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Chapter 314 the world under the lake.

   Chapter 314 the world under the lake.
“Bubbles popping sounds….”
Countless bubbles appeared on the surface of the lake like the lake was boiled.
The insect seemed to hate water innately, this type of feeling came from its body's instinct which Chu Yunsheng had no control over with. It was just like humans are not adapted to extremely cold weather or hot weather. 

White worm attached itself to Elder Golden’s shell, and Elder Golden began to float towards the surface of the water after it sunk for a short distance. Perhaps its body size provided it much greater buoyancy than other insects, so it was the first one reaching the surface of the water, then the next one was Elder Purple, then Little Green...
However Chu Yunsheng, Dumb Insect, and little Red were still sinking...
Especially Chu Yunsheng, its insect’s body has not reached the second form yet, and its body was relatively small than other insects, but its weight almost the same as Dumb Insect. 
Comparing to him, those mice were indeed the most resilient animal on earth, even if they were in the water, they still had the ability to swim towards the surface of the lake. 

Soon, Chu Yunsheng noticed that apart from rocks, there were nothing around him, even the Dumb insect and Little Red also swum to the surface. But Chu Yunsheng was still sinking and sinking.
Suddenly he felt strange waves coming from below. However, his sight was strangely restricted in the water like a human, he could barely see anything within 30 meters radius. Anything further than that no matter how hard he tried to detect it, he just could not see anything.
The waves in the water were getting more and more intense and rapid, suddenly many strange fishes appeared in his sight one by one. They have a big head and sharp teeth, huge eyes and its body was almost as big as a human. They were like those deep sea fish but much uglier than that.
What was scarier was that there were not just a few of them, there was a huge crowd of them swimming fast towards Chu Yunsheng.
Chu Yunsheng was startled, he began to swing his claws and legs quickly attempting to run away, However, his action was useless. The shoal of fish took a big turn when it was about to reach him. They were swimming around Chu Yunsheng trying to locate his weak spot. A few seconds later, they suddenly flocked towards him again, this time, Chu Yunsheng was completely swallowed up in the shoal of fish.   

While some fish in the shoal was trying to tear Chu Yunsheng shell apart using their sharp mouth, many fish just constantly slammed themselves into Chu Yunsheng, pushing him deeper and deeper into the lake even faster.
Those fish did not seem to have any water energy, but their sharp teeth were as powerful as insect’s claw. Within a few seconds, many scratches appeared on Chu Yunsheng’s shell.
But Chu Yunsheng’s claws and legs were not useless, as long as he caught the strange fish, the fish would instantly split into half by him.
He gave up defending himself completely and only focusing on attacking. In fact, he couldn't defend himself at all. There were too many of them, all he could do was to try to reduce their number.
The smell of blood began to spread in the water quickly. The strange fish was very agile in the water, it would cost Chu Yunsheng a lot of energy to just kill one of them.   

Chu Yunsheng felt sharp pain everywhere on his body, but he still could not stop attacking. He had to reduce their number, this was the only way to save himself. Suddenly, all the fish around him scattered away in panic.
They were running away from something!
Chu Yunsheng did not believe that his attack would scare them away. There must be something else! He thought.

But where was it?

The fish swam away, but Chu Yunsheng was still sinking. Suddenly he noticed a big shadow that roughly three times bigger than a golden shell insect swum over his head. In the next second, all the fish that attacked Chu Yunsheng earlier was swallowed by it. Fortunately, the strange monster swam away after it engulfed the shoal of fish.     

But Chu Yunsheng was still sinking, and the water pressure started to increase. Chu Yunsheng felt that his entire body was squeezed together harder and harder as he sank deeper and deeper. If it were an ordinary red shell insect, it would probably have been crushed to death already, let alone an ordinary human being.
Chu Yunsheng did not know how deep he had sunk. Four hundred meters below the surface? Or maybe five hundred meters. There was nothing he could be used as a reference. 
The fire energy was burning fast inside his body to withstand the pressure, however, he felt like he could not withstand it very long.
A few seconds later, he finally saw something below him, it was a huge skeleton that was a dozen of meters long. Because of the limited visibility, the dozen of meters was only a part of the skeleton Chu Yunsheng saw. but Chu Yunsheng strongly believed that the entire skeleton could be much bigger. 

As Chu Yunsheng finally touched the bottom of the lake, he instantly stirred up the soil and algae plants that were originally sitting quietly on the lake bed.

But Chu Yunsheng could not stop moving. Looking at many strange creatures were swimming above his head, he knew that he needed to find a place to hide first, then find a way get back to the surface.
He was crawling slowly along the skeleton, the heavy water pressure made him very hard to move under the water. It took him a long time to finally reach the end of the skeleton. The end of the skeleton was a huge scary skull which could be temporarily used as a shelter until he finds another solution. so he quickly crawled into the skull and find a corner inside to hide.   

Chu Yunsheng did not know how the situation on the surface was, but he did not think that other insects would be able to dive down to save him anytime soon.  Although insect did not need to breathe under the water, he needed to have fire energy to help him to withstand the water pressure. Once he used up his energy, then the result would the same as the skeleton he saw.   

What should I do?
Looking at the deep scratches on the internal of the skull, Chu Yunsheng did not know what to do.
If he wants to get back to the surface, he needed to be able to swim. But he did not know how to swim using insect’s sharp legs and huge claws.   

There must be a way! Chu Yunsheng encouraged himself.
“I can’t just hide here to think for a solution. If I can’t think of anything, then my time will be wasted here.  Although I can’t swim, I may be able to walk out of this lake. No matter what, I can’t just sit here waiting.” after a few minutes of struggling to make a decision, Chu Yunsheng finally decided to leave the skull.

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Chapter 313 Going deeper into the ground

Chapter 313 Going deeper into the ground
Luckily insects seemed to be very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field. Sometimes it was almost as accurate as migratory birds’ navigational ability.

"The middle one!" Chu Yunsheng quickly sent messages to his "companions."

Dumb insect and Little Red ran into the tunnel in the middle first, followed by other insects, Chu Yunsheng was in the middle and Elder Purple was still guarding the back.

All the insect were asked not to use their fire energy to prevent exposing their current location

Luckily The insect's unique “sight” help them a lot in the dark crack. Otherwise, Chu Yunsheng would definitely bump into walls many times.

The crack was getting narrower and narrower, it was also getting wetter and wetter, without any reference materials Chu Yunsheng could not tell if they were going up or going down.
Every insect was silently crawling in the crack. Since Chu Yunsheng saved Little Green, all the insects trusted Chu Yunsheng even more.
What originally just wet ground now covered with water!
Looking at this situation. It seemed like they were getting deeper and deeper into the ground. But the water on the ground was not a good sign, it meant that further side of the crack might be filled with water.
However, they have already crawled this far, he didn't want to change to other routes. Besides, insects didn't need to breathe, their fire energy would just be suppressed when they were under the water.
As long as they didn't encounter something powerful, it shouldn't be a problem for them.
Moreover, he didn't even know where other routes would lead them to. So to him, the rest of two cracks were the same as the one he chose.
“Carry on.” Chu Yunsheng did not believe that only human could walk out of this underground maze, but they couldn't.
However, they didn't get very far.

 “.... Blocked….” the group stopped again and Dumb Insect sent a signal back.
Dead end?
Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he crawled down from Elder Golden's back. He squeezed towards the front and noticed that the crack became very narrow, even a red shell Insect also couldn't squeeze through, let alone other insects.
Just when Chu Yunsheng was thinking for a solution they suddenly heard some light noises as if something was constantly scratching the ground. Moreover, the noise was coming towards them from the other side of the crack.
 Chu Yunsheng was alarmed and immediately sent out signals:” something is coming! Get ready for a fight!”
At the same time, he quickly dragged Dumb Insect and Little Red back.
As the sound was coming closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng was more and more anxious. It even made him forgot about he was no longer a human.
All the insects were ashamed of Chu Yunsheng's signal. Since when they were scared of other creatures?
Although they trusted Chu Yunsheng,  their real leader was Elder Purple, so no one moved.
Just when Chu Yunsheng was trying to persuade Elder Purple, a small shadow jumped out from the other side of the crack.

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Even himself was also ashamed of his behavior this time.
All also insects were enraged by the appearance of the mouse.
Before Chu Yunsheng even reacted, Little Red instantly charged forward and pinched Serval mice into halves.
In fact, the size of those three mice was enormous, they were almost three times bigger than the mouse in the age of light.  To ordinary mice, they might be monsters, but to Chu Yunsheng, no matter how big they were, they just mice.
The death of three mice scared away the rest of mice. But they also gave Chu Yunsheng an idea. Since so many mice could come from the other side of the crack, it meant that the crack they were in was not very dangerous.
He used his claw to check the soil and rocks around them, it's humid, and rocks were not very hard.
It was possible to dig through this narrow crack without using fire energy. Chu Yunsheng immediately decided.
He quickly asked Elder Golden to widen the crack without using its fire energy. This order was also immediately approved by Elder Purple without any delay.
As Elder Golden started to move its giant pliers rapidly, Chu Yunsheng and the rest of insects also started to move forward again.
They dug deeper and deeper, the number of mice they encountered also started to increase.
However, Chu Yunsheng was more and more confident now. He strongly believed that as long as they dug through this crack, they would arrive at an open area.
In terms of the mice they saw, they all ended up dead like the first three mice that Little Red killed.
However. The fact soon proved that Chu Yunsheng was wrong. His “companions” were also wrong because they had forgotten a very important factor - the number!
When they finally dug through the crack and reached an open area, and before Chu Yunsheng got excited, they realized that they have actually dug into a huge mouse nest.
They were no longer in the swarm, there were only seven of them, but there were countless mice.
Looking at all types of animal skeletons underneath those mice, Chu Yunsheng knew that this nest of mice eat everything, he even noticed a lot of insect’s shells as well.
But it was too late for them to turn around, the mice were squeaking loudly while flocking towers Chu Yunsheng's group. Chu Yunsheng also noticed that there were mice glowed in a green light like the mutant mice he saw outside Jin Ling city.
Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to test out that if those mice have the ability to kill them or not. It was the dark age, everything was possible.
At this moment, they could no longer hide themselves from using fire energy anymore. Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered Elder Golden to spat fireball to burn the mice that ran to them the first.

