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Chapter 253 Surround the cloaked man

  Chapter 253 Surround the cloaked man
-------------translator's note-------------
the original book use "it" to refer to aliens in most of the sentences because at the moment we don't know much about those aliens.   the only thing we know is the Cloaked man looks like a male human, and the woman in the white dress looks like a female human.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng realised that why the cloaked man wanted to go to the creep area. 
It was injured! And it needed the culture fluid!
Chu Yunsheng did not know exactly how the alien in the white dress injured the cloaked man, but the cloaked man injury seemed to be very bad, it was so bad that Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that it became weaker every second.

To Chu Yunsheng, the heavier its injury was the better the situation was to him.

Therefore he was even more clam, he even stopped thinking about escaping. Instead, he was secretly studying how the cloaked man used its cloak. 

When they just entered the creep area, Chu Yunsheng did not know what the cloaked man did, its cloak suddenly burst out some visible energy ripples and wrapped both of them inside it. Their life signals were instantly isolated from outside.

If there was a fully grown “Min” here, it might be able to detect the infiltration of the cloaked man. However, the creep area only had one baby “Min”, and it was also the “Min” that was sealed by Chu Yunsheng. So not a single insect including the purple flame monster was able to detect the cloaked man.

Chu Yunsheng also had one cloak inside this storage talisman, but he did not know how to use it. Apart from using it to increase his defensive ability and speed in an extremely dangerous situation, Chu Yunsheng normally did not touch it.

Chu Yunsheng knew that there was no way the cloaked man would tell him the correct method of using the cloak, so all he could do was to sense the energy movement when the cloaked man using the cloak.

Soon, they both entered a tomb. the tomb the cloaked man entered was not big, and the “Min” was not there, the cloaked man deftly removed the tube that was used to pass culture fluid and started to absorb it.

The culture fluid seemed to be very effective at healing the cloaked man’s wound, its wound quickly stopped bleeding and became smaller every second.

Looking at the cloaked man slowly healed itself, Chu Yunsheng was very worried. He did not want to wait until the man fully recovered its strength. Otherwise, even he was in the creep area, he was still not confident in killing this cloaked man here.

If the cloaked man escaped from the creep area, then he would have endless troubles.

Tombs supposed to have self-protection mechanism, Chu Yunsheng had experienced that before. However, the cloaked man seemed to use some kind of method to slow down or completely confused the tomb’s self-protection mechanism, the culture fluid constantly flowed into the cloaked man’s hand…..

Chu Yunsheng was thrown to the other side by the cloaked man when they entered the tomb. He was lying on the top of some kind of tomb’s internal organs which were covered with sticky liquid. His “Min” was still too young, so it did not have control over this tomb. If he wanted to fight the cloaked man, he needed to lure the cloaked man into the other tomb.
The cloaked man’s injury was slowly recovering. Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity when the cloaked man was only focusing on healing its injury, to take out the sword from the storage talisman, then immediately stab the tomb’s internal organ underneath him in a hurry.

In order to make sure that the tomb’s self-protection mechanism would work, he sliced opened a big wound on the internal organ and immediately took back the sword.

The entire tomb instantly shook a little, many tubes flew out from the wall and shot towards the place where Chu Yunsheng and the cloaked man were staying.

In fact, the tomb only targeted Chu Yunsheng. However, the cloaked man did not know that.

When the massive attack arrived, the cloaked man probably thought that it was discovered by the tomb, so it immediately picked up chu Yunsheng and ran towards the half closed tube that they both used to get in.

From the cloaked man’s quick reaction, Chu Yunsheng suspected that it must have been to this place many times before.

When they both just got out of the tomb, the swarm outside the tomb was already running toward them. Chu Yunsheng carefully leaked out his energy in order to attract the movement of the swarm and force the cloaked man to move toward his tomb. 

Professor Sun once said that the insect was not only using its vision to detect it's prey, it had a unique ability to detect creature's life signals and it was very accurate.

The cloaked man also seemed to realise that the insects outside the tomb had detected the man in its hand, but it didn't seem to worry that much. With its speed and power, it was confident that it would be able to get rid of those insects easily. Even though it was injured.
It jumped up, stepped on the insect's heads and quickly ran towards the biggest tomb!

And that tomb was Chu Yunsheng's tomb.


Just when they arrived at Chu Yunsheng's tomb, both of them disappeared at the entrance of the tomb all of sudden.

The cloaked man still needed a lot of culture fluid to recover its injury. Then it would need to get back to the castle of raging fire as soon as possible, to perform an anatomical analysis on the old human in its hand. It was the first time for the cloaked man to see a Skywalker that could completely block its powerful defensive flame.
That was why it didn't throw the old man away. Compared to those insects, it was more concerned about the speed of the human’s evolution and to which extend human had evolved.
However, when it just got into the second tomb, it immediately noticed something wasn't right. From its understanding of the tomb's internal structure, the second tomb was completely different than the other one.

However, it didn't have time to think about it in detail. Strange things happened one after another. The insects outside the tomb didn't stop because of its disappearance. Instead, the swarm flocked into the tomb non-stop.

At the same time, countless flying insects were flying into the tomb through the hole at the top of the tomb. In the ear-piercing screeching, they dived straight toward the bottom of the tomb.

The cloaked man was confused. with such scale of the attack and in this short amount of time….  Is the “wisdom unit” fully grown already?

It was trapped in the yellow mountain area for quite a while now, so it knew a lot of information about the creep and tomb. Same as the task of observing humans, one of its other tasks was to monitor the situation of the swarm, as well as the situation of the “wisdom unit”.
It had already noticed the formation of the second tomb's "Wisdom Unit" no long ago, because the creep area in the yellow mountain area wasn't big and the overall strength of the swarm wasn't very powerful, plus it was an extremely rare opportunity to observe the social structure of the insects, so it did not kill the baby "wisdom unit" straight away ...
But it seemed like the situation was slightly out of control, the growth speed of the "Wisdom unit" was beyond its expectations.

At the moment, it no longer thought that the swarm was coming for the old human, the swarm was clearly coming for it.

If that was the case then he didn't think he would be able to take this human away now.

Within a split second the cloaked man made its decision. Although it was a pity to lose a rare research specimen, its own safety was much more important.

The cloaked man's speed was very fast. Before Chu Yunsheng was about to attack it, it threw Chu Yunsheng at the swarm that was charging towards it.

But in the next second, the cloaked man who was always calm from the beginning suddenly gasped in shock!

The old human flipped his body in the air, at the same time, a strange armour suddenly appeared around his body. He was holding a sword while flying towards the swarm.

If it was just that, it wouldn't surprise the cloaked man.

What surprised it was that the ruthless swarm completely ignored the human, the insects went around the man and charged towards it from both left and right.

The cloaked man suddenly had a hard time to accept what he saw, he would rather see the human broke through the swarm and escape the tomb.

But this… this scene…. It was too absurd!

Two races that were natural enemies to each other now working together? And they were so well coordinated.

The agile and fast cloaked man was stunned for a second...

It was because of a second delay, the swarm’s attack arrived.

Just when the cloaked man was about to be surrounded by the swarm. Its eye’s pupils suddenly expanded, and its eyes were filled with shock as if it had seen something impossible…

The old man skywalker took out a red cloak that it was familiar with, out of nowhere and covered himself with it. Then, the old man lightly hopped on a patient flying insect and flew towards the top of the tomb quickly…..

The cloaked man felt like his brain had almost stopped working. In that split second, the cloaked man came up with multiple possibilities, it had thought about that the man was related to the “ice race”. But eventually, it calmed down, it suddenly had a strange feeling or a strange enlightenment. it felt that its task in this yellow mountain area was not to get something from the divine realm or to observe the insects. Its real task was this man! 

Yes! This man!

The cloaked man felt that it was lucky and unlucky both at the same time. It was lucky because it encountered this human by accident, it was unlucky because it met this human when it was heavily injured, and the man was even able to control the swarm.

The cloaked man quickly swung the long broadsword. Instantly, many flame blades that were made of pure fire energy were cast out at the red shells in the swarm. At the same time, it was trying to remember Chu Yunsheng’s appearance.
It knew what it meant to bring this human back.  Comparing to the stuff it got from the divine realm, this man was much more important.

However, it did not expect that this human did not plant to let it get out of here alive!

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Chapter 252 the chance is here

Chapter 252 the chance is here
Hearing doorsteps quickly approaching him, Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure that if he could kill both of them at the same time. If any one of them got out and sought help from the aliens, then he would be in extreme danger.

But he also thought that the unusually beautiful woman from the castle of snowstorm should have known that he was on her side by now. After all, he had helped her to freeze many Skywalkers, so as long as she wasn't stupid, she would definitely help him.

Besides, his appearance was just a dirty old man, even both batches of the Skywalkers were dazed for a second when they discovered what he looked like.

What he did really gave people a wrong idea of what he actually looked like. In a martial art world, an old man might be a hidden grandmaster, but in reality, all the powerfully Skywalkers were usually young and physically fit humans.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have a fight with the two most powerful Skywalkers from both castle under the nose of two aliens, he just wanted to snipe them secretly in the dark.

So, after he stored his gun. He once again used the advantages of his appearance, lied down on the ground among other bodies playing dead.

