the power balance. 

“Do you know how to use a gun?” Chu Yunsheng asked Tan Ning while taking out a piece of paper.
“I have used once before, during the...” Tan Ning also did not know if she knew how to use a gun or not, so she just simply told Chu Yunsheng her experience with a gun. But before she even finished she was stopped by Chu Yunsheng.
“Okay, it fine.” Chu Yunsheng quickly drew a strange armour on the piece of paper and said.
Comparing to the armour he was wearing now, the new armour was much bigger, it was enough for two people to stay inside. On the shoulders of the new armour, there were two guns, one on each side.
“let's hope that I can actually make this armour!” Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and said.
Tan Ning did not know what he was doing, but she still nodded her head.
Refining armour takes a lot of energy, concentration, time and material. He had already used up all the golden shells to make three backup combat armours, so he had to make a new one using those three backup armours.
Chu Yunsheng had never done this kind of refining process before. One of the reason was that his body simply did not allow him to do such thing, it required a tremendous amount of energy that could potentially cause his body to explode.
However, he was a skeleton now, plus his body was filled with high purity of Rong Yuan energy, so he wanted to try.
Tan Ning, on the other hand, was more curious about how Chu Yunsheng took out so many things out of thin air. She had never seen this kind of ability before. Probably even the ice messenger and the divine realm also could no do it. She thought. 
The bombardment never stopped a single second, but Chu Yunsheng was still sitting there concentrating on refining his armour.     
Finally, the divine realm and the Ice Race were tired of the bombardment, the castle was brought back to the ground. 

All the spikes around the castle also retracted into the ground.
All the giant cannons were transformed into many strange vehicles crawling out of the ground...
It was closely followed by a massive crowd of people heading straight towards the castle of raging fire.
Ice messenger’s flying machine was hovering in the sky, but the senior ice messenger was looking at the palace from outside the encirclement.
Strange vehicles and the massive crowd had already arrived at the castle blocking all the exists of the castle.
“Is he dead?” Xu Qingshu who was standing next to the ice messenger asked while looking at the silent palace. It sounded like she did not want to see this kind of result.
“Mr.Lennon?” “Grandpa…. ” a group of people were gazing at the palace from far away.


A huge floating rock was smashed at the palace that looked severely damaged from outside.

The palace finally collapsed and It kicked up a large cloud of dust.   

Then everyone started to move forward to check if they could find anything….
It was at this moment a bright white beam was shot out from the building debris and a golden shadow flew out of the castle and flew straight towards the creep area without a single second of delay.

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Chapter 297 bombard the castle of raging fire.

Xun (musical instruments)

Chapter 297 bombard the castle of raging fire.
:”Edgar, it was a pleasure to have you beside me since the Jin Ling city disappeared. You are…” Chu Yunsheng suddenly laughed:” you graduated from a top university, and I was just an ordinary guy in the age of light, if it weren't all of this, we probably would never meet each other!”

:” No, Mr.Lennon, even without all of this, we will still be able to meet each other at some place and some time. It is fate!” Edgar had visible sadness on his face. He realised this was probably the last time he would be able to see Chu Yunsheng. He had never seen Chu Yunsheng so pessimistic before.

:” Maybe, anyway, it is nice to have you as a friend, it is my honour....” Chu Yunsheng’s voice slowly quieted down. What he said was true. Since Jin Ling city disappeared, Edgar was the only one who can make him fall into deep sleep. 

“Mr.Lennon, we can make it, just like what we did outside Jin Ling city. I can still guard the back for you!” Edgar clenched his fists and said.
“Edgar, it is different now…” before Chu Yunsheng finished, he was suddenly interrupted by a deep and plaintive song.

His body suddenly shook a little, the song seemed to go straight into his mind and touched his soul. It was filled with ethereal sadness and loneliness….

Chu Yunsheng stood up unconsciously, walked towards the door, opened the door and looked outside.

Outside the palace, many rocks still falling from the sky as if it was the end of the world.

Inside the hall, ten cold bodies were laid in a line on the ground,  a few student skywalkers were looking silently at them on the side of the hall.
Jiang Qianqin’s hair was no longer tied in the bun, it was scattered all around her face. She was standing desolately on the other side of the hall alone with an oval-shaped instrument in her hand. The song Chu Yunsheng heard came from that instrument she was playing.