The body size of Elder purple and Elder Golden was very big, so while the first batch of mice was burned by Elder Golden's fireball, Elder Purple took the opportunity and quickly swapped the position with Elder Golden.

Then it instantly unleashed it's purple flame to cover all its body and used its body to block the crack they dug.

The mice were still charging towards Elder Purple, but all of them were burned into ashes when they approached the purple flame.
However, mice were born with the ability to dig holes.
Just when Chu Yunsheng thought that Elder Purple was able to block the mice, many mice started to dig their way into the crack from the sides, the top and the ground of the crack.
Chu Yunsheng was not scared of ordinary mice, However, those mutant mice were constantly casting out icicles attacks. Ice energy was able to suppress fire energy. Although these mice’s ability was very weak, they have numbers, and they were everywhere. So within just a few minutes they almost freeze the entire crack.

The white worm was the first one could not withstand the attack, its defensive ability was the weakest among them. At the moment, it was already covered with mice and constantly squeaking in pain.
Chu Yunsheng’s heart dropped. Although it was the weakest in their group, it had a very important role in their group. The white worm was the only source of energy supply they had in their group at the moment.

So Chu Yunsheng quickly used his claws to carefully and quickly sweep mice away from the white worm’s body, then picked it up and held it underneath its chest. At the same time, it was constantly spitting the corrosive liquid to kill the rest of mice that came into the crack.
However, more than more mice started to crawl into the crack, and the crack was too narrow for Chu Yunsheng and other insects to move around. If he could not think of a new solution, sooner or later they would have casualties!
They could not retreat, because they did not know if the enemy from spore forest was behind them or not. They also could not dig into the ground again, since those mice were also able to dig into the ground, and with the number they had, it was definitely much quicker than Older Golden. 

They had to move forward! They had to move into an open area so they could easily move around.
There might also be another route in the mouse nest.
Chu Yunsheng quickly sent a signal to Elder purple:” Elder Purple, quickly unleash your energy ripples to kill them!
He did not dare to ask Elder Purple to use its strongest attack earlier, because, with that kind of attack, it might even make the entire crack to collapse.
Although insect’s body was very strong, it was not invincible. if the crack collapse, with the amount of soil above them, they would immediately be crushed into minced meat.
However, he had no choice now, if they carry on like this, elder purple and elder golden might be able to survive, but rest of insects, including himself, would die
Elder purple did not have enough brain cell to process information during combat. without Chu Yunsheng’s order, it would just fight blindly like other insects. Fortunately, its subconsciousness immediately accepted Chu Yunsheng order. 
In the next second, the first round of energy ripple was unleashed into the mouse nest and made a bloody way in the nest.
Chu Yunsheng screeched loudly to ordered all the insects to follow elder purple!
Boom!  Boom! Boom!
As they were running out of the crack fast, elder golden was constantly spitting out fireballs to blow away the mice that were chasing them out of the crack.
This time was elder purple, it unleashed another round of energy ripple again to blow up another crowd of mice in the center of the nest.
The eyes of many mice were quickly changed from green to red, it seemed like they were enraged by the action of Elder Purple. Just when they were about to charge toward Chu Yunsheng’s group again, a crispy and ear-piercing cracking sound appeared in the nest.
As all the creatures in the nest raised their head, they noticed that a crack like a twisting lightning spread across the top of the nest, and it was getting wider and wider.
All the attack stopped all of sudden, all the creature in that nest were not moving.  Every animal had an instinct to predict a devastating disaster, so almost every creature in the nest knew what was going to happen.


As if something finally broken!
The next began to collapse.

“Fu…. ” before Chu Yunsheng was able to curse it out, he instantly felt like he was crushed by something very heavy and then everything went black all of sudden.
It is over… Chu Yunsheng’s heart dropped.

What a stupid order I just gave! He thought.

Suddenly, he did not feel any pressure on top of him anymore, then he felt like he was falling.


Above a huge and quiet underground lake that no one knew how long it has existed, a crack suddenly appeared. Then within a few seconds, its entire top was collapsed. Countless mice mixed with some insects and a lot of soil were falling directly into the lake.

“Splash...” “Splash...” “Splash...”

A lot of splashes with various sizes appeared everywhere on the originally calm surface of the lake, along with many sounds of objects falling into the water. The old and seemingly dangerous foggy lake was no longer at peace anymore.

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Chapter 312 three-way intersection

Ribbon-Like Monster

Chapter 312 three-way intersection
Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask more in detail, he suddenly heard a noise came from his back. It was Little green who fell from the back of the golden shell.

Its energy was very weak, Chu Yunsheng almost could not feel it.

Chu Yunsheng quickly left the man who was wearing a broken glasses and attempted to contact the white worm. But he didn't get any response from it. Probably it already dug very deep.

The worm was not going to deliver the energy on time, besides, he didn't even know if the energy the worm dug up would help Little green’s injury or not.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and pinched out one bottle of culture fluid from a gap between his shells.

He only had a few of them left, and he originally planned to use them to level up his insect's body into the second form.  Although he didn't know if it would be useful or not, at the moment it was the only method he could try. In terms of the side effect, he was not worried at all. He was already an insect, how worse it could possibly be?

But the green shell's life was in danger, and he knew that without the green shell the escaping journey would be much difficulty for them.

:” Little green, drink this!” Chu Yunsheng used one of his claws to open the green shell's mouth and another one to break the bottle's neck and poured the culture fluid into the green shell's mouth.
Looking at the size of the bottle and the size of the green shell, Chu Yunsheng didn't think one bottle of culture fluid would be enough, so he took out another bottle from another gap between his shells.
Second bottle down, green shell still had no reaction.

“Fuck it!” As Chu Yunsheng cursed in his mind, he took out the last two bottles of culture fluid and poured them into the green shell's mouth.
He only found four bottles of culture fluid in total in the pile of supplies he dropped. If it still couldn't save the green shell then Chu Yunsheng had to give up.
Wang Dafu’s mouth was wide open. He thought that he was calm enough, But what Chu Yunsheng did was too human-like.

Taking out four bottles of strange liquid that looked like made by humans and fed the liquid to a dying insect!
If he could get back to Hong Kong alive. He would definitely tell those journalists what he saw. But probably no one would believe him.
Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the man was thinking, but he was extremely anxious at that moment. Live and death of the green shell directly relate to if they could get to next creep area safely or not.

One minute passed, two minutes passed….. he waited for 10 minutes, the green shell finally moved. Its mouth was constantly making some strange chirping noise, Chu Yunsheng didn't know what they meant, but Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved.
As long as it didn't die, Chu Yunsheng believed that the white worm would know how to take care of it.
Chu Yunsheng raised his head to peek outside. That damn ribbon-like monster was probably exhausted, it was wheeling above the small town, looked like it was looking for a place to rest.
The hazy shimmer slowly disappeared in the sky, and the world once again covered in the darkness.

The dozen of humans opposite Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to light up a campfire, in a pitch black world, only the insects could see them, but they couldn't see the insects.

Chu Yunsheng knocked on the ground for a few times to signal the Golden Shell to dig out from the place he knocked and only reveal half of his head. Then he continued to communicate with the golden shell:” Elder Golden, need to borrow your eyes for a second. Infuse your energy into your eyes, just a little bit… that's too much, it's too bright, dim a little... “

Golden shell's eyes were as big as a human, with just a little bit of energy, it could provide enough light in the hall.

Chu Yunsheng crawled back and continued talking with the middle-aged man.

“ Mr.insect, let me introduce us first.” Wang Dafu took a deep breath and said slowly. He was watching Chu Yunsheng behavior every carefully earlier. From the way that those insects ran to the hall; the injured insects, and the way they told them to be quiet, he knew that the insect's enemy was nearby.
He carried on:” This place is near Wu Yi mountain, but we are not from this area, we are from Hong Kong, a place that is 700 kilometers away from here….”

Chu Yunsheng's first reaction was “ wtf, we just ran more than 100 kilometers just in one day? We even arrived Fu province(1.)! How the fuck is that possible!”
Wang Dafu was still talking:” There is a human City over there, your people… I mean your insects have taken over  Wu Yang city and Peng city, the southern Chinese army was forced to retreat to Hong Kong and build defense position there.
Originally we were planning to escape to Hong Kong from Peng city, however, we were forced to escape to a barren mountain by other insects. In order to save ourselves from the chase, we crawled into a crack in the mountain, but who knows that it was very complicated inside the crack. In the end, we got lost and could not find a way out. Only until two months ago did we finally get out from a crack that was probably caused by an earthquake, and the crack was other there.”

Wang Dafu said in one breath. This time he made Chu Yunsheng shocked.