Lei Ming was confident in his speed, he believed that there was no way the bastard who sniped his men would escape! He didn't dare to say that he was the most powerful Skywalker in the world, but at least in the entire yellow mountain area, there were no other fire Skywalkers could compete with him apart from his brother!

Moreover, he also believed that Ji Qing who was the castellan of the castle of snowstorm also couldn't run faster than him. After all, in general, fire Skywalker was faster than ice Skywalker.

But when he appeared in the corridor of the building like a flash, apart from the dead bodies, he couldn't see anyone else.

Playing dead?

Lei Ming snorted. He believed that with his strength and eyesight, the attacker couldn't escape the building. Playing dead was the only possibility.

So amongst 7-8 bodies on the ground, one of them must be the attacker!

Although Lei Ming knew the attacker was playing dead, he still couldn't tell which one in a short amount of the time. Needless to say, Chu Yunsheng's appearance helped Chu Yunsheng a lot, even Lei Ming this smart person also just glanced over his old body.

As a castellan, apart from the powerful strength, Lei Ming was also a quick-thinking person. In this crucial moment, there was no time for him to check the bodies one by one, so after he took a quick glance at the bodies, he immediately cast out a big blazing fireball in the corridor burning all the bodies on the ground.

No matter which one was alive, burning them all at once was the easiest way to find it out!

in the next second, a big raging fireball was quickly rolling down the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng also thought of his disguise would not fool anyone, but his aim was to confuse the first person and to wait until the second person arrived, then, they would only be focusing on each other and possibly start to fight each other. At that time, he would have a chance to run away.

However, he didn't expect that the man would spend less than a second to think before casting out a fireball.

From the intense heat and how quick the burnt smell appeared in the corridor, Chu Yunsheng could easily tell that how powerful the fire skywalker was….
Chu Yunsheng wasn't scared of the man's fire attack, because his energy shield should be able to stop this level of energy attack once. However, everyone would know who the attacker was after the fire attack.


Looking at the fire quickly spread in the corridor, Lei Ming sneered, :” let me see how long you can hide!” then he cast out another fireball to increase the fire.

Suddenly a white figure appeared at the other end of the corridor, followed by fierce ice energy,  the other half of the corridor was instantly frozen into an ice cave.

Chu Yunsheng secretly let out a silent sign. The other person finally arrived. Otherwise, he would have to jump up and run away.

Lei Ming shouted angrily, he charged out instantly heading straight towards the rest of 4 bodies. He wanted to kill the attacker, not letting the attacker get away with this.

At the same time, the woman at the other side of the corridor also dashed forward.

Strangely, when the woman flew over Chu Yunsheng, she paused for a split second and quickly glanced at Chu Yunsheng's body in confusion, then she stepped on Chu Yunsheng's body very hard and charged towards Lei Ming.
Chu Yunsheng didn't close his eyelids fully. He left small gaps so he could observe the situation outside, but he still didn't know how she would be able to tell he was the one who played dead.

Ji Qing's attack wasn't powerful than Lei Ming, but her defensive ability was way better than him, even Lei Ming used the most powerful attack, he still couldn't break her defence.
This was exactly what Ji Qing wanted, which was to stall Lei Ming, she didn't care who the sniper was, as long as she could stall Lei Ming in the building, the victory was in sight.

Lei Ming was frustrated, this was something that he didn't want the most. He couldn't find out who the attack was, neither could he get rid of the woman, he totally lost his advantages.

When two people were busy fighting each other, the aliens who fought in the sky above the inner castle already finished their fight. The cloaked man injured the alien in the white dress and dodged flying machine’s attack then broken into the inner castle like an artillery shell.

However, a strange thing happened, the cloaked man who broke into the inner castle was thrown out of the inner castle at even faster speed than he broke in!

The cloaked man was surrounded by the raging fire, flew backwards quickly like a missile, and as if he was hit by something very hard, he was smashed into the building that Chu Yunsheng was in.


The wall of the corridor was destroyed.

Lei Ming and Ji Qing were immediately knocked away 30 meters by the cloaked man’s energy. The rest of the building was destroyed instantly by the blazing fire.

The rest of three dead bodies around Chu Yunsheng were also carbonised within a second. Chu Yunsheng's first energy shield was shattered by the force. Luckily his backup energy shield activated on time.

However, the acute burning pain made Chu Yunsheng no longer able to pretend that he was dead. The situation had progressed to a point that was completely outside his plan. There was another alien inside the castle and at the moment, she was standing at the top of the inner castle, looking down at the cloaked man.

Chu Yunsheng and the cloaked men were both lying in the building debris, and they were just one meter away from each other.

Both of them quickly glanced at each other.  There was a huge wound on the cloaked man’s body, the dark blood-like liquid was slowly dripping down from its wound.

Perhaps it was the first time for the cloaked man to see an old human was able to survive from his chaotic energy. So it immediately turned its head around and looked at Chu Yunsheng sharply again.

Then, it suddenly reached its hand out to grab Chu Yunsheng; wrapped them both in the cloak and jumped up. It was glaring at the woman in the white dress who was standing at the top of the inner castle for a few seconds before it flew away.

:”Stop chasing! we can't kill him at the moment.” The other alien who dressed in white said coldly to the alien who was injured and the flying machine. :” Help castellan Ji to clean up the rest of enemy, I need to discuss something with the divine realm….’

Seeing the cloaked man flee from the castle, rest of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire also ran away in panic. They were confident in fighting the other Skywalkers. However, they didn't dare to fight the alien in the white dress.

The cloaked man's speed was very fast. It was even faster than when Chu Yunsheng wore the armour.

Chu Yunsheng was anxious at the beginning, but soon he calmed down. Because he noticed that the cloaked man wasn't heading towards his castle. Instead, it was heading towards the insect's tomb......

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Chapter 251 Who is sniping in the dark!

Chapter 251 Who is sniping in the dark!
“That's right.”

The shadow in the mirror seemed to have a very high degree of anthropomorphism, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see it's concerned expression. We couldn't hide this thing any longer, we have to come up with a new method to protect the candidates!” it carried on.

Then it suddenly changed its expression. :” As long as the heaven's messenger successfully returned, just a few aliens won't be threats to us!” It said arrogantly.

:” Then why not do it now! You are wasting everyone's time!” Chu Yunsheng didn't understand why the program had not made its decision yet.

:”We need time to finalize the matching genetic fragments, we also need to wait until we have enough Prototype Energy to support the entire return process….” the shadow vaguely explained.

:” I hope you all can make your decision as soon as possible, as you were saying, some of the candidates were exposed, but I am not powerful enough to deal with those aliens, so some of your candidates will probably die in this fight…. ah!.... Forget about it, just send me out of here!” there was a fierce fight outside the divine realm, so Chu Yunsheng also didn't dare to stay in the divine realm too long.

Although he didn't know where Edgar was, at least, he knew where exactly Tang Nin was, and when he found Tang Nin, it would eventually lead him to Edgar.


After Chu Yunsheng came out of the divine realm, he pushed the body that he used as a cover away from him, then took out the freeze gun. He sneaked into a tall building near the centre of the fight and went all the way to the top floor.

Below the building that most of the candidates were staying, the Skywalkers who dressed in red were attacking the entrance madly.

Above the same building, two aliens who were the most powerful creature in both parties also came to the most intense moment.

The cloaked man clearly had the upper hand. Chu Yunsheng suspected that it might have something to do with the stuff it got from the divine realm.

After Chu Yunsheng was ready, he immediately aimed the gun at a Skywalker who dressed in red. Whether it was from the level of cruelty towards human or for Chu Yunsheng his own purpose, helping the castle of Snowstorm was currently his best choice.

Sneak attack was something Chu Yunsheng was good at, it was also the attack method he liked the most. The buildings that around the inner castle and chaotic situation also became his best hiding spots.

The gun was fired with a little noise, A faint, white beam of light was fired into the chaotic crowd and it's trace quickly disappeared without anyone noticing it.


The target was instantly frozen.

Chu Yunsheng was laying on the ground didn't move. Although he didn't receive a proper military training, he had seen a few war movies about the snipers. In addition to that, he also had a countless number of personal experience in sneak attack. So he knew that after the shot was fired, it was the time he was most likely to be exposed, so quietly waiting for other people's movement was the best choice.

However, his worry was unnecessary, the centre of the castle was very chaotic, plus he had also adjusted the power of the freeze gun to the minimum, in order to reduce the trace of the beam to the maximum. So no one actually noticed his attack,  all they probably thought was that the attack was done by the Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm.

Chu Yunsheng counted the time in the dark, he once again fired a shot after three minutes when he confirmed that no one noticed him.

He was not worried about the Skywalkers below him. What he worried the most was that if those aliens noticed him or not.


Several gunshots. Chu Yunsheng had a perfect cover. He also chose the area that the fight was the most intense and aimed the gun at the Skywalker that seemed to be the weakest. He was thinking that if he could reduce the number of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire, those people would definitely lose their advantages.

After he fired Several shots, he quickly crawled away and tried to find a next hiding spot.

The situation of the small battlefield in the centre of the castle was slowly changing after Chu Yunsheng joined the fight. The Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire were frozen one by one rapidly…..