There were visible white ribbons made of ice energy moving ups and downs around her while she was playing the music.  It was a beautiful scene but filled with sadness…. 
“Burn it….” The gentleman Zhuo had already stopped his Slovenly attitude, his face was covered with dirt but the sadness was still visible.

Two fire skywalkers were standing at the end of the line, one on each side. They cast out their energy to cremate the bodies of 10 students while their faces were filled with tears...

“That’s  Xun(1), she was playing Lament for Ying ( 2) ” Tan Ning said softly behind Chu Yunsheng.
Looking at the burning fire, Chu Yunsheng did not say anything. He did not understand Xun nor did he understand any poem, but he knew the deep and sad feeling that was tearing his soul...
He went back to the room and closed the door. Yuan Qiyang was still unconscious on the bed.

Suddenly he remembered the old man in a loose silk robe who he saw in the black stele, he remembered his look and his sigh.  Was it the helplessness or is it the disappointment?

Chu Yunsheng held Yuan Qiyang and passed him to Edgar:” Take him away, and try to stay alive and live well!  ”


Cao Zhengyi was the third person who was called into the room.

“Lao Cao, I don’t have much time left, so I will make it short, try to learn the method I gave you, and be a good man. After this war, don’t mess with Luo Hengshen, he was smarter than you. That Miss Jiang was a good person, I have already told Edgar, you can try to join them...”

“Grandpa… ” Cao Zhengyi sobbed...

“Stop! I am younger than you…. Don’t call me that….” Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted.


The last one who came in was Luo Hengshen, Chu Yunsheng never understood what this man was thinking, but he was the most competent man in the castle of raging fire, so he had to use him.

“Lao Luo, I don’t know what to say to you, take those two bottles of fluid with you, remember, only use them for recovery, don’t use it to speed up your cultivation speed.  Chu Yunsheng gave him two bottles of culture fluid and said.”

“Why don’t you surrender?” Luo Hengshen did not touch the fluid, instead, he asked a key question.

Chu Yunsheng stared at him for a few seconds and said:”I can’t tell you a lot, otherwise you will end up like me. If there is just Divine Realm or Ice Race or only one of any other alien races in this world, then I might be able to live like their pet after I surrendered. But you know that is not possible, there are Ice Race, Fire Race, the Divine Realm, and there may be even more other alien races in this world, so if I surrender myself to the divine realm, then i will not have any chance to even live like a pet.  ”

“I know you have something they want!” Luo Hengshen suddenly said.

“If you know, then why you are still asking me?” Chu Yunsheng laughed.

“I know, but I still need to confirm it, if what you said is true, then i think you are right. There is no place for you to stay, whoever gets the stuff they want, they will make sure that you are no longer exist in this world, in case of the information about the stuff they want is leaked out by you. So no one will want to keep you alive.” Luo Hengshen did not take long to think why Chu Yunsheng would make this decision.

Chu Yunsheng laughed, but he did not carry on with the same subject:” the war is coming, you are smart and also familiar with this place, take those people with you, leave as far as you can. Once I started to use force, I don’t have time to distinguish between the ally and the enemy. ”

Luo Hengshen took the culture fluid and said“ you think I want to die? I still want to see how they are going to break their agreement!”


Chu Yunsheng was standing in the middle of the palace square. Looking at Cao Zhengyi and other people “surrendered” themselves and got on the floating rocks, he finally became a loner. 
Originally he thought that the divine realm and the Ice Race would still try to persuade him, but he did not expect that after the last batch of people left the castle, they started to bombard the castle.
Chu Yunsheng knew that the divine realm had lost his patience, they wanted to use force now….

The divine realm’s giant cannons were much more powerful than the ordinary human weapons Chu Yunsheng saw back in Jin Ling city. The energy that they used, he had also never seen it before. Every time before the cannons were fired, the long dark cannons would be covered with visible electric arcs, Chu Yunsheng did not know if they were firing physical metal shells or pure energy ball, all he could see were the bright blue light those cannons shot out. Then a second later, the explosions started to appear non-stop in the castle. 

Chuy Yunsheng knew that the divine realm wanted to kill him and Tan Ning both, so they could complete the return process.

The explosion had already destroyed the most of the buildings in the castle, but it seemed like the palace was still able to withstand the bombardment.