From Hong Kong to Wu Yi mountain?
It almost crossed entire southern China! How is that even possible?

Even if what he said was true, but how did they survive under the ground, what did they eat and drink?
Chu Yunsheng knocked on the ground and wrote “lie” then looked at the middle-aged man.

“ Mr. Insect, I know it is hard to believe it. But it was true! There are more than half of people from Hong Kong in our group, you can ask them if you don't believe me.” Wang Dafu instantly started to sweat.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a few seconds,  he still didn't believe him. But when there was a commotion in the group earlier, he clearly heard some people talking in Cantonese.

So Chu Yunsheng pointed at one girl who spoke Cantonese earlier and asked the middle-aged man to bring her over.
The girl was extremely scared, but she still answered all Chu Yunsheng's questions. Her answers were also the same as the middle-aged man.
Although it was very unlikely for them to lie in this kind of situation, Chu Yunsheng still found it hard to believe them.

At the time when the girl finished, the white worm finally came back. Chu Yunsheng did not know the situation under the ground, but the white worm did. So after he confirmed with it, he finally believed those humans.  There were indeed many cracks under the ground.

Then, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. If those humans could survive under the ground, then as insects themselves would definitely be able to survive as well.

More importantly, it was too dangerous to stay on the ground, he could even detect the smell of another spore forest in the south.

There was no way they could break through the spore forest if there really was one forest in the south, they would need to take detours, but god knows how long it would take.

He needed to get to next creep area quickly, only until he got to the next creep area would he be safe.
“Underground, safe?” Chu Yunsheng wrote.

Wang Dafu and the girl looked at each other didn't know how to answer it. It took them awhile and finally decided to tell Chu Yunsheng everything, so he could decide himself. “ Originally, we have hundreds of people, but we only have 20 people now, there were a lot of things under the ground we couldn't see it….”

Chu Yunsheng instantly changed his mind. Safety was always his priority,  so if there were unknown monsters under the ground, he would rather take a long detour.

But just when he changed his mind, a loud screech suddenly appeared in the sky above them. Then the building started to shake violently, and debris started falling from the top of the building.

“Fuck! Elder Golden, quick, dig into the ground!” Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and quickly ordered.
He had no choice now. Elder Purple might be able to deal with one ribbon-like flying insect, but the screech might have already attracted other insects.

It might even attract a ghastly kid. it was too dangerous for them to get out of the building now. He couldn't afford to take the risk.
Although there were unknown monsters under the ground, they still have chances.  But if they tried to escape from above the ground now, they would definitely die.
It was not that Chu Yunsheng hadn't thought about escaping from under the ground before. However, Elder Golden needed to use a lot of fire energy to dig a tunnel, and this type of energy movement was extremely easy to be detected by any ribbon-like flying monsters, so unless they were not going to dig out of the ground ever again, it was useless to dig into the ground.
Besides, Chu Yunsheng did not know that if there were any insects from the spore forest that was also able to dig into the ground. What if the spore forest really had this kind of insects. Then, digging into the ground meant digging their own graves.

Chu Yunsheng quickly asked Dumb Insect to catch Little Green and follow Elder Golden. white worm already hid itself into a gap between  Elder Golden's shells. Little Red quickly ran down from upstairs and followed Dumb Insect right into the tunnel, the next one was Chu Yunsheng and the last was Elder Purple.

Wang Dafu and other people didn't know what happened, but from the strange screech outside the building and the panic reaction from those insects, they knew that it was very bad.
Just when Chu Yunsheng and other insects disappeared into a tunnel, Wang Dafu and other people also crawled into a crack in the corner of the hall.
The building finally collapsed, and the tunnel was instantly filled with dust….

But Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to slow down to look back, it was constantly urging Elder Golden to dig deeper and deeper.

“Thump, Thump, Thump....”  

All the insects fell to the ground all of sudden. It seemed like they have dig into a deep crack.

Chu Yunsheng quickly stood up and shook off the dust on his back. He looked around and tried to locate his position and other insects.
Chu Yunsheng was relieved when he saw all the insects were just next to him. However, when he noticed three deep and dark cracks around them, his heart dropped again.

1. Wu Yi mountain is in Fu province.

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Chapter 311 Kill Kill Kill!

 Chapter 311 Kill Kill Kill!
Kill! Kill! Kill!

The signals of killings constantly sent to each other among the seven insects. Apart from Chu Yunsheng, all other insects were ready to attack, even of white worm also compressed its body and ready to bounce out.

Chu Yunsheng's mind was constantly bombarded by the signals of killings, he was almost about to follow the signals instinctively.

In fact, it was not just a vicious killing intent, it was more of an irresistible feeling of hate.

When Chu Yunsheng was on the creep area, he never once felt such hate from any insects,  even when they were fighting the spore forest, all he felt from the insects were bravery and their fight wills.

The killing intent was caused by a deep hatred, and the hatred came from every part of his body as if it was marked on every bone, every piece of shells and even every single blood cell.
The most unbelievable thing was that in between the hatred and killing intent, there seemed to be a faint sense of sadness and regret as well. Although it was just a faint of sadness, it almost made Chu Yunsheng’s soul trembled, if he was still a human, he'd probably already be starting to cry at that moment. 

Only until now did he realized that why would the swarm almost collapsed when he tried to save Tan Ning, and why it would take Dark so much energy to suppress them. It was all because of this irresistible hate that came from deep inside of every insect...

There were just six insects around Chu Yunsheng. However, even with only six insects, he almost could not handle it, let alone tens and thousands of insects when he was in the yellow mountain area. How much effort did it require for Dark to do it?

Chu Yunsheng could not imagine that.
But it was his idea to take a break, and it was also his idea to hide inside the small town. So he had to stop this slaughter. After all, he was still a human, not an insect.

While Chu Yunsheng was trying to stop the slaughter, he was also confused. When he was near the small town, he clearly felt that there was no sign of any living creatures in the small town and he was quite confident in his detection ability.

Even if his detection ability was limited, but the Elder Purple which was a high-level insect should have detected them.

However, this group of people just appeared out of nowhere as if they just crawled out of the ground. But he did not have time to think about where they came from at the moment, because the elder purple had already started to gather its energy and fire had already started to burst out from its body.

Elder golden was already ready to breathe fire.

“Stop! All of you! In the name of Min, I am ordering you to stop! I will handle the rest. I am warning you, remember what is our mission! ” Chu Yunsheng immediately screeched loudly.
Chu Yunsheng did not know whether it was the words he said scared them or it was the fact that he stood in front of the group of refugees, but eventually, they all stopped.

“W...h...y…. They….  Yi... Yuan(TL: Abnormality)! ” elder purple was very angry. It was constantly waving its two antennas making the crack sound in the air.

“What is our mission?” Chu Yunsheng immediately asked.

“Wood…. ” elder purple answered honestly.
“Then what are you doing now? Min warned us that don’t involve in other things. Our first priority is to deliver the wood element core. Is it not? If we started to kill those humans, they will definitely scream, and what if their screams attracted enemies? Our wood element core will be taken. If we did not complete our mission, then we will let our entire race down, we will let Min down. It means that we will be bad insects! You want to be bad insects?!” Chu Yunsheng constantly bombarded them with excuses that seemed to be reasonable, regardless if they understand it or not.

All the insects were looking at each other did not know what to say, only after a while, the dumb insect first responded:”make….. sense….”  its signal was filled with admiration.

Elder purple envied Chu Yunsheng’s intelligence. Since it’s intelligence was surpassed by Chu Yunsheng, it was scared that some other insects would also surpass it. It would make it feel like it was a failure, so it cared about its performance a lot. That was probably one of the side effects of being able to think.

So when it heard the dumb insect’s responded, it immediately stopped trying to process Chu Yunsheng’s excuses, despite it still did not understand what Chu Yunsheng said. It did not want to show other insects that it was not as smart as them, so it quickly responded:” I… think... So...”

Only when Chu Yunsheng heard the elder purple’s response did he finally relieved. Although he was the deputy leader, when it was at a crucial moment, only the dumb insect would listen to him,  all other insects would only listen to the elder purple.
“We can’t leave the town now.” Chu Yunsheng said while looking at the sky outside the town. He noticed that there seemed to be a long shadow just flew by.  “Elder golden, you dig into the ground and hide next to the door, only leave a small hole, so you could also watch out for enemies.  Dumb insect, you guard that room. Little red search the upstairs, remember don’t kill anyone. Elder purple you stay here with me. Brother worm, you go dig up some energy, and lastly little green you just need to rest. ” Chu Yunsheng quickly gave out tasks to the six insects.

In order for him to communicate with the six insects better, since yesterday, he had given each insect a name.

Chu Yunsheng was used to call the dumb insect “Dumb Insect” so he didn't change its name. But he didn't expect that the dumb insect was so excited that it would treasure it like something important. It was constantly sending signals to Chu Yunsheng with the messages like dumb insect this... and dumb insect that... It annoyed Chu Yunsheng so much that he regretted giving it a name.

The Elder Purple acted almost the same as the dumb insect. Fortunately, the rest of four insects didn't overreact. Perhaps they were not smart enough to understand what it meant.
The golden shell insect was called Elder Golden, the green shell was called little Green, the white worm was called Brother Worm and lastly, the other red shell was called Little Red.

Although brother worm’s offensive ability was very weak, its ability to dig into the ground was almost the same as a golden shell insect.
After Chu Yunsheng gave out it a task, it didn't move straight away. Only after it got the permission from Elder Purple did it finally spat a corrosive liquid to corrode the ground and then start digging.