:”Castellan! It is Qingshu…...such powerful arrows!’ Si Xing who was one of the five senior commanders said with relief, while raising her head to look at Xu Qingshu who was standing on the roof of a building
Just now, when Si Xing was fighting a powerful Skywalker from the castle of raging fire, her subordinates that were originally around her were affected by two alien's fight above them. They were knocked away by the shockwave of the fire messenger's attack. It was at that moment, another Skywalker took the opportunity trying to attack her from behind.

:”It wasn't her!” said with certainty by a seductive woman who had already changed her usual indolent expression, she frowned and lightly pushed the frozen Skywalker who tried to sneak attack earlier away from her. 

:” Who else?....” Si Xing was surprised, all of the powerful Skywalkers from her side had already come out, who else had this kind of speed and power.

However, the situation didn't allow them to think a second more, other Skywalkers had already charged towards them.

Who else could it be? The castellan of the castle of snowstorm who also was that seductive woman suddenly broke into a smile. She didn't really care about who that person was anymore, because she saw that the castle of raging fire's castellan Lei Ming also noticed the person who attacked in the dark, and he was currently trying to organise people to surround the building which the attacker was hiding.

Since the fight begun, she always tried to stall Lei Ming who was as quick-witted as her, but Lei Ming would always able to run away and speed up killing her people.

She knew exactly what he was trying to do. However, Lei Ming’s attack was more powerful than her. If she plays the game of <who kills more people> with him, she would definitely lose. That was why he would always want to avoid having a fight with her. Because he was much faster at killing people.

She was smart, so she immediately noticed the opportunity of stalling Lei Ming here. Although her attack was weaker than Lei Ming, her defence was much powerful.

She needed to protect the person who was attacking in the dark and force Lei Ming to fight her….


She continued to harass Lei Ming while watching the first batch of Skywalkers entered the building, but after a few minutes, the person was still sniping like nothing had happened. However, none of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire came back.

It's over?! She was surprised, even she had seen so many powerful Skywalkers in the past.
Based on the situation that the frozen Skywalkers were not dead,  she estimated that the person who attacked in the dark was weaker than Xu Qingshu.

Lei Ming definitely also estimated the power of the attacker, that was why he sent three Skywalkers over to stop the attacker. However….

Lei Ming shouted in anger, he then sent out the second batch of five Skywalkers, one of them was a lord - a level that was equivalent to a commander in the castle of Snowstorm!

Her beautiful eyes glanced at the building sharply and a faint smile flashed over her seductively charming lips. This time she didn't plan to save that person, she wanted to see how strong the person was!

Besides, Lei Ming didn't move, so she couldn't move either.


An extremely strange thing happened. After a few seconds later, a clatter of fierce fight noises appeared in the building...


The wall of the building was destroyed and the lord was thrown out of the building and smashed onto the ground, he was struggling on the ground for a few seconds before he died completely.

This time not only Lei Ming was shocked, she was also amazed by the person in the dark, she was sure that the person was definitely not from her castle.

In the next second, Lei Ming suddenly disappeared…...
In fact, Chu Yunsheng really didn't want to fight with those people, it would only increase the chances of exposing himself. However, although the castle of snowstorm slowly gained the upper hand of the battle on the ground. The alien in the sky who was defending the castle was on the losing side.

Once the cloaked won the battle in the sky, with its powerful ability, he didn't think that he would be able to reverse the situation anymore, unless he was in the creep area.

So he needed to finish the battle on the ground as soon as possible, then the castle would be able to deploy more people to join the fight in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng had been doing the sneak attack for a while now, he had a rough idea about how powerful those Skywalkers were. For example, the two people that were charging towards him at the moment were the most powerful people from each side.

Two people were approaching the building quickly, One at the front and one and the back. Although their speed was slower than Chu Yunsheng when he wore the armour, in such close distance, they arrived at the building within a split second.

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Chapter 250 the fight between red and white

Chapter  250 the fight between red and white
16 diagrams of combat movements!

In this extreme situation, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered the third island chain's diagrams.

It was a set of physical combat techniques, and since he learned it from the divine realm, he only used it once. He didn't have time to modify it by using the rules of the ancients book just yet. It was a perfect time to use it now.

With his current strength, even if this set of physical combat techniques was not powerful, but his aim was to defend not to kill the man, so he thought that it was definitely more than enough to deal with the problem.

While Chu Yunsheng was thinking, Ning Huiyan's flame blade was quickly approaching Yuan Qiyang.

Chu Yunsheng already remembered all the details about the 16 diagrams of combat techniques and 9 diagrams of body's movements when he was in the divine realm.
So once he decided to use it, his body instantly started to move. By following the instructions in the diagrams, he converged his energy into his fist and threw the punch at the flame blade.

He didn't have the skill to stop the blade using two of his fingers, like what the woman in the white dress did back in Jin Ling city. But he had enough powerful Ben Ti Yuan Qi energy. As he punched his fist forward, the energy also burst out from his fist.


The flame blade was broken apart, the fire was scattered everywhere in the courtyard.

The strong shockwave still pushed towards Chu Yunsheng made his grey hair flying around in the air.
This set of combat techniques was not suitable for Chu Yunsheng because his energy didn't contain other elements. If it was used by other Skywalkers, Chu Yunsheng believed that the power would be doubled.

Ning Huiyan was shocked to see that his flame blade was blocked by an old man, but before he had time to think who the old man was, Xu Qingshu's icy arrow already headed towards his heart.

If he was hit, he would be dead for sure.

However, what surprised both Chu Yunsheng and Xu Qingshu was that just when the arrow was about to hit Ning Huiyan, he suddenly turned into a cloud of flames. Chu Yunsheng had seen this kind of ability before. It was exactly the same as the ability that the cloaked man he killed used.

The only difference was that Ning Huiyan was only able to disappear for less than half a second, but the cloaked man could do it for a long time. However, the half second is more than enough for him to dodge an arrow!

But, although he could dodge one arrow, it seemed like that skill consumed him a lot of fire energy!
So when he resumed the human shape, he immediately turned around and ran away. With the current situation, he might be able to deal with Xu Qingshu but there was a sneaky old Fu** here, if this old man started to attack him, then he wouldn't have any chance to run away.
A fire Skywalker's running speed perhaps might not be as good as a wind Skywalker, but comparing to an ice Skywalker, a fire Skywalker still had some advantages.

But Xu Qingshu didn't plan to chase him. Instead, she was constantly shooting the arrows trying to injure him. In this way, even if Ning Huiyan was able to run away, he would be heavily injured when he returned to his castle.

"Who are you?’ Xu Qingshu's voice was extremely cold, she was staring at Chu Yunsheng using her sharp eyes.

“Yuan Hongxue.” Chu Yunsheng calmed his energy down and said while holding Yuan Qiyang's hand. His senile appearance at the moment was completely different than the appearance when he threw the punch.

:”Since you are a Skywalker, why didn't you register at the entrance? Why did you have to sneak in?!” Xu Qingshu was throwing questions at him. At the same time, Ice energy started to fluctuate quickly in the courtyard. She was preparing herself for the fight. It seemed like if she didn't get reasonable answers from Chu Yunsheng, she would kill him.

Nowadays, there were many Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire sneaked into her castle, and Chu Yunsheng was indeed extremely suspicious. However, no one knew exactly what he was doing here.

:”My ability is very weak, I was left with no choice. What I did earlier was my last bit of energy, I am an old man and I don't have many days left. All I want is to use the rest of my days to look after my grandson.” Chu Yunsheng didn't like Xu Qingshu. He knew exactly what she was doing earlier, she wanted to sacrifice the life of someone else to get the result she wanted.
Not to mention that at the moment, He and Yuan Qiyang already joined her castle. They should be considered as their own people.

Xu Qinshu seemed to want to say something else. However, just when she opened her mouth, an ear-piercing signal sound rang out in the centre of the castle. Her face instantly dropped. She was glaring at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds then turned around and jumped over the wall, quickly heading towards the direction where the sound came from.   

“Shit!” Chu Yunsheng cursed. He only paid attention to the safety of the candidate and Yuan Qiyang, he did not realise that Yu Xiaohai’s cousin and Edgar were also in the centre of the castle. If both aliens started to use the flying machine, plus there were so many skywalkers fighting in the centre of the castle, it would be much more dangerous than this barracks.

“Aunty Wang, please help me to look after Xiao Qiyang, I'm going to check the outside!” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to ask Xiao Sha whose mind was filled with revenge, to look after Yuan Qiyang. Compare to Xiao Sha, Aunty Wang who was a peaceful person was a much safer choice...

:"Grandpa Yuan, it's a mess outside, are you….?" Auntie Wang held Yuan Qiyang's little hand and tried to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Although everyone was shocked that Chu Yunsheng was a Skywalker, however, he was indeed very old, so Aunty Wang's worry was reasonable. But not everyone was worried about Chu Yunsheng's safety. The Mommy Sun who didn't give Chu Yunsheng a good time in the past few days was extremely scared of him at the moment.

:”It's ok, this place is relatively safe. So don't run around, I'll be back soon!” Chu Yunsheng said while passing a pistol to Aunty Wang.

Aunty Wang was scared and she almost shouted out,  She was not scared by the pistol itself, but the fact that Chu Yunsheng still had this type of weapons with him,  any weapons should have been taken away when they entered the castle. How did Yuan Qiyang's grandpa bring it in?