“Are you scared?” Chu Yunsheng was sitting in the hall of the palace that was constantly shaking under the bombardment and asked Tan Ning.

“No!” as if she had already prepared the answer. But when she looked at Chu Yunsheng serious eyes. She hesitated:” Yes…. but I know that scare will not change anything, brother Chu, you are a good man, I don't want to be your burden. Please just leave me here, you can break out here yourself…...  ”

Chu Yunsheng interrupted her and said:“ even you are dead, they can still use your body to complete the return process! And even if you died, they will be still chasing after me. So, I can’t leave and I don’t want to leave.   ”

“Ok! If we can't live together, then we die together.” Tan Ning nodded her head and said.

“I will not let them take my life away easily. At least, I will make them understand that I am not their puppet.  ”

---------------------------translator's note--------------------
1. Xun. 
The xun is a globular, vessel flute from China. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in China and has been in use for approximately seven thousand years

2.  Lament for Ying (Chinese: 哀郢, pinyin: āi Yǐng) is a poem which has sometimes been attributed to Chinese poet Qu Yuan, and dated to around 278 BCE. It is from the "Nine Declarations" section of the Chuci poetry anthology, compiled in ancient China.

Chapter 296 the enemy of mankind

 Chapter 296 the enemy of mankind
“Chu Yunsheng, you are being surrounded! I suggest you drop your weapon, don’t become the enemy of mankind.  surrender is your only way out!  ”
“Chu Yunsheng, resist is futile! In front of the great heaven’s messenger, all the resistance is useless!  ”
“Your men, your subordinates are not stupid, they are no longer fooled by you, they have already joined us!”

“Chu Yunsheng, the great heaven’s messenger and the ally Ice Race are willing to give you a chance to correct yourself. We hope that you will consider this opportunity more carefully, don’t carry on with your mistake again… become the enemy of humanity! ”

“Edgar, how did the people in the castle get down?” Chu Yunsheng asked. He clearly saw that the castle was being pushed up 100 meters above the ground, even they were skywalkers, there was no way they could get down so easily and so quickly.
“It was those floating rocks, same as those in the divine realm.” it was Luo Hengshen who answered the question.
“What about those three candidates?” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked.
Luo Hengshen shook his head and said:” two people killed themselves, but the bodies were taken away, the last one ran away while the castle was in chaos.”

“Lao Cao, the prison…. Forget about it, maybe they have already taken them away as well. ” Chu Yunsheng said.
Cao Zhengyi hesitated for a second then gritted his teeth and said:” Grandpa… maybe… maybe… we can give them the girl….”
Chu Yunsheng laughed, then looked at Luo Hengshen and Jiang Qianqin. Lao Cao was not as smart as them, so he could not blame him. :” Lao Cao, what the divine realm want is not her, they want me. Do you understand?”
“You?”  Cao Zhengyi was confused.

“You don’t understand.” Chu Yunsheng said to him and to a dozen of skywalkers who stayed here because of all kind of unknown purposes:”probably none of you will ever understand it, this is the war between the divine realm, the aliens and me. ”
He paused for a second and said:” Lao Cao, Lao Luo, and Miss Jiang, thank you all for staying here. To be honest with you, you all are brave than me. If it was me, I would probably run away already.  But this is not your fight anymore, there is no need for you all to stay here. Lao Cao let me finish first….”
Chu Yunsheng stopped Cao Zhengyi who wanted to say something and carried on:” you probably think that I will be able to create some miracle. But I have to be honest with you all, I can’t defeat them. Look what’s underneath us. I can only hope that I will be able to run away. So I don’t want you to die for me. ”
What he said upset some of them. Who would want to die?
“Mr.Lennon….” Edgar did not know what to say. 
“Edgar, you need to leave as well, but before all of you leave here, I need to give you something. Follow me...” Chu Yunsheng said.
“Mr.Chu, wait. this boy....” Jiang Qianqin held the boy from her partner and said.
“Yuan Qiyang?” Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Xu Qingshu really managed to send him here. But it looked like he was injured. Probably caused by the chaos earlier.
“Bring him in as well,” Chu Yunsheng said.
Inside the palace, in order to prevent Tan Ning who was controlled by the divine realm from listening to his conversation, Chu Yunsheng cast an energy shield talisman on Tan Ning.