Rest of the insects were doing the same thing before they move out. This was probably the good thing about the insect. Absolutely obedient and never question orders.

Now what Chu Yunsheng needed to deal were those refugees.


Wang Dafu gave up hoping. The only energy practitioner in their group died of starvation on the road. The rest of people were just ordinary people who were either skinny or one the verge of dying.

When seven insects appeared in front of them like demons, they didn't even have the energy to scream, they just closed their eyes and waited to be eaten.

“Sooner or later we will have this day. Sooner or later….” They thought.
However, after they closed their eyes for a very long time, nothing happened. No one screamed in pain, all they could hear were the sounds rapid breathing and insect’s constantly chirping.

Only after they secretly opened their eyes did they finally saw the insects just spread out minding their own stuff as if they were not there.
What is a miracle?

This is a miracle!

Since Wang Dafu was born, it was the first time he encountered such a strange thing. the insect stopped killing humans!

If this did not surprise him, then what he saw next completely stunned him.
After a while,  a red shell insect which had a crack on its head crawled down from a golden shell's back and then waving its claw at him.

It was calling him!

At first, Wang Dafu thought that he was just hallucinating. How come an insect would act like that?

However, after he was pinched by the insect and dragged over to the other side of house irritably.  He was stunned again.

That red shell insect was using its sharp legs, carving Chinese characters on the solid marble ground!!!

At that moment, his mind stopped working. All he felt was a sudden dizziness and he was about to pass out.

Only until that red shell insect started to knock on the ground impatiently to remind him to look at the Chinese words did he finally came back from the shock. 

Wang Dafu was worried that the red shell would get angry, so he quickly calmed himself down and started to read the words that were carved on the ground. “quiet, exchange, safety. ”

Wang Dafu raised his head in confusion. Then, that red shell pointed him and pointed at other people than waved its claw again. He could not describe his feeling at moment, it was more than just a shock. This…. this is not an insect, it is like a fucking human!

Although he still had a hard time to accept it, at least, he finally calmed down. He then quickly go back to his group and told them what he saw. It instantly caused a commotion in the crowd. 

The red shell was not happy with their reaction, it knocked on the ground several times again. Only then did those group of people finally quiet down. Although they were amazed by it, they were not stupid enough to think that those insects were going to treat them nicely, especially that purple flame monster.

The red shell waved its hand to signal Wang Dafu again. It seemed like it still wanted to “talk” to him. Wang Dafu had no choice but gritted his teeth to walk out of the group again.

“Where, you, from, don’t, lie, I, detect, you, not, here, earlier. ”

Chu Yunsheng tried to make the sentence as short as possible, carving Chinese words was much slower than talking.
Wang Dafu started to sweat again. He was familiar with those words, but when it came from an insect, it still made him terrified.  Even if the insect did not write a complete sentence, but the sentence structure was correct, and it was very easy for him to understand.

The red shell insect started to knock the ground again.

Wang Dafu quickly made a hand gesture to explain that he was not able to carve anything on the ground.

The red shell was dazed for a second, then it carved on the ground again. “Speak, OK”

Wang Dafu was a businessman in the age of light. He learned a lot after working years in his career. Calm and quick-thinking were two skills he was most proud of.   After the initial despair and shock, he quickly resumed his composure and began to analyze the situation.

The red shell insect in front of him seemed to have full control over other insects.  As a businessman, he knew that he should not do anything to make a boss angry. Moreover, since the communication was no longer a problem, he believed that if he used his persuasive talking skill, he might be able to make this insect to free them.

But what he needed to do first was to establish trust.  If everything goes well, his first step might lead to the peace between the insect and humankind in the future.

Although what the red shell insect asked was directly related to their secret hideout, they could not run away at the moment. So the secret was useless.

“We just crawled out of the ground. There was probably an earthquake in this area before, it caused the ground to crack, and we just crawled out of those cracks. Moreover, there is an underground world just right below us,  if you are interested I can tell you in detail.” Wang Dafu tried his best to make the red shell insect felt interested...


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Chapter 310 a special team.

 Chapter 310 a special team.
It's Min!
Its force was like an inescapable spider web that spread over the fourth-dimensional space, so Chu Yunsheng immediately felt its scary force when it appeared.
The dumb insect who was dispirited a second earlier suddenly became excited as if it was on some kind of drugs. In the next second, it charged out like a mad dog.
Chu Yunsheng's power couldn't compete with a type two red shell insect. When it just realized that he needed to stop the dumb insect it was already too late.

But the dumb insect didn't get very far. It stopped all of sudden, then it started to move back reluctantly.
Chu Yunsheng knew what happened. A moment ago, he just received a signal from Min:” Everyone, stay back! It's an order!”
Everyone? Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he didn't even move, so this everyone didn't include him, it meant that there were other insects that were still alive.
The dumb insect retreated, only until it got back to Chu Yunsheng, did it finally stopped. But it was still gazing at the blood fog anxiously.
Chu Yunsheng carefully crawled to the top of a pile of insect's body and gazed afar.

This is Min? Chu Yunsheng was confused.
It was not the gigantic monster he imagined, nor did it look like Dark which was a meatball. Instead, it was a ferocious human-shaped insect? It was almost three meters tall, and it's entire body covered with deadly black armor. It had a long tail and two thick and muscular armored legs. on its back, there were a dozen of feeler-like long tubes that were constantly moving in the air, and lastly one of its “armored hand” was holding a big shuttle-shaped weapon.
But Chu Yunsheng was even more surprised to see its enemy who was standing opposite it.
It was a human girl who was standing on the top of a ghastly kid! She was wearing an ordinary down jacket, ordinary glasses, and had an ordinary ponytail. Everything about her looked so originally and harmless.
The reason why Chu Yunsheng was certain that she was a human was that she didn't dress like the fire race or the ice race, and most importantly, she did not have ice messenger that kind of extreme beauty and coldness.
But who is this girl?
How could a human standing on the top of a ghastly kid? And she looked so much younger than Chu Yunsheng. What kind of power was that?
It also made Chu Yunsheng dropped his jaw! then he heard the girl talking:” Min. You can’t take away the wood element core, give it back to me, you have already lost. ”
What surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was that, that Min could also speak human language. :”huh! I did not kill you because you are a human that was not contaminated by Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality). Don’t you think that I am scared of you!” Min snorted.
The girl shook her head in disappointment:” you can only bring destructions. give it to me”
“I have missions! ” Min said coldly.
After it said it, its body instantly covered with glamorous purple flame. It was burning violently as if the smell of the death in the air was its fuels.
The fire became more and more intense as the fire elemental energy in the area became more and more violent, all the insects' bodies on the ground were lifted up one by one as if the whole third-dimensional space in the area was controlled by Min.
Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect was also lifted up and spun in the air.

“Listen carefully!” Min’s voice appeared in Chu Yunsheng’s mind again:” Don’t move, my kids. Don’t move, just like you were dead, I will send you out of here, don’t let the enemy notice you. Remember everything I am about to say. ”

In fact, Chu Yunsheng did not dare to move at all. With his current strength, he could not even beat the dumb insect, let alone Min or a ghastly kid.
“You all are my kids, and I have been watching you since the day one you were born. You were given the power and bravery, and all of you did not let me down. However, from today, you will have to bear the fate of our people and give everything for our mission.

My kids, I will select one of you as a leader, give it wisdom. You must follow the leader, and leave this place with the wood element core. There are enemies in the north, so head south, find other Mins and hand the wood element core to them. It is your mission, No matter how dangerous it is, no matter how hard it is, this is the purpose of your life. It must be completed, It must be completed!

Go, my kids! Go to complete your mission!”

As Min’s voice disappeared, all the insect’s bodies started to burn while spinning rapidly in the air.

Chu Yunsheng felt like there was an invisible hand that was constantly spinning him, he was almost about to throw up.


Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

A total of seven noises of something heavy landed on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng quickly staggered up and looked around. There were 7 insects scattered around him.

One purple flame monster, one green shell insect, one golden shell insect, one white worm and two red shell insects. One of the two red shell insects was the dumb insect.

Plus Chu Yunsheng there were a total of seven insects.

But apart from the worm, the dumb insect and him, all other insects were injured. Especially the green shell insect, its injury was the most severe. not only its legs were dangling loosely below it, its wings were also destroyed. 

“I... leader..., listen... command... leave... now...!” the purple flame monster shook off the dust on its body and said sternly.
Chu Yunsheng did not know where they were now, but he could not see the creep area anymore, perhaps they were far away from Min now.

Chu Yunsheng could not leave, purple flame monster and the other insects were just next to him, besides he had nowhere to go and could not survive just by himself.

South probably was not a bad idea. After all, I still need time to increase my power and find a way to get back to my body. Once I got back to his body, I could easily leave at any time. He thought.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the wood element core was in the purple flame monster’s stomach, but he was not interested in that thing. To be exact, he did not dare to have any interests in that thing.

He already had enough troubles for having the knowledge of talismans, he did not want to cause more troubles to make the spore forest and the insect to hunt him.

But he was curious about what Min said earlier.  What is Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality). Why did it say that the girl was not contaminated by Abnormality?  What was its mission? Why it always talked about it. From what he understood, the insect was a creature that always destroys stuff, what kind of mission could they possibly have?

Of course, that girl was also very strange. She looked like a student and gave people a strange but peaceful feeling. However, Min was sure that she was a human, so It made Chu Yunsheng perplexed. 