Chu Yunsheng rubbed Yuan Qiyang's little head and suddenly noticed the kid was staring at him all along. His ardent, burning eyes almost made Chu Yunsheng thought that he was hallucinating.

Time was pressing, Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to think about what the kid was thinking at the moment, so he quickly left the courtyard. After he disappeared from everyone's eyesight, he immediately started to use the 9 diagrams of body movement to increase his speed.

The castle was quite big, plus it was chaotic at the moment, so Chu Yunsheng had huge advantages when moving inside of it.

There was an inner castle located in the centre of the castle. It was surrounded by the walls that were made of bricks and the stones. Many white-dressed skywalkers and red-dressed were fighting each other on top of the walls when Chu Yunsheng arrived. 

Chu Yunshengn did not know why the fire messenger suddenly would want to attack the castle of Snowstorm in this kind of scale.

However, based on the current situation, and from the look of battle, the people with white dress slowly begun to gain the upper hand. After all, here was their base, and they had also prepared for the attack. 

Only a few people noticed that Chu Yunsheng when he arrived, probably because he was an old man, even if he was a Skywalker, it would not be too much of threat, or maybe that he was neither dressed in white, nor red, no one knew which side he belonged to, so no one paid much attention to him.

Because of this, he went straight into the heart of the castle without fighting with anyone. 

In mid-air, the aircraft Chu Yansheng had seen before had already floated in the air shooting the white beans at the cloaked man. However, the cloaked man whose body was surrounded by the fire easily dodged the white beams. It even had time to fight a white dressed woman while dodging the air craft's attack.

Below the aircraft, the fight was even more fierce. All kinds of energies were cast out at each other by the Skywalkers from both castles.

Chu Yunsheng could see Xu QingShu from far away. She jumped onto the roof of a building starting to shoot the Skywalkers who dressed in red. The building she landed was surrounded by the Skywalkers who dressed in white and it seemed like they were desperately trying to stop those people to get into the building.
Among the crowd, Chu Yunsheng soon discovered a few people from Jiang Qianqin’s group, but he still couldn't find Edgar.

He quickly got into the houses around the big building and carefully searching for anyone might be able to tell him some information, however, he couldn't even find major Qin.

Slowly he started to become anxious, and the more anxious he got, the more difficult it would be for him to come up with an idea. After having found nothing, Chu Yunsheng decided to enter the divine realm to ask the shadow in the mirror to update him the locations of the candidates. He needed to find Tan Ning, at least.

 The divine realm was still opened at the moment, and Chu Yunsheng had an agreement with the shadow in the mirror that as long as he was not breaking the protocols of the program, he could enter and leave the divine realm freely.

He found a remote corner, then lied down on the ground and played dead. Next second, he was in the divine realm.

"I need the locations of ten candidates now! Quick!" Chu Yunsheng immediately said when he saw the shadow.
“I'm looking for you!” the Shadow said at the same time.

:” Solve my problems first, we will talk about yours later!” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

The shadow was staring at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds then pointed at another transparent mirror. This time the image showed that almost half of the 10 candidates were in the building which was protected by the Skywalkers in the white dress, it was also the building that Chu Yunsheng saw earlier.

Tan Ning was also in there.

:” Why are they all there?” even if Chu Yunsheng was not smart, he also realized that it definitely wasn't a coincidence.

The shadow sighed:” they hacked into the outer layers of our program, so they know something now, they are trying to kidnap the candidates they could recognize in order to control the heaven's messenger.”

“What is this shitty program!” Chu Yunsheng cursed. Then he pointed at the images and said:” so you are telling me that the reason why the alien in the red cloak is attacking the castle of Snowstorm is that they want those people?”

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Chapter 249 Burning castle

Chapter 249 Burning castle
Of course, those girls in the barrack would not ask Chu Yunsheng this old man to wash their clothes. Although it was the dark age and the order and moral had already collapsed outside the castle, the people inside the castle would still want to maintain some basic orders and moral principles. After all, men and women were still different.

There had been a shortage of fuels in the Yellow mountain areas for quite some time, so the supplies like gasoline would have to give priority to armour division. That was why that even those horsewomen also needed to use the dead tree branches to cook meals.

Every day when the hazy shimmer about to disappear from the sky,  a group of refugees would appear at the entrance of the castle to deliver woods in exchange for a small amount of food.

And Chu Yunsheng’s job was to re-process those branches, split them into small pieces so that it would be easy to use. In addition to that, he also needed to make charcoals for those upper-class women to keep their heatings running.

It was just bits and pieces, not a heavy job. But it was not an easy task either. In terms of preparing the meal, they would not give to a person who just came to the castle. There were many new kinds of toxins appeared around the world every day, who knows if Chu Yunsheng was sent to the castle by the castle of raging fire or not, so they had someone they trusted to prepare the meal in the barrack.

But it didn't take Chu Yunsheng long to get to know his two new “colleagues”. One of them was his “subordinate”, a young man whose name was Xiao Sha, who was responsible for delivering the wood to the barrack. Another one was his superior auntie Wang, who was responsible for preparing the meal. Although they had different tasks, they were all managed by that Mammy Sun woman.
Chu Yunsheng didn't know that whether it was the thing that happened at the entrance of the barrack, made the Mommy Sun felt embarrassed or not, she would always cause trouble for him. If it weren't that Xu Qingshu was the person who brought him in, it might be even worse.

Luckily, auntie Wang and Xiao Sha were much more friendly. Both of them often told Chu Yunsheng that it was not a big deal, just endure it, it would be over soon and it wasn't easy to get a job in the barrack, so don't waste the opportunity.

However, they didn't know that if it were not that Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave the Yellow Mountain area as soon as possible, he would not want to tolerate this at all. Of course, they also wouldn't even know that the person everyone in the castle was desperately looking for was currently cutting the wood in their barrack!

The insect killed auntie Wang's husband and son at the beginning of the apocalypse. Fortunately, she was found by her niece when was almost dead, since then she has been working in the castle.

She was a very sympathetic person. When Yuan Qiyang told her what had happened to him, it made her broke into tears. Later that night, she also secretly gave Yuan Qiyang an extra piece of meat, and since then, whenever she looked at Yuan Qiyang, she would remember her dead son.

Several days passed very quickly in the castle. However, Auntie Wang's sympathy towards Yuan Qiyang didn't reduce any. But it was a good news to Chu Yunsheng, at least, the kid would be looked after by someone when he was not around.

He took the advantages of the dark night, spending several days sneaking around the castle to check the area where the candidate was imprisoned.  Now he was familiar with the area, all he needed to do was to wait for the next time when the divine realm is opened, then he would use that opportunity to save the candidate.


The castle was unusually quiet at the night when the divine realm was opened, if it were not that Chu Yunsheng could feel the energy's fluctuations inside the castle, he would definitely think that the castle didn't have any defence.
However, he felt something was very strange. Because he could feel that there were a lot of powerful Skywalkers hiding in dark corners, and it seemed like they were waiting for something.

Chu Yunsheng didn't close the door fully. With the help of the shadow in the mirror, he got out of the divine realm very quickly.  But just when he "woke up" he heard some noises coming from outside.

Suddenly several signal flares were fired into the sky from the center of the castle.

Immediately, the whole castle was filled with the sounds of people shouting and fighting!

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, just when he was about to close the door, he saw Xiao Sha was running towards his room breathlessly.

“: Grandpa Yuan, don't leave your room under any circumstances, the people from the castle of raging fire broke into our castle and they are killing everyone!” He said hurriedly.

:”How many?” Chu Yunsheng instinctively asked, then he immediately regretted it. This was not something that a person who had a menial job like him should ask. Besides, how could Xiao Sha possibly know anything?

As he expected Xiao Sha shook his head:” I don't know, but a lot of powerful Skywalkers all came out to defend the castle. They don't usually kill civilians, so grandpa please be careful and don't go outside the room.”

Xiao Sha turned around and was about to leave after he told Chu Yunsheng to take care of himself:” It is chaotic outside, you are still going out?” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked.

Xiao Sha gritted his teeth and said:” the bastards from the castle of raging fire killed my parents and kidnapped my wife, I…”

Chu Yunsheng knew he was just an ordinary man, but those who broke into the castle were definitely Skywalkers. There was no way he would kill anyone of them, so he said:” it's a suicide…..’

But he was suddenly interrupted by the fighting noises outside of his courtyard. Then two men who dressed in red jumped over the wall of the courtyard and landed inside. After they landed, one of the men suddenly picked up the other red cloaked man and threw him to the other side of the wall. :”It is a trap, go! And find the fire messenger! ” the man who stayed behind shouted. 

Immediately, two more people who were dressed in white jumped over the wall, and while they were still in the air, they nocked the arrows, drew the bows and shot the arrows at the red-cloaked men in a split second.

The man snorted. At the same time, he quickly moved back a few steps, then swung his flaming sword to hack two freezing arrows.

"Ning Huiyan, you can not run away now, surrender yourself!" The third person in the white dress closely followed. She was Xu Qingshu.
Recently, in order to find that man, the people in the castle was heavily overloaded with the search tasks. Under the influence of the ice messenger’s frequent impatient urging, many skywalkers in the castle of snowstorm were exhausted. However, the people from the castle of raging fire were resting well. If it weren't that the informants risked their lives to come back to the castle to give them the information, the people from the castle of raging fire probably would have succeeded it.