Within a few second, Tan Ning’s red eyes slowly returned to normal colour, her emotion also called down:” Brother Chu, why am I being tied up?” she was confused.

“You were controlled by the divine realm. Like Hypnosis, but it is fine now. ” Chu Yunsheng untied her and explained.

“I am sorry, I caused trouble to you again,” Tan Ning did not doubt it. She was just ashamed of how useless she was.
“That’s not a trouble,  the real trouble is the divine realm. Later on, I will call them in one by one, you can listen on the side, but don’t say anything. After I arranged everything, I have things need to tell you. ”
Tan Ning nodded her head and waited on his side...
Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath then took out a piece of paper started to write :
Xiao Qiyang, if you saw this letter, that means grandpa is dead, but don’t be sad. It is the fate that we as humans cannot avoid it.

Grandpa wish that grandpa has the time to teach the skills you want to learn, however, grandpa did not have enough time. But please remember everything in this letter!   

When you saw this letter, It should be one year after I died. 

At that time, probably those aliens will have already done enough experiments on my body. Remember! Try your best to find my body, and then follow the instructions below….. Touch any part of my body……. 

Please keep it a secret, don’t tell anyone!

After you got the stuff, find a place to hide, study it and try to understand it.  If you learned the skills, don’t avenge grandpa’s death. If you could find Jin Ling city, please help grandpa to look after...

Chu Yunsheng's last will.

Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh after he wrote the letter. Although he trusted Edgar more. However, Edgar was an ordinary man, even if he gave him the book, it would be useless to him. The kid, on the other hand, was a perfect candidate to inherit the book. He was awakened, and with good stats, the kid was also still young, he still had a lot of time to study the book.

He then made a brand new talisman and stored the letter inside, the energy of the talisman was enough to support it for one year. Hopefully, the kid would be able to find his body.


Jiang Qianqin was the first person he called in.

He asked her to put Yuan Qiyang and on the bed then took out a few pieces of paper and said:” Miss Jiang, those are the cultivation methods from 5 floating island chains in the divine realm,  they are useless to me, so you can take them. ”

He respected Jiang Qianqin, what he said earlier outside the palace was true, he would never be as brave as her. So he could only ask this woman to take care of Yuan Qiyang, not Edgar or Cao Zhengyi.

Although Cao Zhengyi was loyal to him, it was only limited to when he was alive, what if he was dead, no one knew what would Cao Zhengyi do to the kid.  So compared to them, he trusted his woman more.
“I have modified those methods already, they are much better than the original one. If I am dead, help me to take care of the boy.” Chu Yunsheng pointed Yuan Qiyang and said.

“Mr.Chu, don’t worry, I will protect him.” Jiang Qianxin said gratefully.

“Thank you, this kid met with me by fate…. Anyway… you may leave now, please call Edgar for me... ” Chu Yunsheng said, at the same time, he took out some medicine to clean Yuan QIyang’s injury.
When Jiang Qianqin turned around, he quickly cast the talisman under Yuan QIyang’s armpit, it was so quick that even Tan Ning also did not notice it.

Chapter 295 the divine realm’s attack

 Chapter 295 the divine realm’s attack
“Chu Yunsheng, we meet again!” the head belonged to the shadow in the mirror. It was now displayed in the sky like a god looking down at Chu Yunsheng.

“Oh, I have to congrats you the successful return of the heaven’s messenger.” Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.
“No, no, no Chu Yunsheng, no yet. You still have four of my candidates, I am here to pick them up.” the shadow said arrogantly.
“Oh, I am afraid that you will be disappointed, if you dare to make a single move, your three candidates will be dead” Chu Yunsheng sneered.
“Chu Yunsheng, you have really underestimated us. Even if you have already killed them, within 72 earth hours, we can still use their ashes to complete the return of the heaven’s messenger, look, they have already started to betray you….  ”
As the shadow stopped talking, Chu Yunsheng heard loud noises coming from inside the castle. He bowed his head down to check the castle below him. He noticed that the people in the castle seemed to be influenced by something, they all knelt down and prayed to the face in the sky.
Is this the divine realm’s mind control?
Chu Yunsheng knew that this was the shadow’s speciality, but he did not expect that it could even control people’s mind outside the divine realm.
Even those skywalkers who were relatively weak were also staggering on the ground….
The shadow had already stopped talking to Chu Yunsheng, instead, it was broadcasting its voice in the entire yellow mountain areas:

“You all are the descendant of the heaven’s messenger. Tens and thousands of years ago, five heaven’s messenger were fighting demons alongside you all, expelling them from our galaxy. We passed through countless Nebulas together,  sought the light together.... That night, the sky was collapsing, stars were falling, the world was on fire, and our planet was…. Eventually, the five heaven’s messengers were turned into countless genes and hidden in your blood for tens and thousands of years…. and today, the dark has come to our land again, the messengers will wake up, they will hold the sword of Justice And Light eliminating the demons from our world, saving our people and rebuilt our civilization!   ”
As the shadow’s voice getting louder and louder, the light on the main peak of the yellow mountain also became even brighter and holy!
All the humans were “extremely excited”; they all raised their hands and shouted.
“Rebuilt our civilization, Rebuilt our civilization””
“ Eliminating the demons”
“ Eliminating the demons “ 

“Light! Light !”


Every shout was louder than the one before, and every time they shouted, the air around the castle had visible vibrations...
With exhilarating speech plush shadow’s mind influence, slowly more and more skywalkers also joined the crowd.
Within just a few minutes, all the humans in the entire yellow mountain area were shouting the same words at the same time.


In the inner castle of the castle of Snowstorm, two women in the white dress did not seem to be affected by it.
“Shameless! Thick skin! liar!” the ice messenger Snow said annoyingly.
“What it said were not all lies, in those days, the world was indeed on fire, the sky and stars were indeed falling. Our entire race died out…. sigh! ” the senior ice messenger let out a long sigh.


“Chu Yunsheng, did you see it? You need to give up, soon everyone will betray you, you will be alone! Even the girl you just saved will also become your enemy!” The shadow said.
“ If this is what you got, then get back to your divine realm!”  Chu Yunsheng jumped off the roof.
He needed to think of a solution, not to stay on the roof arguing nonsense with the shadow.
He remembered that day the divine realm vaguely said that they needed some kind of Prototype Energy. Those energies might be the energy they needed for the mind control.
:” You will bow you to me!” The Shadow said before its face faded out in the sky.


:” Let me go! Let me go! I want to give myself to the heaven's messenger! Let me out!”
Just when Chu Yunsheng went into the palace, he heard Tan Ning shouting in his room.
:” Grandpa, she lost her mind!” Cao Zhengyi said hurriedly, he was trying to stop her.
Cao Zhengyi was not influenced by the divine realm, he was a Skywalker, and he was in the place, so he was fine at the moment.
But Tan Ning was just an ordinary human. looking at her fake “enthusiasm”, Chu Yunsheng knew it was the Shadow who did this to her.
“ She didn't lose her mind, she was controlled by the divine realm, tie her up!” Chu Yunsheng picked Tan Ning up and pressed her on the bed.
Just when Cao Zhengyi ran away to look for something that he could use to tie Tan Ning, Chu Yunsheng said:” don't leave the palace, summon all the Skywalkers to the palace.”
Tan Ning was glaring at Chu Yunsheng angrily, her eyes were filled with hate, she was constantly struggling, despite she was pressed down onto the bed.
:”Let me go, you, let me go!” She screamed as loud as she could, then suddenly, she bit Chu Yunsheng's hand and worried Chu Yunsheng's hand like a mad dog.
However, there was no meat in Chu Yunsheng's hand, it was just a skeleton. No matter how hard Tan Ning tried, she couldn't tear off anything.
After She saw that she couldn't do anything to Chu Yunsheng, she started to bang her head on the bed. But she was stopped by Chu Yunsheng immediately. Then she started to bite her own tongue….

Chu Yunsheng knew that it was all because of the divine realm. He ripped off a piece of bed sheet, stuffed into Tan Ning's mouth and said angrily:” Fuck the heaven's messenger, fuck the divine realm, you think that because we are humans so you can do whatever you like to us! one day, I'll kill you all!”
Tan Ning's mouth was gagged, but she still breathed heavily and glared at Chu Yunsheng angrily...
:” Grandpa… rope…” Cao Zhengyi ran into the room in the panic.