In a place that was far away from the seven insects. Min charged towards the girl immediately after it sent out all the insect.  A tremendous amount of violent energy exploded when it crashed into the girl.

At the same time, Min’s sad voice appeared in Chu Yunsheng mind for the last time:” Our mission, eliminate all Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality), create a world that…  and... Re- ….” 


On a cold and devastated land, several insects were running as faster as they could like a group of beaten dogs. 

The one that was running at the front was a purple flame monster, followed by two red shell insects, one was in the second form(1) and the other one was in the original form(2) , and the last one was a golden shell and it was carrying three insects on its back. 

The injured green shell was so weak that it could not either fly or run, so it needed to rest on the back of the golden shell, the white worm was not injured, but it was too slow so it had to stay on the back of the golden shell.

In terms of Chu Yunsheng, he just wanted to save some energy. So, he pretended that he was injured.

The “simple-minded” insects were not very smart. Even if the purple flame monster just got its wisdom from Min, it was just slightly smarter than the dumb insect.   

So they never doubted that Chu Yunsheng would lie, in their perception of the world, all the insects were loyal.

They had been running for a whole day. They kept hiding and running repeatedly on their entire journey. Chu Yunsheng could not bear to be bumped ups and downs continuously on the back of the golden shell when it was running, so he attempted to ask them to stop. besides, If they kept running like this, god knows if they still have a strength to deal with any accidents.

“Elder Purple, please stop, we need to find a place to rest.” Chu Yunsheng said.

The purple flame monster was surprised that a red shell insect would also have “wisdom”. However, it was not as smart as Chu Yunsheng. With its poor level of intelligence, Chu Yunsheng easily fooled it by a simple lie, which was that Min had asked him to be the backup leader.

But Chu Yunsheng did not expect that just when he explained what the backup leader means, the purple lame monster immediately announced his role in the group, and not a single insect doubted it. However, Chu Yunsheng had to correct its mistake once again. But after that, he “formally” became the deputy leader of the team.

“Okay…. ” the purple flame monster responded.

During the conversation with the purple flame monster, Chu Yunsheng noticed that Its ability to compose a message was even worse than the dumb insect. Even though the Min gave it wisdom, but it did not seem to have any consciousness like the dumb insect. It was like just like a computer program.

“It seems like there is a small town at the front…. What is a small town? Don’t interrupt me, don’t ask me why if you don’t know! …… we will take a break there, and after the sky got dark then we will move again!” Chu Yunsheng stood on the top of the golden shell and noticed an abandoned town far away from them.

He did not know if there would be any humans there, but it was too dangerous for them to stay outside in the wild. The enemy from the spore forest might still be chasing behind them, so they needed a place to hide. 

There was another reason why he needed to stop. The green shell insect was dying, he needed the worm to extract the energy from the ground to save the green shell.

They needed the green shell,  without the green shell they wouldn't even be able to detect the enemy when the enemy was still further away. 


When they followed Chu Yunsheng’s instruction and slowly lured into a big building in the small town like thieves. The atmosphere in the air instantly became tense and almost reached the breaking point.

Because appeared in front of them was a group of refugees…..

-----------------Translator’s note-----------------------------

Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality).  So far unknown.

1. The Second form: the second form of insects, like type 2 that Chu Yunsheng was using to describe green shell which was the second form of the green shell.

2. The original form; it is used to describe the insect that has not gone through any transformation stage.

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Chapter 309 return to the yellow mountain

Chapter 309 return to the yellow mountain
No one knows whether it was Min who lost the fight or the spore forest that lost the fight.

All the huge tombs were gone and the endless spore forest also disappeared. In the world that was covered by the darkness, all it left was the smells of death.

Chu Yunsheng cautiously searched from one insect to another insect attempting to find another wood elemental insect.

In his red eyes, the bodies of the insects from the spore forest were extremely obvious, so it saved him a lot of trouble.

However, the result was disappointing. maybe it was too long after they died or there was too much fire elemental energy in the area, it speeded up the wood elemental energy losses. All the bodies he founded were empty with energies.

Chu Yunsheng was tirelessly searching for wood elemental energy,  bodies after bodies. The dumb insect was still following him in low spirits. It seemed like it still hasn't recovered from the shock of the disappearance of the Min.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how to comfort him. To insects, Min was their meaning to live in this world. They don't know how to survive without Min.

It was also the fact. It was very hard for a single red shell insect to survive alone. Since they always lived in a swarm.

After a long time, Chu Yunsheng gave up searching. He really wanted to smoke, However, that was simply not possible, so he just sat on a pile of body think for the next plan.

The creep area was destroyed, the only shelter was gone, so he and THE dumb insect had to leave this area and find a new creep area.

The wind in the night was cold and strong, it was like knives cutting through the ground. Strange harsh weather conditions happened very often after the earth plunged into darkness, many people died because of harsh weather conditions rather than killed by the insect.

It should have been summer by now if it were still in the age of light. Looking at the snowflakes falling from the sky, Chu Yunsheng thought.

“Wait, it is not snow!”

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and spread out his sense. soon he detected a group of dark shadows coming towards them.

:” Dumb insect, dumb insect, lie on the ground, don't move.” Chu Yunsheng quickly pulled over the dumb insect and pushed it to the ground.

Woosh…. Wosh….

Many huge Ban Lan birds flew over them one by one. they dived down immediately when they reached the battlefield, picking up many dead insects then ate them.

There were roughly around 100 of them. Chu Yunsheng counted.  He and the dumb insect couldn't even deal with any single one of them, let alone with this number.

If they were discovered, they would be dead.  To those birds, live insects were definitely much more tempting than the dead ones.

But soon, Chu Yunsheng realized that they were having a extremly bad luck.  Some Ban Lan birds discovered live but injured insects then began to play and chase them like cats playing with mice.

He immediately pulled the dumb insect over and crawled into a pile of insect’s body.

Without Min, the dumb insect was instinctively fear of Ban Lan bird. However, unlike Chu Yunsheng, its panic reaction was to charge towards those birds.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. This was probably the difference between human and insect. he thought.

He raised his claw and hit the dumb insect’s big head and sent a signal:” you don’t want to live? ”

The dumb insect’s eyes were filled with confusion, but it still responded:”Min….. Said…. We …. should...”

“Min is dead, don’t listen to a dead insect!” although Chu Yunsheng was not stronger than the dumb insect,  he would always win the argument because of his language ability.

The dumb insect instinctively wanted to argue again, it wanted to defend Min. But because its brain was too simple, it did not know how to talk back. 

“Lie down, quick, there is one coming! Don’t get me killed!” Chu Yunsheng quickly sent another signal and used a different way to persuade the dumb insect.

The dumb insect immediately stopped arguing. Chu Yunsheng felt sorry for the poor dumb insect sometimes, it did not even care about its own life, but it did not want to get Chu Yunsheng killed, this was probably the side effect having a consciousness.

One Ban Lan bird was casually wheeling in the sky and slowly approaching toward them.

Chu Yunsheng quickly moved two insect’s bodies to cover him and the dumb insect. At the same time, he sent another signal out:” don’t think too much, just follow me, play dead! Wait until they had enough, they will leave. ”

Chu Yunsheng was the expert of playing dead, it was one of the most useful abilities he had when he wanted to escape from danger. Sometimes this ability was even better than his sword fighting techniques.

Luckily the bird only wheeling in the sky above them for a few seconds before it picked up a dead green shell’s body and flew away.

Chu Yunsheng waited for a long time until he could no longer hear any sound. He popped his big head out and took a quick glance at outside. Only when he did not notice any danger did he finally dare to come out.

“Dumb insect, you have to remember, you are now an insect that has a consciousness, you are no longer an ordinary insect, you are a ….” Chu Yunsheng wanted to teach the dumb insect something, however, he could not find any word to describe this insect.

The dumb insect was looking at Chu Yunsheng, hoping that it could tell it what it really was.

This was the question confused it since the day it was born, so it really wanted to know the answer. However. Chu Yunsheng just simply said, “go!”

There was another pack of Ban Lan birds flew out from the yellow mountain area. The fight between the insects probably caused them to relocate their home.

Although there were many dead insects in this place, those birds still liked to hunt live insects.

After they left, Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to go back to the yellow mountain area.

Although his body was turned into an insect, and the storage talisman he had before had exploded, he still wanted to go back and found the stuff he had left behind, because there were some things that were important to him.


The yellow mountain's creep area was connected to the creep area outside. It was only when they were isolated from the outside did the tomb inside the yellow mountain began to generate Min which later on became Chu Yunsheng's Dark.

Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect lurked all the way into the yellow mountain area. They were like cautious mice, if they noticed any sign of danger, they would immediately lie down and play dead.

With the help of Chu Yunsheng's memory,  and the insect's ability to see in the dark,  it did not take them long to find the place where he dropped his staff.

The huge pile of supplies was not dropped at the place where he lost his consciousness which was first the place Chu Yunsheng thought about, it was actually at next to the destroyed yellow mountain peak.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't know what happened, the stuff was indeed his.

All the insects' bodies he stored were gone, perhaps they were already collected by other insects back to their tomb.

All it left were some human food, drugs, a pile of clothes and some other stuff.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take any one of those things away, without a storage talisman, they couldn't carry much. Besides, insects didn't eat any of those things.

He wanted to find Xuan Bo energy shield, his family photos, and the birthday present that his cousins gave to him.