The red-cloaked man in the courtyard was a relatively powerful Skywalker in the castle of raging fire, so Xu Qingshu had to deal with this man personally.

At the moment, a menial’s house was filled with four powerful skywalkers.

“We don’t know that yet!” Ning Huiyan sneered. He lowered his sword and quickly moved back another few steps. He was even more close to Xiao Sha now.

“Kill him!” Xu Qingshu landed inside the courtyard and immediately ordered the people to attack. At the same time, she nocked her unique light blue arrow and drew the string to the maximum.   

Instantly, a fierce fight broke out in the small courtyard. While two parties were exchanging the ice and fire energy, the buildings around them were either frozen or burned by them. 

Chu Yunsheng held Yuan Qiyang and quickly came out of the house before it collapsed. On the way, he also grabbed Xiao Sha who was stunned by the power of the Skywalkers as well.
It was three versus one. Even Ning Huiyan who looked like a rank four dark warrior or at least rank three dark warriors to Chu Yunsheng, also barely blocked all the attacks. If it were not that the strange sword in his hand, he would probably have already died.
Suddenly,  a loud rumbling noise like thunderclap appeared in the sky, an object that was surrounded by the flame flew over the castle and everything was lit up wherever it travelled.

Chu Yunsheng had a good eyesight. What he saw was a man, a cloaked man with a long sword.

Xu Qingshu’s people did not know who the man was, but they still jumped up trying to stop the man.
“No!” Xu Qingshu shouted. She had also seen the person. Although she did not know who the person was either, she knew that that cloaked man was on a different level.

However, it was too late, two blades made of flame were cast out at those two white dressed women who were trying to stop the cloaked man. Two women were hit and smashed onto the ground.

The cloaked man did not seem to be interested in the people below. He quickly flew over the courtyard and did not show any sign of stopping. He did not even look at Ning Huiyan at all. 

In the destroyed courtyard, the situation was changed in a split second. One of the women that was smashed onto the ground was dead instantly, and the other one was heavily injured. Now, there was only Ning Huiyan and Xu Qingshu.

Chu Yunsheng felt something was very strange about the cloaked man who just flew by. He had fought one of the cloaked men before. However, the other cloaked man could not kill high-level skywalkers that easily.

Then he suddenly remembered Tian Yi, the guy who he killed when he just came to this area. That man said that the fire messenger got some important things from the divine realm, was it because of those things made it become so powerful? Or maybe it was originally much powerful than the one Chu Yunsheng encountered? 

The situation indie the castle of Snowstorm was very chaotic,  Chu Yunsheng took Yuan Qiyang with him and retreated back to a corner.  He did not want to get involved in those alien’s business, but, he wanted to see if those two aliens would end up both injured.

He did not know when he would be able to see that, but he knew that two humans in front of him were going to ended up injured soon!

Without the help of other two people, the power between two parties was instantly balanced. Both people could not injure each other at the moment.

But soon, Ning Huiyan noticed Xu Qingshu’s weakness, this woman was always trying to protect the ordinary people in a corner of the courtyard. 

The entrance to the courtyard was blocked by the building debris,  most of the people who lived in the courtyard were ordinary men. Even if they could climb over that debris, they also could not survive outside.

Ning Huiyan immediately turned around and swung the sword at one of the corners where the people were hiding. He wanted to force Xu Qingshu to save them in order to obtain the control of the fight...
Xu Qingshu’s face instantly dropped. Just when Ning Huiyan thought that his plan was successful and when he cast out another flame blade at the Chu Yunsheng and Yuan Qiyang, Xu Qingshu changed the direction of her arrow making it flew straight towards Ning Huiyan.

She wanted to give up protecting those ordinary people and use this opportunity to kill Ning Huiyan.

While they both were thinking their plan was perfect!
Chu Yunsheng was struggling to make a decision. With his speed, he could easily pull away Yuan Qiyang to dodge the flame blade., However, Auntie Wang and Xiao Sha behind him would definitely die.

But if he used his ability, then he would be exposed to everyone here.   

So it was an extremely difficult decision.

However, the flying flame blade did not give him much time to think, he needed to act as soon as possible!

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Chapter 248 follow me to the barrack!

Chapter 248 follow me to the barrack!
Chu Yunsheng immediately became the focus of attention after the middle-aged woman said the kid passed the test. Everyone was looking at the grey hair old man with envy.
The white machine's door slowly opened again, Yuan Qiyang came out of the machine, looked at Chu Yunsheng and the middle-aged woman nervously.

:”It was a shame that your grandson just a little bit low from the excellent stats!” the woman looked at the stats and sighed:” but still, this is the best stats in this month! Apart from the genius girl who came to the castle yesterday….”

The woman's voice became lower and lower. In the end, she was just murmuring something.

:”I passed it?” Yuan Qiyang couldn't believe it.

:”Yes, you passed it!” Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he would feel anxious, he was trying to figure out what caused that feeling, so he just told the kid that he passed the test absentmindedly.

The middle-aged woman was surprised to see that Chu Yunsheng was very calm, this was the first time that she saw a family member could be so calm to accept the result.

Probably this old man didn't know how-how good his grandson's stats were and how well the reward would be. The middle-aged woman thought. Then she kindly reminded Chu Yunsheng:” based on your grandson's stats, he will immediately receive a middle-class citizenship when he entered the castle!”
“Middle-class citizenship?” Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that he seemed to have heard this word from that commander Xu Qingshu. According to what she told Jiang Qianqin, the students who have special skills would become lower-class citizens. Only after they made contributions to the castle would they be promoted to middle-class citizens.

Yuan Qiyang just simply stayed inside that machine for less than a few minutes, he could receive a middle-class citizenship? The stats that the middle-aged woman mentioned probably had something to do with the talents of Skywalkers.
So Chu Yunsheng could not help but looked at the machine one more time, he remembered that when he was in Jin Ling city,  the awakening of a twelve years old little girl in the office building shocked GRD's professor Sun. Professor Sun had also proposed a theory that any human after they turned twelve years old, and if they were talented, they would gradually awaken their abilities.

In terms of how powerful their abilities were, it probably had something to do with the stats that this woman mentioned!

Perhaps after human kids turned 12 years old, their awakening stats would be stabilized, so their power level would also be fixed. Maybe before human kids turned 12, their awakening stats were still in an inactive state, so it might still have growth potential.

This was all Chu Yunsheng could infer from the information he received from the woman. However, the talented girl who the woman was constantly murmuring about made Chu Yunsheng felt inexplicable anxious….

:”What's your name?” the middle-aged woman asked, then she took out a brand new form.

:”Yuan Hongxue(Red Snow).” Chu Yunsheng gave her a name randomly.

:” How old?”


:”Do you have any special skill?” the middle-aged woman asked.

:”No.” Chu Yunsheng said it without thinking the question properly. 

:”Okay, take these two forms, you can get into the castle today. Report yourself to the castle management department after you get in the castle…..” the woman waved the forms in her hand and said:” if you grandson become successful one day, don't forget about me…..”

Chu Yunsheng took over the form and gave a perfunctory nod, then held Yuan Qiyang’s hand and walked into the castle.

Suddenly, the woman raised her head again, she hesitated for a second then said:” I know you don't have any special skill, but do you know how to wash clothes and make meals?”

Chu Yunsheng was confused, he didn't know why she was asking this, but he still replied yes.

The middle-aged woman thought for a second and said:” I think your grandson has potentials and although you are old, you looks clean and competent. Unlike other old people, you don't look like you have any disease, so I'm going to introduce you to a job interview, but I can't guarantee that you will be selected, it's entirely up to other people to decide if they want you or not. However, if you are selected by them, don't forget about me…”

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to think a place to stay earlier on, but this woman’s suggestion just happened to provide him with a great opportunity, so he immediately nodded his head and said:” I know the rules, no matter what the result will be, I still have to thank you.”

The middle-aged woman was satisfied with Chu Yunsheng’s reply, she smiled and said:” I was asked to recommend a person. However, unlike the old days, it was not easy to find a competent person that is both trustworthy and healthy. Moreover, the employers are a group of girls, although the girls are not scared of young men, it is not convenient. But you an are an old man, so comparing to a young man, you are much more suitable for the job.”
:”Who are those girls? And what do I need to do?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

The woman pointed at a group of white dressed horsewomen who just entered the castle hurriedly and said:” See them? Those girls are the treasures of our castle, they are very precious, and our castellan heavily relies on them. An old man who was doing the housework for them died several days ago, so they needed a replacement, their commander came by here in person to ask me to find someone suitable for the job:”

Chu Yunsheng looked at himself, that Kui person was right. His dress and his look were too clean compared to the other refugees.

:” Take this letter, go to the barrack inside the castle and ask for an interview, if they really chose you, then congratulations. It is said that the food in the barrack is the best in the castle!” the woman said with envy filled in her eyes.

:”Thank you!” Chu Yunsheng took over the letter and said.
:”Please test my kid!” after seeing Chu Yunsheng’s “grandson” easily passed the test, all the people who were behind Chu Yunsheng earlier became excited as if the next one passed the text would be their kid.


Yuan Qiyang closely followed behind Chu Yunsheng and entered the castle those refugees were dreaming of.
On the way into the castle, they saw many checkpoints. Everyone seemed to have a task assigned to them, and they seemed to be very busy.