At the same time, A huge floating rock was smashed into a place near the palace, it caused a violent shake when Cao Zhengyi just passed the door.  Cao Zhengyi wasn't carefully enough, so he fell to the ground suddenly.
:” Throw it to me, you go to summon those Skywalkers!” Chu Yunsheng quickly said.
:” Grandpa…. There is no one left… many people have lost their mind… those who had families are staying with their family, those who without family are running blindly in the castle dodging the falling rocks…. ” Cao Zhengyi said with a sad face.
Chu Yunsheng's face was livid, he stopped saying anything but carried on tying up Tan Ning.
:” Lao Cao, why do you want to come here?” Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked. Does he not have any family? Chu Yunsheng thought.
:” Grandpa, they all lost their mind, I can't stop them… they even wanted to kill me…” Cao Zhengyi said sadly:” But I know that grandpa, you will be able to destroy the divine realm…”

Chu Yunsheng walked over to Cao Zhengyi and patted shoulders and said:” Lao Cao, I didn't know that you would think this much of me….”
Before he even finished, several people rushed in through the front door of the place, Cao Zhengyi instinctively wanted to cast out energy and start a fight, but he was stopped by Chu Yunsheng.
:” Are you here to avenge Lei Ming's death?” Chu Yunsheng said calmly to Luo Hengshen.
Luo Hengshen looked at Chu Yunsheng and suddenly let out a wild laugh:” what fucking avenge? We are all other's puppet! Chu Yunsheng I respect you, you are the only one in this place dare to fight them, I am just here to watch the fight….”
He also did not get to finish his words, another group of people also came in, it was leader Jiang Qianxin and her students. Before she even said anything Edgar shouted from outside:” Mr.Lennon, look!”
Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Did Edgar not lose his mind? But he was an ordinary man. Is it because of the energy shield?
A group of people quickly ran toward the corner of the square of the palace where Edgar was standing. The palace square was higher than other places in the castle, and since the castle was being pushed up higher above the ground, it was very easy for them to see what was going on below the castle of raging fire.
Chu Yunsheng just took a quick glance, he instantly had a chill down to his spine.
Below the castle, they were first surrounded by a circle of densely packed sharp spikes, each one of them there more than 10 meters high.
The second circle was formed by giant cannon-like pipes. With noises created by many heavy types of machinery, all of those cannons started to extend their tubes and pointed at the castle of raging fire above the ground.

The third circle was formed by ordinary people and skywalkers who were holding different kinds of weapons. There was also something that did not look like humans, and the number of those things made Chu Yunsheng's hairs to stand on end….

Chapter 294 floating mountains are falling

 Chapter 294 floating mountains are falling
Time: Midnight

While Tan Ning was in deep sleep, Chu Yunsheng was carefully studying the ancient book on the side. He could not go to sleep if he could not figure out what exactly was wrong with his body.

The enemy was near him, and tomorrow is the date for the return of the heaven’s messenger. Although the divine realm only had 6 candidates, he was worried that it might want to force the return process. 

It would be extremely dangerous for him if he still could not figure out the situation of his body at that time.

However, after he went through the description of Yuan Tian Stage one and Yuan Tian Stage two, he still could not find anything.

“Is it possible that I have already reached Yuan Tian stage three?" An absurd idea suddenly came up Chu Yunsheng's head, and the more he thought about it the more excited he was.

If he reached the Yuan Tian stage three, he might be able to defeat those aliens, he might even defeat the divine realm.

He quickly started to go through the description about Yuan Tian Stage three, symbol by symbol slowly.

Whenever he encountered the symbols which he could not understand, he would skip it, if he doubted what the symbols meant, he would stop and checked his dictionary….

The night was almost over, Chu Yunsheng raised his head to stretch his neck, but his eyes were still filled with confusion.

What is really going on with my body?

He was not at Yuan Tian Stage three, neither was he at Yuan tian Stage two.

Based on the information he analysis form the book, his physical body almost reached Yuan Tian Stage three. However, his real strength was only at the third stage of transformation of Yuan Tian stage two.

He had been thinking about what might cause his body to become like this. It was most likely had something to do with his life force which was being sucked away by Dark yesterday. But it might also relate to the culture fluid he absorbed as well.
Original he thought that the culture fluid was very important and very helpful to him, so he was always paying extra attention to those aliens who might want to steal it from him. But he just realised that those alien did not seem to touch culture fluids except when they were injured.

It was obvious that they knew what the culture fluid could do. but why did they not use it more often?  Was it because the culture fluid was not as good as he thought was.