Xuan Bo energy shield was one of a few pieces of important defence equipment he had, although he couldn't use it at the moment, it would be useful when he returned to his human body.

In terms of his family photos and present, they were the things that gave him the courage to survive and kept him from losing his mind while being alive in this lonely world.

He was afraid that he would forget everything after he lived as an insect for a long time, he might even forget he was once a human being.

However, what made him sad was that apart from Xuan Bo energy shield and some bottles that contained culture fluid,  he couldn't find anything else.

Chu Yunsheng swallowed the energy shield device and stood there watching the pile of supplies for a very long time. He felt a dull ache inside him that he just couldn't get rid off it. He became an insect, he was no longer a human…...

Comparing to Chu Yunsheng who was dispirited, the dumb insect was like a curious kid tirelessly playing in a pile of clothes that Chu Yunsheng took from an unknown supermarket.

:” Let's go.” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to stay here any longer. He felt like the longer he stayed, the worse his mood would become.

The dumb insect quickly and excitedly crawled out a pile of clothes with some pink stuff on its head. Only when Chu Yunsheng took a close look did he realized that it was a pair of women's bras.

Chu Yunsheng was not in a good mood, a sudden irresistible irritation just burst out from his mind.

“ What are you doing! stop doing that! you are not a human! you just an insect!.... “ He said angrily.

Originally the dumb insect was very excited, it thought that if it showed Chu Yunsheng what it found, he would be happy too, but it didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would be angry at it.

:” But…. You… said… I… am… special….” The dumb insect was upset.

“ You are an insect,  YOU ARE AN INSECT!...” Chu Yunsheng responded angrily. However, it seemed like he was talking about himself, not the dumb insect.

“ Why….?” The dumb insect’s message was filled with sadness, it was lost.

“Don't ask me why.” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to carry on this subject. he knew that it was his feelings that made him to “shout” at the dumb insect.

The dumb insect stopped asking, it just dropped its head down dispiritedly…..

If Chu Yunsheng knew that his words just destroyed the dumb insect's confidence which it spent a long time to build up, he would definitely regret it.

It was just like it is very hard for adults to understand what kids are thinking, sometimes a few irritated harsh words could harm kids psychologically.

So to Chu Yunsheng, he might think his words would not cause any harm, but to the dumb insect “you are special” and “you are an insect” have a huge difference.


As two insects were crawling quietly and dispiritedly on the road. Suddenly, there were two supersonic booms appeared in the sky. Then, two shadows appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight, one after another. They were fighting each other and crashing right into the creep area not far from Chu Yunsheng.


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Chapter 308 all become one

 Chapter 308 all become one
Green ripple insect was indeed the king of the spore forest, the amount of wood elemental energy it had shocked Chu Yunsheng several times.
Although it died in the battle, the amount of remaining energy still helped Chu Yunsheng to fully recover his fire elemental energy in the past few days.
While Chu Yunsheng was recovering, he also noticed a few things.
He was not an awakening human, so after he turned into a red shell insect, it was the first time he had fire elemental energy inside his body.
Since the day one he discovered the talisman on his butt, he tried to find a cultivation method for his insect's body. However, he had a very little progress. Only until a few days ago did he finally figured out how to increase his power.
As a fire elemental insect, restoring the fire elemental energy inside his body could only recover his strength, it could not cause his body to transform.
It meant that no matter how much fire elemental energy was restored, he still would not be able to transform into the second form.
In order to transform into the second form, he suspected that a fire elemental insect needed to eat something that contained wood elemental energy, and the higher quality the thing he ate was, the faster it would speed up his transformation.
That was why the dumb insect could level up so quickly.
Originally, Chu Yunsheng decided to get stronger first. Without the strength, he couldn't even defend himself, let alone getting for energy for the monster seal talisman.
However, what frustrated him was that even after the dumb insect levelled up, apart from having his claw grown back, his body still had no sign of transformation.
He continued to eat the strange liquid to build up his energy for another two days. However, apart from having a large amount of fire elemental energy inside his body, he couldn't feel anything else.
Without any other choices, he transferred the energy into the monster seal talisman reluctantly.


Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect were eating the strange liquid day after day in the pile of bodies, luckily they don't need to sleep and because they were supplied with energy constantly, so they don't felt tired at all.
However, the speed of them eating the strange liquid was still limited. Moreover, the green ripple insect was already dead, so its energy would gradually dissipate over the time.
When it got to the 10th day, which was also the day that the fight above them was finally over, the green ripple insect’s energy was finally and completely dissipated.
Just when Chu Yunsheng decided to dig out of the pile of the body, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. The acute pain happened all of sudden and it made Chu Yunsheng lost his consciousness instantly.
The dumb insect didn't know what happened to Chu Yunsheng, and its simple brain didn't know how to react properly. Shortly after a pause, it finally panicked.


After a long time, Chu Yunsheng finally regained his consciousness. The first thing he felt after he woke up was that the dumb insect was constantly shaking him. He felt like his weak body was almost going to be destroyed by the dumb insect's violent shake.
“ Stop, stop shaking me,  check what's wrong with my head.” Chu Yunsheng felt dizzy, but he still sent the signal to the dumb insect.
The pain had stopped, but he felt his head was swelling and it was extremely uncomfortable.
The dumb insect looked his head and then looked at the dead green ripple insect, then it kept pointing at his head and the green ripple insect back and forth repeatedly. At the same time, it responded:” it …  you…. Eyes…“
Chu Yunsheng was speechless. He forgot that the dumb insect had a difficulty explaining stuff.
But his claw was too big to be able to feel anything on his head. All he could feel was that there was something on the top of his head.
He immediately harnessed the energy inside his body to check the condition of this body. As long as he still had an ability to protect himself, he didn't really care about the appearance anymore.
But he didn't expect that as he began harnessing the energy inside his body, all the energy started toward his head.

Before he had time to react, a red beam of light was shot out from his head. The beam flew past the dumb insect almost touching its claw.
In the next second, a huge gap appeared in front of them.
The dumb insect’s eyes were wide open, it looked at Chu Yunsheng's head in shock.
WTF?! Chu Yunsheng was also stunned. He had never seen a red shell insect had this kind of ability before.
Did he transform into a type two red shell insect? It can't be. He thought.
:” Dumb insect, don't move. That's right. Don't move. Open your eyes. Bigger…”

:” What the hell is this!?” looking at the strange reflection in the dumb insect's eyes, Chu Yunsheng was confused.

The shell on the top of his head was torn apart, and there was a transparent hemisphere inside the gap.
When he just thought of it, the gap instantly opened widely and the hemisphere was pushed outside of the gap. It scared him and got him slightly distracted, then the hemisphere was instantly retracted into the gap.
“ It … it … look…” the dumb insect pointed something above their head and sent out stammered-like signals.
Only until Chu Yunsheng raised his head did he realized what was on his head.
He was shocked again:” how did the green ripple insect's eye end up on his head? Is it because that I drank too much of that strange liquid? But then why the dumb insect didn't have it. It didn't drink any less than me?” The more Chu Yunsheng thought about it. The more confused he was.
Is it because of Dark! A possibility suddenly came to his mind.
Dark indeed had an ability to absorb other creature's knowledge. However, even if it was still alive, it was sealed inside the talisman at the moment. How did its ability affect this red shell’s body?
Chu Yunsheng felt like he didn't have enough brain cells to think again. In fact, he still hasn't figured out if Dark was alive or not.
According to the information he received from Dark before, after it turned into a gigantic monster, it would be dead. However, because of monster seal talisman this strange object’s interference, it might have changed something.
But in terms of what had been changed, Chu Yunsheng had absolutely no idea.

Maybe one day when he returned to his body, he would be able to find out. He thought.
Fortunately, it was a good change. At least, he had one weapon now.
The red beam almost consumed all his fire elemental energy, and the effect could be described as “ pierced through completely”.

 Not only it was much more powerful than the insect's corrosive spit, it may even compete with his sword fighting technique in some areas.
Suddenly Chu Yunsheng had an idea. If he could “steal” the green ripple insect's ability, what about other insects?
If it is possible, then that is crazy. Chu Yunsheng thought. He could have all kinds of ability.


The red light beam made a long tunnel for the dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng, With the help of the dumb insect widening the tunnel at the front, Chu Yunsheng finally got out of the pile of insect bodies.
What they saw after they came out of the tunnel stunned both of them instantly.
There was no more spore forest, no more tombs.
There was nothing but insect's bodies, pile after pipe till the end of the horizon.
The dumb insect's first instinct was to call for other insects. But it was immediately stopped by Chu Yunsheng.
There were probably only two insects alive in this area, it was not like before when there were countless insects, what if they summoned the enemy instead? Chu Yunsheng did not dare to take the risk.
“Min,... Great… Min, ...gone….” the dumb insect panicked. Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel its fear from its signal. 

Chu Yunsheng also could not feel Min’s force anymore. There was nothing in the area.
“Gone…. Gone….” the dumb’s insect’s body was trembling.
Chu Yunsheng understood its feeling. Since the first day when it was born, it was controlled by Min. To it, Min was its parent, and it was reasonable to have this kind of reaction when a kid lost its parent.