And there was one thing that Chu Yunsheng was familiar the most was his photos… There were so many of them lined up on the walls on each side of the checkpoint. With this amount of photos, Chu Yunsheng believed that if his appearance didn't change, he probably wouldn't be able to approach the castle within 1km.

But he still did not Edgar. Instead, he had seen a few students who were with him before when they were trapped in this area. Chu Yunsheng pretended that he didn't see them. He went all the way to a restricted area. On the top of the area's entrance, there was a plate written: white barrack, upper-class citizen only.

With the help of the letter, Chu Yunsheng successfully found the person who was in charge of him.

:”The people at the entrance recommended you?!” a muscular middle-aged woman was staring at them angrily, she didn't seem to be happy about them.

:”Yes.” Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that Yuan Qiyang grasp his cloth tightly all of sudden while hiding behind him.

:” Are those people serious!? An old man, a kid, what kind of work could you do!?  We need people to take care of the girls, not the other way around!? Get out! Get out!” the middle-aged woman shouted angrily.
However, Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to hear what she said. At the moment, he was very near the place where the other candidate was trapped, so he just stood there secretly observing the security of the area. This barrack was heavily guarded, if he just simply left, he would miss a great opportunity to observing this place.

:”Are you all deaf!? Did you not hear what I said? You abject thing!” the woman was enraged after realising that Chu Yunsheng ignored her.

She has been staying in this barrack for a long time now. Apart from those horsewomen, she always looked down on other people, so when she saw Chu Yunsheng’s attitude, she wanted to slap this old man so badly and teach him some castle's rules.

:”Mommy Sun, who are they?” suddenly a familiar voice appeared at her back, the middle-aged woman instantly stopped her hand in the air, then she immediately replaced her angry face with smiles.

:”Commander Xu, I don't know what the people at the entrance are really doing, they recommended an old man and a kid here, do they really think anyone can come to our barrack?” the woman immediately replied.

:” It was me, the old man looked competent, so please let them in.” Xu Qingshu knitted her brows and said simply.

:”Oh…..kay….” the woman was stunned, she didn't expect that it was commander Xu’s idea.

:”What's your name?” Xu Qingshu asked irritability. However it wasn't the middle-aged woman made her feel irritable, it was that she had been looking for Chu Yunsheng for sometimes now, but she still couldn't find any trace of him. The ice messenger and the castellan seemed to know something but they didn't tell her, so it made her feel extremely anxious.

:”Yuan Hongxue.” Chu Yunsheng replied calmly.
:” He passed the test at the entrance?” Xu Qingshu pointed at Yuan Qiyang and asked.

:”Yes, with good stats.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He also intentionally slow down his talking speed. He had seen this woman before, so he needed to be more careful.
:”Okay, follow me to the barrack!” Xu Qingshu glanced at the muscular middle-aged woman and went back to the barrack.

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Chapter 247 I know someone from the top

Chapter 247 I know someone from the top

Only when the heaven's messenger successfully returned, would Chu Yunsheng be able to leave this place. But at the moment, he didn't want any accidents.

The program could wait, but Chu Yunsheng couldn't. The longer he stayed here, the more dangerous the Jin Ling city would be.
According to the shadow in the mirror, each one of the haven’s messenger had their own important missions,  so probably to them, the disappearance of Jin Ling was a small matter. That was why Chu Yunsheng didn't expect those people would help him.

Of course, San Fazi didn't know about Chu Yunsheng’s plan, he didn't even know Chu Yunsheng’s real identity, he just felt like those women were extremely lucky.

:”What you said, was it real?” the crippled woman asked nervously.

:”I know someone from the top, so feeding you guys won't be a problem.” Chu Yunsheng postured.

:”Grandpa, I got a share as well?” San Fazi was excited.

:”Of course, you will also get a share. Depending on your performance, I'll probably give you some weapons in the future!” Chu Yunsheng lied.

:”Grandpa, you may leave peacefully, I'll take care of everything for you. Although I just have one arm, it will not be a problem for me to protect one person.” San Fazi patted his chest and said.

:”What do you mean you can leave peacefully(AKA: RIP in Chinese), watch what you are saying.” the crippled women poked San Fazi several times and reminded him.

:”Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'll choose words more widely. Anyway, Grandpa, who do you want us to take care of?” San Fazi asked.

:”Follow me.” Chu Yunsheng slowly got up, held Yuan Qiyang’s hand and said.

There were quite a few campfires outside the castle, so they could still see the road. However, the light was very dim.

The old candidate probably had already eaten the meat Chu Yunsheng gave to him, so he looked slightly better than before. when Chu Yunsheng arrived, the old candidate had already wrapped himself up with a dirty bed sheet and leant against the wall sleeping.
:”Oh, it is uncle Cai, isn’t his son Yougui still in the castle, I just saw him came out of the castle to send food two days ago!” San Fazi had a pair of sharp eyes, he immediately recognized the man.

:” You know him? That's even better, don't mistake him for other people.” Chu Yunsheng repeated.

:”Grandpa, don't worry, I know everyone here, I won't make that kind of silly mistakes.” the crippled woman replied.

:” Uncle Cai has good luck!” San Fazi sighed.

:”Wait, having three people to take care of an old man, seems a little bit too many!” Chu Yunsheng just realized that he didn't actually need that many people.

The air around them suddenly became tense after he said it, no matter it was San Fazi or three women, they all panicked, the thing they were worried the most still happened.

:”Grandpa, we still have strength, please use us, please! the other two women suddenly kneeled down and said in the panic.

:”Let's do it this way, San Fazi will arrange your shifts.” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time on this small matter so he just gave the responsibility to San Fazi.

:” Grandpa, don't worry, I'll do it nicely.” San Fazi said excitedly, his eyes were filled with visible happiness. Chu Yunsheng’s word confirmed his position in the group,

:”Okay, here are two pieces of meat, you take them first. Chu Yunsheng took out one piece of meat from Yuan Qiyang’s pocket, and the other one from his own pocket then passed them to San Fazi and three women.

:”Grandpa…..” Yuan Qiyang saw the meat he hid was taken out by Chu Yunsheng, he instinctively moaned, but he stopped immediately. Although he was young, he knew that the grandpa once gave him a bigger piece of meat before.

After they returned to San Fazi’s shack, San Fazi insisted that Chu Yunsheng needed to take a rest in his shack.

Chu Yunsheng first tucked Yuan Qiyang in, then sat on the side to cultivate Yuan Qi. At the moment, he was very close to the verge of breaking through the Rong Yuan body’s third stage.

From outside of the shack, San Fazi and other three women’s conversation came faintly into Chu Yunsheng’s ear.
“: San Fazi, do grandpa really not want us to serve him?”

:”Look at yourself! Who do you think grandpa is, it's not that I am trying to scare you. Do you know about Skywalkers? Grandpa has several students who are skywalkers! Just inside this castle. When he got into the castle tomorrow, his social status will be raised to an incredible high-level!”

:”But I have heard that a lot of skywalkers don't even recognize their friends and families, they all became ruthless. Grandpa this age….. How many students will still respect him?”

:”Don't say it that loud… if grandpa heard it… but I don't think grandpa just an ordinary old man, he is ...is at least, a professor kind of person…”

:”Right, San Fazi,  oh no, brother San, I'll watch what I said, please don't tell grandpa….”

:”We just need to make sure that we do our job, if grandpa is happy, we definitely will have rewards!”

:”I'm just curious, why does grandpa treat Zhen Youcai that nice?”

:”I don't know, but don't ask that many questions. In this world, there are many things we still don't know, this might involve someone from the top or might relate to some skywalkers, this is something that we should not ask, remember, don't tell anyone about this otherwise I'll…..”

“of course… We won't tell anyone about this.”

Chu Yunsheng was speechless, within a few minute's of conversation, someone gave him another identity- an old professor. However, he didn't dare to use that identity. With his knowledge, he didn't think he could fool anyone.

Needed to think a solution….. Chu Yunsheng was thinking until he fell asleep.

On the second day when there was hazy shimmer, Chu Yunsheng woke up. He thought that he was the first person who woke up. However, San Fazi and other people including the kid were already waiting for him outside the shack.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to take those people with him apart from the kid. He told them what he needed to do, then went to the entrance of the castle again.

When Chu Yunsheng arrived at the entrance, he was surprised to find out that the girl and her mother who he saw yesterday also came today. Apparently, they still didn't give up, however, they didn't dare to approach the entrance just timidly standing on the side.

:”Your name?” the middle-aged woman who was responsible for doing the record was the same person Chu Yunsheng saw yesterday, she didn't even raise her head when asking the question.

:”Yuan Qiyang. Chu Yunsheng replied on behalf of the kid.

:”How old?”

:”7 years old.”

:”Gender?” it was understandable that why she would ask this question. Since no one had time to clean themselves, even the boy also had long and messy hairs nowadays.


:”What's your two's relationship?” the middle-aged women didn't seem to pay attention to the answers.

:”I'm his grandpa.” Chu Yunsheng replied.

:”Let your kid standing inside that machine.” the woman finished filling the last question and asked without any emotions, then she pressed a button on a pad that resembled a touchscreen.