Comparing to those aliens, all he thought was to increase his power, and use the culture fluid whenever he could. The senior practitioner has warned him in the ancient book several times that all the practitioner should cultivate energy step by step, no one should take any shortcut. However, he disregarded the senior practitioner’s warning many times.

What have I done to my body….

Body transformation…. Inject insect’s culture fluid… then life was sucked away… then body transformation again…. then inject insect’s culture fluid again...

Will I end up transforming into an insect? Chu Yunsheng was terrified by his thought.

Looking at Tan Ning who was sleeping on the bed, Chu Yunsheng did not know whether he should thank her or not. If he did not take the risk to save her, he probably would never be able to figure out the flaw of his cultivation method.
He did not know if it was still too late to change it or not. But at least, he knew the problem now, and he was not dead yet, so he should be able to figure it out in the future.
There must be some method in the book that could be used to save him….
Boomb! Boomb! boom!

Chu Yunsheng’s thought was suddenly interpreted by some loud noises. The noises came from the northeast of the castle!

“Stay on the bed, don’t leave this room, let me go to check what happened!” Chu Yunsheng frowned and said to Tan Ning. 

“Grandpa,  grandpa….. ” Cao Zhengyi hurriedly rushed inside the palace and shouted. Although he already knew the old man's real identity, Cao Zhengyi was already used to call this man grandpa.
“Don’t panic! What….” Chu Yunsheng opened the door and just about to ask Cao Zhengyi to calm down, he suddenly noticed that the sky outside the palace was unusually bright.

“Mountains… the mountains are falling apart!” Cao Zhengyi panicked.
“What mountains falling apart!” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows.

“It is…. Please… have a look yourself….” Cao Zhengyi pointed at outside and said hurriedly.

Chu Yunsheng followed Cao Zhengyi outside the palace to the square, he then noticed that the peak of the yellow mountain was emitting extremely bright light, it lit up the entire yellow mountain areas.
All the floating mountains were falling apart under those bright light….

All of them. It was like the sky was raining those mountains...

The loud noises that Chu Yunsheng heard earlier were caused by the huge mountains smashed into the ground…...

“Is it coming here….. It is coming here!...” some of the skywalkers shouted.
Two floating mountains collided with each other, the big one was pushing the small one coming towards the castle of raging fire...
The crowd in the castle instantly panicked, that was not a raindrop, no one was able to stop it, and whoever got hit by it, it would definitely be smashed into a mince meat….

Many Ban Lan birds lost their homes, they were flying around in the air looking for places they could land. Looking at those birds, Chu Yunsheng also gave up the idea of letting green shells to push those mountains away...

Then the second floating mountain was coming towards the castle of raging fire…. The third…. The fourth….

This is not normal….. This is the divine realm’s attack!

Chu Yunsheng immediately realised.

Only the divine realm had this kind of power.
“Go! Let’s go to the creep area!” Chu Yunsheng immediately gave the order.
Cao Zhengyi was dazed for a second, and before he had time to run away, the entire castle was shaken violently like it had a high magnitude earthquake.

Chu Yunsheng immediately jumped up and landed on the roof of the palace. He glanced around, noticed that the entire castle was being pushed up to 100 meters high above the ground. There was nothing around them as if the castle was sitting on a gigantic pillar.

All the houses in the castle were collapsed, and the people in the castle were pushing each other trying to find a way out. It was as chaotic as hell!

Then there were strange ripples like aurora appeared in the sky until it slowly formed a gigantic human face…..

Chapter 293 Girlish dream

 Chapter 293 Girlish dream
Every girl has the same dream, a dream about her own Prince Charming appearing in front of her in a variety of shocking ways; a dream about her own prince charming saving them from witch’s prison…..

Jiang Qianqin had it, Qin Qiying had it, Xu Qingshu also had, even Ji Qing also had it.

However, although they were fortunate enough to see the dream come to reality, they were not fortunate enough to see it happened to them….  It made them envy and jealous at the same time….
Although the man was not prince charming, its appearance was still shocking enough.
As outsiders, they all envied Tan Ning that there was a man in this world would do such thing for her.

When Chu Yunsheng a step by step walked towards Tan Ning with armour on his body, sword on his hand, and insect underneath him, many skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm automatically stood aside to give him a way, no one dared to stand in front of him, even those aliens...