“It’s okay, we will find it. Besides, there are other Mins in this world!” Chu Yunsheng gazed afar and said.
The dumb insect looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion. Whether it was Chu Yunsheng’s careless expression or the words he said, it could not understand any one of them. 
“ At least, we are still alive, you will understand it in the future. Look around, see if we can find any other wood elemental enemies!” Chu Yunsheng slowly crawled down a pile of body and said. There was a ribbon-like flying insect’s body not far from him, at the front.
The dumb insect was stunned for a very long time. But eventually, it still dropped its head and walked dispiritedly behind Chu Yunsheng. Its body size was currently two times bigger than Chu Yunsheng, its shell was in the bright red, and looked very solid and powerful.

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Special thanks to Dembed and his great review.

Thank Dembed for his great review on novel update.

Chapter 307 Endless hate

 Chapter 307 Endless hate
It was too late to retreat, there were countless red shell insects behind him, everywhere was blocked.

Advancing? That was a suicide, Although the insects from the spore forest were not many, every single one of them was a meat grinder.

On the battlefield, every single second of delay would result in many losses of life, it was even more so in the war between insects.
So Chu Yunsheng didn't have any spare time to think.
Speaking of the green ripple insect, it was a huge monster that had many eyes-like hemispheres on its body. Each one of eyes was able to cast out green energy waves, and not a single red shell was able to block this kind of energy attack.  It was very easy to tell how powerful a green ripple insect was by just looking at how many eyes-like hemispheres on its body. The more eyes it had, the more powerful it would be.

For example, the one that Chu Yunsheng encountered had a dozen of eyes on its huge body,  each one of its eyes was more than one meters long in diameter. It meant that the one he encountered was a powerful monster that had rich combat experiences.

Every time when it unleashed an energy attack, it would also cause a strong shockwave pushing outward rapidly. Although Chu Yunsheng and his “comrades” dodged the energy attack, they were immediately blown up to the sky by the shockwaves.

His team leader was not as lucky as him, it died instantly in the first round of the attack.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to describe the scene he saw. Comparing to what happened in the yellow mountain area, this was much worse.
Before Chu Yunsheng was able to get up, another round of attack arrived. The dumb insect suddenly jumped up in panic and pushed Chu Yunsheng into a pile of insect's dead bodies.

Chu Yunsheng dodged the attack, However, the dumb insect couldn't dodge the energy attack in time. its butt and back legs were cut off by the energy wave instantly.  Despite that, it still wanted to charge towards the green ripple insect after it pushed Chu Yunsheng away.

Chu Yunsheng immediately used his remaining claw to pull it back. Probably because the dumb insect was injured, or maybe there were other reasons. Although Chu Yunsheng was very weak. He managed to pull the dumb insect back into the pile of bodies he was in.
The skilling still continued...
The pile of bodies that covered both the dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng became higher and higher, it completely buried the dumb insect and him.
The sound of countless insects' footsteps disappeared into the spore forest and re-appeared again repeatedly. It seemed like the frontline was pushed into the forest and pushed back out of the forest again and again...

An uncountable amount of insects' bodies spread across the battlefield, many huge insects that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before started to march into the forest from the creep area.

Soon, another group of huge insects that could easily destroy a city ran out of the following forest and ran into the creep area destroying many tombs.
While the situation on the battlefield become more and more fierce, the small and narrow space underneath the pile of insect's bodies was very calm and quiet as if it was isolated from the rest of the world….

“ Dumb insect, I'm telling you, you can't sleep, do you understand? the insect doesn't sleep, do you hear me!” Chu Yunsheng repeatedly chirped at the dumb insect who was slowly losing its strength.

“ You are an insect, you are not human, don't close your eyes and wake the fuck up…”


“ Don't you always want to me tell you stories, I will tell you, but you can't sleep….”

“ There used to be a craw… you don't like this one?..... There was a kid….”,

:’There used to be an insect called Sun Goku. He was different from other insects when it was born, he was just like you.


“Dumb insect, wake up, wake the fuck up…. Stop pretending that you are a human!”

“Stop playing dead, you haven't learned the human word I taught you…. How can you stop…”


“Please, I'm begging you, don't die…”

“If you died, I'll have no one to talk to…”


“ Why… why…. Why all of you are dead, why all of you want to leave me alone in this world! Why!!!!!....”

Chu Yunsheng felt like his chest was going to explode, he wanted to scream as loud as he could.

"Why? Why…." He murmured repeatedly, his voice was lower and lower until he fell completely silent.

After a long silence, Chu Yunsheng finally moved a little bit, he wanted to shake off the pile of bodies on top of him. However, he noticed that he couldn't stand up because of the weight of many dead bodies.
At that moment, the anger that he could barely get it under the control instantly erupted. He roared hysterically like a mad insect:” fuck you, fuck you all, fuck you ice race, fuck you Divine realm, fuck you….”

He was using his only claw and sharp legs to hack, to slice, to tear the bodies around him apart frantically.

Cut after cut, slash after slash, as if those dead bodies were the divine realm, ice race and fire race and the green ripple insect that killed the dumb insect….

His mind was filled with hate, endless hate, the hate that was built up deep inside his mind since the beginning of the dark age, the hate that suppressed and deliberately forgotten by him every time when he lost someone important to him. However, he didn't realize that the more he tried to suppress it, the more he tried to hide it, the more powerful it would be when it erupted.

Chu Yunsheng was already on the verge of collapsing, he already lost the strength to move his body, but he was still growling and growling….

:” God!  what do you want from me! I am already an insect, why do you have to torture me, tell me… tell me…. “
He was in a state of trance. However, he was mouth was still murmured instinctively, until he lost his consciousness completely.


Chu Yunsheng was able to dream again, he dreamed the girl who used to sell meat buns and soya milk in the shop on the ground floor of his building. He dreamed the girl he met on the underground station, he dreamed his boss who liked to annoy him….


Every familiar face was so close to him. However, when he wanted to touch them, wanted to talk to them, they started to run away further and further. No matter how fast he chased, he still could catch up with them.

Suddenly, the world around him started to shake, then he noticed something was behind him. When the turned around and saw a monster behind his back. He instantly woke up in shock.
:”You?” Chu Yunsheng stammered when he saw the “ monster” in front of him:” you… you… you…”
"Am I dreaming again?"
"The dumb insect is still alive?"

Chu Yunsheng turned his insect's head around to check his surroundings. He knew that if it really was a dream, then he wouldn't be able to see many details of the surroundings.
But his quick glance instantly startled him again.
He was soaked in a puddle strange green liquid?! Although he had an insect’s body, he didn't need to breathe, when his surroundings suddenly changed, it could also startle him. Especially when his body was soaked in a puddle strange liquid.
Chu Yunsheng quickly checked the energy inside his body to see if there was something wrong with his body. But he was surprised to find out that the energy inside his body increased a lot?
:” What is this? Are you alive?”

Chu Yunsheng immediately sent signals to the dumb insect.

The dumb insect looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion for a very long time before it used its claw to pointed a place above their heads and said:” eat… eat… eat….”

Chu Yunsheng raised his head. He saw a big hemisphere that made of unknown material had a thin crack in its middle. The crack seemed to be cut by sharp objects many times, there were many scratches around the thin crack. The strange liquid that Chu Yunsheng was in was dripping from the thin crack.

It was the wood elemental energy!

Chu Yunsheng was sure that he sensed the wood elemental energy in the strange liquid. Although he lost his original body, the ability to sense all type of the energy was already marked deep into his consciousness.

“ Did those wood elemental energies save the dumb insect?” Chu Yunsheng thought.

“It was very likely.“ Chu Yunsheng thought again. He clearly remembered that the leech-like monster's wood elemental energy help his green shell to level up and the girl whose name was Jing Mouyou also used her wood elemental energy to speed up his purple flame monsters recovery.

With the dumb insect limited language ability, god knows how long it would take it to explain the whole thing. so despite the dumb insect was still trying to explain to Chu Yunsheng like a kid, it was ignored by Chu Yunsheng.
At least, it was still alive, and that alone made Chu Yunsheng very happy. He was not alone now. He no longer needed to face this cold dark world alone.

The killing above them still hadn't finished. The energy fluctuations caused by many energy attacks still appeared constantly.
From time to time, they could hear some loud painful screams caused by unknown monsters, then as if something huge fell to the ground, it caused the ground to move violently.
Time slowly passed, Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect was eating that strange wood elemental energy day after day.
The dumb insect had tried to run out and join the push several times, but it was stopped by Chu Yunsheng every time. The dumb fuck was completely brainwashed by Min, even it came back alive, it still wanted to work for Min.

Only until 10 days later, or maybe longer, the sound of killing finally stopped above the pile of dead bodies that Chu Yunsheng was in. Even the energy fluctuations also disappeared.

:’ Finally over?” Chu Yunsheng signed.
He didn't know why the insect from both sides “hated” each other so much. The last war even took more than 10 days. This time,  Min’s losses had already surpassed the losses it had when it attacked Jin Ling city.
There might be more insect's secrets that he didn't know, but he also didn't want to know.

What he needed the most right now was to find a safe place to digest the wood elemental energy he ate in the past 10 days.
The dumb insect had transformed to the second form of a red shell insect yesterday. It looked much bigger and stronger now. Its butt and legs had also grown back as well. In terms of what kind of new ability it got, they couldn't find it out in such a narrow place underneath a pile of dead insect's body.

Unlike the dumb insect, the most of the energy Chu Yunsheng ate was sucked away by the monster seal talisman in his butt.

But there was one more thing Chu Yunsheng discovered in the past 10 days, it was that the hemisphere above him was the eye of a green ripple insect.

........... translator's note……...

a small tip for readers to understand this volume better.
As last few chapters explained. Although MC was alive, his insect's body was affecting his mind. So in this volume, you will see many cases where MC struggles mentally and he does things that conflicting to his thoughts.