The machine she mentioned was a white cuboid, its surface looked seamless. After the woman pressed the button, a small door slowly appeared on the side which was facing Chu Yunsheng. The inside of the cuboid was also pure white, it seemed like there was nothing special about the machine.

Yuan Qiyang looked at Chu Yunsheng, let go of his hand then slowly moved towards the machine.

Suddenly the middle-aged woman seemed to remember something, she quickly lifted up a stick to stop Yuan Qiyang and said to Chu Yunsheng: ”I have to warn you. If he is over 12,  then a 50% ” chance of death rate will occur, do you want to think again?”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. From the appearance and body size of the kid, the kid should be somewhere around 7 years old, so he did not doubt it, what the woman said also made him think twice, what if the poor nutrition intake caused the kid to grow slower than usual, and if the kid was really 12 years old or over, a 50% chance of death was too risky!

“I am really 7 years old.” this time was Yuan Qiyang.

The woman looked at him and said:” you can go in!”

Yuan Qiyang turned around looked at Chu Yunsheng one more time, then walked into the machine.

The door slowly closed, when he walked in.

After around 10 minutes, a strange diagram appeared on the screen in front of the middle-aged woman. Probably something related to the kid’s talent stats. However, Chu Yunsheng did not really know what it was.

“Huh? Not bad… congratulations, you grandson is qualified.” the woman was surprised, and her tone was less harsh than before.

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Chapter 246 the most powerful man in the world.

 Chapter 246 the most powerful man in the world.
Chu Yunsheng raised his head to find whose voice it was. Then, he saw the one-armed men was with a dark-skinned burly man who seemed to lose one of his eyes. There was a piece of cloth wrapping obliquely around the man's head coring his injured eye. it made the man look even more intimidating.

The man looked at Chu Yunsheng from top to bottom for a few seconds, then said without any emotion:” old man, I respect that you are an elderly person, but I have to tell you that anyone who is lying in this place will not end up good.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled:” lying or not, you will find it out soon.”

The man suddenly said loudly:” ok! Old man, I'll trust you this time!  you two can temporarily stay here for one night, don't worry about the safety, and also I'll get someone to send you some food! But let's agree on something first, if you found your students, I need your students to kill a person for me. How is that?”

Chu Yunsheng held the little boy's hand and said:” if they deserve to die, then they will be killed!”

The man wanted him to be a killer in exchange for the safety just for one night, the price seemed to be too high. But then again, he just came here, he didn't know the situation here, maybe to them, it was a fair price.

The man didn't seem to be happy about Chu Yunsheng’s answer. His face suddenly dropped and spat on the ground. :” every fucking person here deserves to die!" the man was staring at the little boy, gritting his teeth and said relentlessly.

Chu Yunsheng felt the boy was suddenly scared by the man's words, his little hand was grasping his hand tightly.

The man slowly returned back to his calm expression, then he patted one-armed young man's shoulder very hard and said gruffly:” San Fazi, help me to look after those two tonight, I'm giving you a chance now, so treasure it!”

The one-armed man approached bother Kui and whispered in his ear:” brother Kui. Surely, that I will never lie to you, but those two….? You really believe them?”

Brother Kui sneered:” look at that old man, in such cold day, he didn't even get frostbite! Do you think that is normal? Look at his clothes, although it looks old, they weren't dirty. Does he look like a refugee to you? And his grey hairs, at his age, he didn't seem to lose any hairs, do you think that's normal?”

:” Brother, you are really smart! I'm learning something new from you again!” San Fazi praised.

Brother Kui raised his eyebrows in disdain, then said to Chu Yunsheng again:” old man, I have things need to sort out, we will talk more tomorrow, please excuse me.”

Although those two people were whispering to each other, Chu Yunsheng heard every single word they said clearly, and it instantly made him broke out in a cold sweat. He thought that since he had changed his appearance, no one would be able to notice anything, but he didn't expect that even a burly man outside the castle would notice three strange areas on him!

“Take your time.” Chu Yunsheng replied respectfully while thinking about how to cover those three areas up.

After the dark-skinned man left, Chu Yunsheng followed San Fazi to his shack. The shack was just outside the castle, so the refugees outside the castle hardly ever encountered any monsters or insects. However, humans were far more dangerous than monsters in this kind of situation.

“Uncle, is this human flesh?”  Yuan Qiyang was scared after he saw the meat San Fazi passed to him.

:” You wish. You think you can eat human flesh? This is monster's meat, our brother Kui doesn't eat human!” San Fazi said proudly.

:”Then, how do you guys survive?” Chu Yunsheng moved a few pieces of wood in the campfire and asked.

:”working for the people in the city!” San Fazi replied.

:”Working? Those people outside the castle are still useful to them?” Chu Yunsheng was confused.

:”Sorry, sorry, I forgot that you two are new here.” San Fazi deftly skewered the meat and put on the campfire to grill it, then he said:” see those floating mountains? Those are truly incredible things. Think about it, such a big mountain and it is floating in the air just like that? How much power it is required to support it floating!”

He spun the skewers, swallowed hard while staring at the skewer, after a few seconds he carried on:” You probably don't know that it was because of a type of rocks that the mountains could float like that.  Those rocks look just like ordinary rocks, if it was during the age of light, you wouldn't look at those rocks twice. But now it suddenly became many people's treasures. Just take this castle as an example. Before, the most frequent mission for the people who live in the castle was to collect those rocks.”
:”What about now?” Chu Yunsheng unconcernedly asked. It was the first time he heard someone talking about the mechanism behind those floating mountains.

:”Now? We have to thank one person!” San Fazi replied.

:”Thank one person?” it made Chu Yunsheng curious.

:”Originally the castle has many people collecting the floating rock, they don't really need us. Until one day, a person’s photo was put out at the entrance of the castle. Then, everyone started to look for this man, not only that, they also called back a lot of people who were originally collecting the floating rock to search for this man outside the castle. Because of this, they even had several fights with the castle of raging fire already! Grandpa, You tell me if this thing is strange or not.” San Fazi explained.

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Because he knew that the man they were looking for was him.

:”Because all of them were outside the castle looking for that chu Yunsheng person, so the job of collecting the floating rock was given to us. Because of that person, we have a way to get supply. Do you not think that we need to thank that person?” San Fazi said then picked up the skewer and took a sniff to check if the meat was cooked or not.

:”If that's the case. Then you really need to thank him!” Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh.

:”Indeed, but the whole thing was very bizarre, the conditions that flying machine offered was extremely good, even the Castellan was also jealous of Chu Yunsheng! Look at the offer….as if they were looking their master, not looking for some small time people! I just don't understand, what made that person so special?” San Fazi moaned. However, he didn't realize the man he was talking about was just sitting in front of him.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng wasn't talking, San Fazi slightly glanced around then whispered in his ear:” there is a rumour saying that Chu Yunsheng is the most powerful Skywalker in the world! He is hiding in the yellow mountain region. Soon, he will attack the castle and kill everyone here!”
:”Huh? Why would he do that? You just said that he got a great offer, right? It doesn't make any sense...” Chu Yunsheng was shocked, when did he say that he was going to kill everyone?

:”Grandpa, you don't understand, it's very complicated, I've heard that it has something to do with the ice messenger’s race. Otherwise, why do you think with such great offer, that Chu Yunsheng would not come out? There must be some kind of secrets that we small-time people don't know about… the most powerful Skywalker… just the name itself is more than enough to scare people away….. The meat is ready… those things are not our concern... let's eat... let’s eat…” San Fazi was very happy, he hadn't eaten such big portion of monster's meat for quite some time.

The meat was split into three portions by San Fazi, the one Chu Yunsheng had was slightly bigger than Yuan Qiyang’s, the colour of the meat wasn't great, presumably, it wasn't fresh, but to San Fazi and Yuan Qiyang, it was a delicious meat.

Chu Yunsheng swapped his portion with Yuan Qiyang, he wasn't hungry, plus he had already eaten before he left the tomb. Although insect’s meat wasn't nice, he still needed to eat some.

However, his behaviour meant something else to San Fazi. San Fazi believed that the kid was Chu Yunsheng’s grandson even more.

Chu Yunsheng was chewing the meat while thinking the most powerful man San Fazi was talking about. Suddenly he heard a woman's voice:” San Fazi, why are you not thinking about our sisters when you got food?”

San Fazi ate extremely fast, he stuffed the meat into his mouth and said in a muffled voice:” Finished, none, it's gone…. it's my only meal today...I couldn't even eat my fill, so don't do your business here... go... go... leave…!”

As they walked in, three people slowly revealed their faces. They were all women, one of the women who was crippled begged feebly:”  San Fazi, Even just a little bit from your mouth that would also do, we are very hungry, please…. We will definitely serve you well…”

San Fazi patted his chest several times to help himself swallowing the food then said:” look, it's gone! I mean, does the cold weather freeze your brain or something. If you want to do your business, go find Brother Kui! I'm a poor man, I couldn't even feed myself….”

Three women were disappointed after they saw the last bit of meat was swallowed, then their attention was shifted to the meat that Chu Yunsheng was holding.

San Fazi was dazed for a second then laughed out loud as if he found something ridiculous:” you three lost your mind! Look at his age... How on earth he… grandpa just ignore them, those people are crazy…”

“San Fazi, you are not grandpa, how do you know grandpa doesn't want it?” the woman wasn't happy.