A passage was formed by humans, aliens and insects just for them.
Looking at the god-like human slowly walked towards the girl, a battlefield that filled with hundreds of humans and even more numbers of insects were very quiet.
This incredible scene had stuck in everyone’s mind for a very long time, even after several years later, many women would be still talking about it to their men.

Tan Ning suddenly did not know how to react, she did not really know the man who was walking toward him at the moment. She had heard of the man’s name before, but it was not from the ice messenger, it was from his cousin.
However, she just heard of him, she was not familiar with him. She was a popular girl during the age of light, she had many people surround her every day, so she could not remember Chu Yunsheng's name at that time.
Only until the first day after the disappearance of the sun, the name started to stuck in her mind. That day, she received a phone from her cousin. In the phone call, her cousin asked her to go to Shen Cheng city looking for him, and if she could not find him, then find a man called Chu Yunsheng, it was that man who predicted the apocalypse! It was the first time that she truly remembered the name of that man...
The flying machine’s hunt, also made her realised that his cousin's colleague was very special!
When Chu Yunsheng told her that he was Major Du and gave her the biscuit, she already suspected about his real identity.

And when everyone in the castle was searching for his location like maniacs, she was constantly telling herself that she did not know the man, she did not know him.

She told herself that her cousin’s friend saved her, and gave her food, she should repay him, not betray him.

She knew that after she went into the castle, the Doctor was arranged to stay next to her by that man. However, after the Doctor went missing, she felt lost, she did not know if she could hold it any longer.

She was a kind girl who knew how to be grateful, that was why she lied to the ice messenger.

She did not know why the man would want to do this for her earlier, but now she knew. Because she overheard other Skywalker saying that the death rate of the heaven’s messenger’s return process was above 90%.

The tears instantly ran down from her face at that moment…..

Is it really worth it? Is it really worth it to save someone that you barely know? Is it just because my cousin is your friend…  the tears blurred her eyesight, but the image of armoured man was even more clear in her mind….

But In other people’s eyes, those tears were the tears of happiness...


Chu Yunsheng did not know what other people’s were thinking. The reason why he walked so slowly was that his attention was mainly on those aliens. He was under a huge pressure from those aliens, because he was scared that those aliens might attack him from behind….

When he finally reached Tan Ning, he quickly held Tan Ning in his arms, and then jumped on a type-2 green shell and flew into the sky….

In the next few minutes, the swarm slowly retreated into the same direction where Chu Yunsheng went, same as the crowd of the castle of raging fire.


“Xiao Tan, in here, you are safe, so don’t walk out of this room!” Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved and sat on the bed. He pointed at the table and said:” food and water are over there, if you are hungry, you can eat it. Don’t leave my sight.”

Chu Yunsheng was very tired, this was the first time he controlled the swarm through Dark, he was mentally exhausted. Dark just levelled up, its status was not stable at the moment. He could clearly felt that Dark was almost collapsed when he retreated.
Tomorrow would be the last day of the date for the return of the heaven’s messenger, there were a lot of things for him to arrange...

Chu Yunsheng raised his head, noticing that Tan Ning was staring at him, he was dazed for a second then let out a hollow laugh:” please don’t look at me, I know my face is very scary, I don’t even dare to look at it myself…. Go, get something to eat...”

Tan Ning shook her head and said:” brother Chu, Major Du is also you right?”

Chu Yunsheng did not say anything, but he still nodded his head.

“Brother Chu, is it because of my cousin?” Tan Ning bit her lips and suddenly asked.

Chu Yunsheng looked at her, then shook his head and sighed:” it is because of myself, you don’t understand, and you probably will never be able to understand….. The pain… the pain of losing someone when you have power to protect…. The pain of having power but can’t achieve anything…. The pain of despair…..  ”

Tan Ning flustered, why would a powerful man like him say something like this, why would a skull-like head having a lonely and bleak expression…..

Tan Ning’s stare gave Chu Yunsheng a false confidence. Maybe it is not that bad. He thought. Then he took out a mirror from the storage talisman…..


The mirror was dropped on the ground. Chu Yunsheng was stunned. In the next second, he suddenly reached his hand into his trousers and searching for something inside, despite there was a woman still in the room …..

Tan Ning’s face instantly dropped, Chu Yunsheng’s heroic image instantly shattered in her mind....