This chapter briefly explained why MC could get used to insect's world so quick. The painful memories of losing his families and friends still have not gone away and MC's mind was in a very vulnerable state. plus its mind was affected by the insect's body, so the Dumb insect who saved him many times became his only emotional support.

one more thing needs to pay attention to is that you will be able to see MC's reflection on the dumb insect. they were almost the same. I don't know if the author accidentally wrote that way, or there was a deeper meaning to it. but I think it is worth mentioning.

for example,
1 .the dumb insect is a special insect among red shell insects. MC is a special human among human beings.
2.  the dumb insect was scared that other insect would find out it was different than the rest of their people. MC was scared that other human would find out he was different than the rest.
3. MC tried to save his useless friends and family all the time.
the dumb insect tried to save useless MC all the time.
there are many more like those examples in the published chapters and in the future chapters as well.
and why MC suddenly called an insect the dumb insect? is it a self-ridicule?  the dumb him?

another area needs to look at.

MC's was scared of being alone, and keep in mind that in volume 3 and the volume 4, the author repeatedly mentioned that MC was scared of being alone multiple times for unknown reasons.  There is a slight hint that it might relate to the end of volume 2 where MC discovered himself in the world of dead bodies. However, it seemed like there is something more to it.

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Chapter 306 Ghastly Kid

 Chapter 306 Ghastly Kid
In fact, the leader of the insect from the spore forest wasn't called the insect's king or the monster's king. It was just how the survivors from the spore forest called it.

In terms of how insect called it, Chu Yunsheng still hadn't figured out what the long signal that the dumb insect sent to him meant. But Chu Yunsheng already gave it a name the first time when he saw it. It was The Green Ripple insect.

He didn't dare to approach a mountain-like Green Ripple insect. All the red shell insects were like ants to it.

Every time, when it unleashed green ripple like energy waves, countless red shell insects would be thrown up to the sky and smashed into the ground again by a tremendous amount of wood elemental energy.

Most of the insects on his team that were replenished in the past 5-6 weeks were killed by the green ripple insect’s energy attack.

Chu Yunsheng always pretended to charge towards the frontline in the battle, actually, he always stayed far behind the vanguard. but, despite he did that, he still injured twice with his claw broken once and his legs broken once.

However, insects were not scared of dying. After he was repaired by a tomb, he was forced to go back to the front line again.

The place where the green ripple insect appeared was far away from Chu Yunsheng's team, even if they didn't join the fight. It wouldn't affect the battle a lot.

However, his stubborn team leader and the comrades still rushed towards the green ripple monster bravely, once they got an order. Even the dumb insect was no exception.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to go, but he was pushed forward by the swarm behind him.

Countless insects were rushing towards the edge of the spore forest. The sounds caused by their footsteps were like constant thunderstorms.

What originally just a low-level insect's fight, because of the green ripple insect's appearance, it instantly became a final battle.

Above the sky and one and ground, the sound of different types of insects clashed into each other happened non-stop….

Many powerful fireballs were like raindrops landing in the spore forest burning areas after areas.

This was the biggest battle Chu Yunsheng had seen since he joined the swarm. As if all the insects in the swarm had come out and joined the battle.

It happened too early for him, he had not even figured out how to increase his power yet.

However, as if the world didn't want him to slow down, it was constantly pushing dangers near him.

Chu Yunsheng had to change his plan. He needed to follow his group and follow his stubborn team leader and the dumb insect closely.

 Every insect had a unique life signal. The way to differentiate each individual insect was not from their shells but from their life signal.

And only the insect was able to detect this type of signal. Even Chu Yunsheng was no exception.

In accordance with the insect's iron law of survival. When they engage in battle, they need to cooperate and protect their teammates first. the second priority was a larger unit, and then a larger swarm of insects.

Once Chu Yunsheng separated from his team, he would be facing all kind of dangers alone. no one would be there to protect him. That was why that he decided to stay with the rest of his team.

In fact, the insect had other words for teams, groups and swarms. However, Chu Yunsheng found them very difficult to remember, so he just used human language to describe the size of the swarm in the creep area.


Many insects around Chu Yunsheng were still charging forward while dodging many green beams of light coming from opposite directions. Chu Yunsheng didn't know which insect unleashed this type of beam of light. But whenever the insect in his around him touched those light beams, they would immediately lose all their strength and collapse on the ground until they die like they were poisoned to death.

Chu Yunsheng was in a very awkward position, he still was not familiar with his insect body. So he was not as agile as other insects around him.

The death threat left him with no choice but became a traitor in his swarm.

When he couldn't dodge the attack, he would often drag other insects around him to block the attack for him.

Every second he felt like he was swinging on the line of death. If he was not careful enough, he would be dead immediately.

Since the apocalypse, it was the first time that he didn't have any power to fight back. Even if at the beginning of the dark age, it was not as bad as this.

He quickly dashed aside, barely dodged a 10 meters long earthworm-like green monster.  Suddenly, there was a shadow flashed by in his sight, then he was lifted up.

“HELP!” Chu Yunsheng quickly sent a signal to the dumb insect asking for help.

Within a second, the dumb insect jumped up and pinched Chu Yunsheng's legs using its claws.

Then, other insects in Chu Yunsheng's team also jumped up to catch the dumb insect's legs.

His teammates jumped up one by one and caught each other's legs trying to save their small team. However, they were still being lifted up like a long string.

Chu Yunsheng quickly raised his head to see which monster caught him.

Then he found out that it was a thin long ribbon-like monster that he was familiar with.  He also found out that its target was not actually him. Its actual target was a “poor” golden shell insect that was still struggling in its mouth.

Despite ribbon-like monster’s flying ability was very scary and it could even lift up such a long string of red shell insects while trying to kill a golden shell, Chu Yunsheng's team still slowed down its flying speed, so It was constantly twisting its body trying to get rid of those small “ants”.

As its body was moving left and right in the air rapidly, the string of insects below it was dangling loosely as if it would drop at any time.

Chu Yunsheng tried to remove his claw that was stuck on the spikes around the monster’s leg.

But he failed. Then he immediately gathered his limited energy and spat out the corrosive liquid at the monster’s leg that hooked him.

“Sizzling sound”

A cloud of smoke instantly burst out from the monster’s leg, Chu Yunsheng was thrilled, and he immediately started to struggle even harder.

But after the smoke dissipated, the monster’s leg only turned black, it still did not have any sign of breaking at all.

When Chu Yunsheng was disappointed at the result of the attack, there was a shadow appeared in his sight, and it was flying towards him quickly in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng wished that it was a green shell insect, Even if it was a weakest green shell, it might still be able to help him a little bit.

However,  wishes would never come true. When the shadow became clear in his sight, Chu Yunsheng noticed that it was a strange triangular-shaped black insect. It was constantly shooting out lightning bolt-like energy attacks bombarding the red shells groups below while flying toward him.

It was obvious that it was not on his side.

The strange insect was flying towards Chu Yunsheng and his group.

It was too fast!

Chu Yunsheng had never seen this kind of speed before. Whether it was the aliens or other insects he had seen before, they could not compete with this insect's speed at all.

It was like a lightning bolt flashed across in the sky!

Its appearance clearly caused the insects below him to change their strategies.  Chu Yunsheng could feel that apart from his teammates and his team leader who he didn't like that much, all other insects below him had signs of planning to relocate to other places on the battlefield.





Chu Yunsheng could hear all the insects on his side trying to send signals to warn each other. However, it was too noisy, he couldn't tell what the message was until the dumb insect said: “Ghastly... Kid!”

The dumb insect also saw it. But despite that, the dumb insect’s claw still pinched Chu Yunsheng's legs tightly.

Seeing the powerful monster was getting closer and closer, the dumb insect roared and tried to use all its strength to drag down Chu Yunsheng again.

At that moment, he didn't know why he was touched by that big dumb insect's action.

Maybe the fate suddenly decided that he could not die here. When the ghastly kid was charging towards him and the dumb insect, a group of green shells arrived.

Slaughter! It was completely a bloody slaughter!

Whether it was the green shell insects in their original form or the type two green shells, or even some type three green shells that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before, they all could not compete with the Ghastly Kid.

Chu Yunsheng did not even see how it unleashed attack this time, many green shells just exploded into clouds of bloody fog one by one.

It was in that moment, Chu Yunsheng no longer hesitated. He opened his sharp mouth and tore his left claw apart.

His blood instantly burst out, then he fell down onto the ground quickly like a kite without a string.


Run as fast as he could.

That monster was too powerful.

Once Chu Yunsheng got on the ground, he immediately “ordered” his team leader to take them to leave this place, he would rather charge into the spore forest than staying at the edge of the spore forest now.

Missing one claw made Chu Yunsheng’s body even more unbalanced, he staggered as fast as he could towards the frontline and the place beyond the frontline.


The ground was constantly shaking. Many fireballs landed around Chu Yunsheng like raindrops, and the closer he approached the front line, the more fireballs would land around him.

The progress of the push on the ground was not as bad as the progress in the air. With the overwhelming amount of the insects from his side, they pushed deeper and deeper into the spore forest.

Raging fire; corrosive liquid; energy shockwaves; all kinds of energy exploded in the spore forest destroying all kinds of spore plants in the forest.

The swarm that made up of many red shell insects was still pushing like countless bulldozers, it was almost unstoppable until they encountered a huge green ripple insect…...