Of course Chu Yunsheng knew what kind of business they were doing, but he had other plans, he thought for a second and said:” San Fazi you tell brother Kui that the person he wants to kill, I'll find him a Skywalker to do it, but the price isn't just staying for a night that simple. He needs to help me to protect one person.”

:”Who?” San Fazi was confused.

:”I'll tell you tomorrow.” Chu Yunsheng said. Then, he told three women:” I can give you the meat, but I don't want your body, help me to take care a person, make sure he is alive! San Fazi knows the situation. After I got into the city, I'll send food out to you all as payments.”

Chu Yunsheng didn't want that old candidate to die, the situation outside the castle was much more complicated than he expected. If the old candidate died, god knows how long the program would be able to find another suitable candidate!

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Chapter 245 The ice messenger was shocked.

 Chapter 245 The ice messenger was shocked.
:”Daddy said that grandpa would protect me and help me to find sister….” little boy raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng with his pitiful red eyes.

Because of the freezing weather, the little boy's cheek was red with cold. His red and swollen little hands that were hidden in his dirty sleeves were already frozen, leaving only a few fingers were able to move. 

There was a big hole in between of the sole and the vamp on his right sneaker. Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether it had already been like that or it was broken while the kid was trying to keep up with his pace clumsily.

The hole was partially filled with soil and dirty snow, and a few little toes could be visibly seen through the gap, perhaps Chu Yunsheng’s constantly staring made the boy felt nervous, his little toes instinctively shrunk back.

:”Even if I found your sister, it…” originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to say that it would not work. After all, the person who makes the decision in the castle was not his sister. Moreover, those horsewomen were only interested in his sister not him, and their rules were not to keep the useless people. 

But he couldn't bring himself to say it. Looking for his sister probably was this boy's only hope in this world.

:”Eat something first, don't let other people see it.” Chu Yunsheng took out a piece of cooked meat that he had prepared before he left the tomb and shoved it into the boy's dirty sleeve.
The hungry boy didn't have any meat for a very long time, so he was wolfing it down quickly. Fortunately, he still had some risk awareness, he was hiding behind Chu Yunsheng while eating the meat.

It didn't take the kid very long to finish a small piece of meat. Then, he used both of his hands to hold the snow from the ground deftly. He used the tip of his tongue to melt the snow and started to drink it….
While the boy was busy drinking the snow. Chu Yunsheng still hadn't figured out how to get into the castle. The castle was heavily guarded. All the useless people would be removed from the castle, it was something different to what he thought would be.

Unless he could take the advantage of the darkness and sneaked into the castle. However, it was very risky. It wouldn't be a problem if there were just some skywalkers in the castle, but the main concern was those aliens and their aircraft.
He couldn't even find out how many of them exactly in the castle. Normally, one aircraft was more than enough problems for him to deal with, what if there were more than one, then it would be too risky.


“Young man, can I ask you something?” Chu Yunsheng said slowly. His voice was already changed. However, he still needed to control his talking speed.

:”New here? What do you want to know? Wait... Look at you two, a young and an old. how pathetic! I know what you want to ask! But first, you need to tell me if you got some food? “ the young who only had one hand glanced at the kid and Chu Yunsheng then said feebly.
Chu Yunsheng put his hand in his pocket pretending to get some food for him. But he was immediately interrupted by the young man.:” okay, that's enough, I know you don't have any food, so you may stop acting now. look at you two, probably cannot even live through this evening! Just take my kindness as your last gift.” The young man intentionally drew his voice out slowly.
“People here also eat human?” Chu Yunsheng frowned. This was just outside the castle, and based on those horsewoman's action, Chu Yunsheng didn't think the castle would allow this kind of behaviours here.

:”When it gets dark, anything can happen. It is considered a blessing if they just eat you... Sigh… why do I need to explain this to an old man, I'll make it short. If you want to live, there are only two ways, and it is going to depend on your luck.” the man sighed.

:”Which two?” Chu Yunsheng asked humbly.

:”The first one is also the best one, see the entrance over there? You have a grandson, right?  Take him there, if he is under 12, those women might be able to test out his… his… some kind potential… I don't know much in detail...


If he is qualified. Then, congratulations! At that time, don't forget about that it was me who provided you with the information!

Once your grandson gets in. Although he will be able to eat some delicious food, he will be at least a lower-class citizen. He will be able to send out his supplies to you and you will not die of starvation!

But don't have high expectations, that's one in a hundred, sometimes they couldn't even find one person in a day. But you can still try your luck there.” the man said condescendingly.

:”The second one is the one you should be considering. Look at those old, weak, sick and young people outside the castle. There are mainly two categories of those people, the people in the first category are the people who related to someone in the castle, it doesn't matter how close their relationship is, as long as they are related, those people will not die easily,

then the people in the second category are the “white people”. All the people who don't have any contacts in the castle will be listed under this category, it is also the category that had the most people…..
But no matter what category they fall in, they all need someone to protect them from outside. Without the protection, no one can live through the evening…. What do you think they live on? Human flesh… “ the young man poked the boy's head and said evilly.

The boy was so scared that he instantly hid behind Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng just needed to consider the first one. The second one was no use to him. At worst, He would just try to sneak in during the night, he really didn't have the time to hang around outside the castle.

It would be great if the boy was selected, then he would have an excuse to get into the castle.

:’ Thank you, I'll take my kid to try it first.” Chu Yunsheng looked at the boy and said.

“: Go, try it out, there is only one chance!” the man casual said as if he had seen too many people like them.


After leaving the gathering point for all the refugees, Chu Yunsheng told the little boy straightforwardly:” I don't want to lie to you. If you got into the castle, not only will it help your sister, it will also help me as well. Besides, we don't have other choices.”

:”Grandpa, I'll listen to you, I'll let them check me. “ the little boy said bravely.

:”What's your name?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

“Yuan Qiyang, 7 years old.” the boy answered.
“Qiyang... Qiyang… it also means looking forward to the sunshine….” Chu Yunsheng murmured while walking.

The checkpoint was not far from them, it didn't take them very long to arrive there. There were already a few groups of adults with their children in a queue waiting to be checked.

:”How many times I have told you, every kid only has one chance, stop coming back! The result will be the same!” a middle-aged woman in a white uniform said sternly.

:”Please, I'm begging you, one more try... Please! Let us try one more time!”  a skinny woman was on her knees begged. There was a kid on her side.

:”If you are not leaving I'll call the guards!” the woman in the white uniform pounded the table and said loudly. It instantly scared the kid and the woman and made them sit on the ground.

Suddenly. Three horsewomen in white dress galloped out of the castle and then stopped at the checkpoint:” Commander’s order, everyone back to the castle immediately with all their equipment!” one of the horsewomen said with an arrogant and eagerly tone.
The face of the woman in the white uniform was instantly filled with respect when she saw those horsewomen, and when she realised why they were here, she immediately asked her people to start packing the equipment. 

“Sister Shi anything happened in the castle?” she asked cautiously.

The white horsewoman probably was familiar with her. She hesitated for a second then said in a low voice:”We brought back a little girl today, extremely talented, even the ice messenger was also shocked, we need your equipment to do the test….”
When the woman in the uniform heard the ice messenger three words, her legs instantly shook uncontrollably. At the same time, she immediately urged her people to hurry up packing the equipment.,
Although Chu Yunsheng was not near them, with his eyesight he could still see those machines clearly. Those machines were clearly not made by humans. It looked very strange, it was as strange as the machines that the cloaked man made in Jin Ling city, so it was most likely made those aliens.  

Those people left in a hurry with the equipment, leaving Chu Yunsheng cursing "shit luck" silently on the side. 
Chu Yunsheng thought that there was no way he could get into the city today, so he decided to find a place to stay for a night and come back tomorrow to get Yuan Qiyang tested. 

Seeing Chu Yunsheng came back with the kid, the young man who only had one arm had an “I told you so” sarcastic expression all over his face. But what Chu Yunsheng said next almost sacred the soul out of him!

“I know some of the Skywalkers inside. They were my students, they were quite far away from me inside the castle when I saw them…. So… you think this kind of relationship would help us to get someone to protect us for a night?” Chu Yunsheng pretended to be excited... 
“You? Are you sure that they are Skywalkers?” the young man instantly jumped up from the ground and said loudly.
“Yes, we were originally together, but I got lost!” Chu Yunsheng replied confidently.

“Okay, wait here, I will get brother Kui here, this is a serious matter, why don’t mention it earlier?” the young man said in a respectful manner, his face was filled with smiles.
“Grandpa, do you really know Skywalkers?” the little boy asked after the one-armed young man left.

“Yes.” Chu Yunsheng did not know if it was a good time to get contact with Edgar, so he was trying to think the pros and cons of meeting him.

The little boy suddenly kneeled down at him and said firmly:” Grandpa, could you ask the skywalkers you know to teach me martial art? I want to kill the insects and the monsters to avenge mommy and daddy’s death…. ”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Just when he was about to tell the kid that the self-awakening could not be taught, he heard a loud voice came from his back:” Where? Where are they? If I found out that you are lying, I will remove your other arm!” 

“Brother Kui, when did I lie to you? Look, over there, an old man and a kid, I already felt that they are very special!” the one-armed man boasted