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Chapter 133 the way of deciphering the symbol?

Chapter 133 the way of deciphering the symbol?
What human being’s descendants? The woman was saying too fast and her pronunciation was also very strange. Chu Yunsheng was also extremely anxious, so he didn't hear it clearly.

But that monster seemed to be controlled by her.

Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved when the monster and the woman left. The pressure he got from the monster was the same as when he was facing the flame bird.

Sky track had returned, thousands of laws would become one, the situation was getting more and more complicated. But Chu Yunsheng still didn't know what was going on and what he needed to do. He felt something was coming and the time was limited. he had to decipher the symbol as soon as possible. The senior practitioner must have written down something.

“you are Chu? Mr. Chu?” Zhou Tingyun asked cautiously.

Although the colour of the armour had changed slightly, the shape of the armour still looked very like the one in her memory. Especially that sword, Mr.Chu was the only person she could think of.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He suppressed the panic caused the woman in the white dress and asked:” only you left, where is the rest?”

“They probably have already arrived at Jin Ling, I fell behind the team and lost during the chaotic escape.”Zhou Tingyun was upset.

“but you are still alive, and nothing is better than that, Jin Ling is not far from here. You need to hurry up.” Chu Yunsheng smiled. This girl who was used to be bullied by Qian Deduo was very lucky. It was definitely easy for her to get to this far.

“your girl……. Your friend is still alive, right? She should be. after you left, Qian Deduo gave one of his seats to her. But then I was lost, so I don't know what happened later on. If there aren't any accidents, they should arrive Jin Ling by now.” said Zhou Tingyun.

“My friend?” Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he suddenly remembered Lin Shuiyao who he already forgot about.

“yes, Qian Deduo told me that your friend was a very famous celebrity,” said Zhou Tingyun while trying to tie her messy hair up. Because of hunger, she looked extremely weak.

Qian Deduo this person was very nosy, he was almost like Xiaohai. But things had passed, they were not in the same boat now, whatever happened to them didn't really matters to him now.

“I still have things to do, I need to leave first. If you need my help go to the west district.” Chu Yunsheng smiled, he picked up the sword and about to leave. He still needed to find a golden shell, and there weren't many insects from here to Jin Ling, so, they should be safe, especially he and the little tiger had already wiped out most of them earlier.

“Tingyun these two old men are too slow. I am not going to take them with me anymore. the whole team was dragged down by them!” a young man dressed in black, knitted his brow.

“brother Lin, we had an agreement, also we are almost there, it's just after this mountains!” Zhou Tingyun was not happy about the man’s complaint. This old couple was Dong Shen University’s lecturers. In the age of light, Zhou Tingyun’s family was very poor, so she received a lot of help from this couple. That was also the reason why she fell behind the escort team.

“Yes, we did have an agreement, but the situation is different now, the old man’s leg was injured, he couldn't even walk. Everyone was exhausted, no one is able to carry him. It was because him we were trapped by the insects! We are indeed near Jin Ling, but it doesn't mean that we can stop being careful! We simply can't afford another mistake!” Lin Junchi firmly said.

He didn't want to offend her, in fact, he liked her, but it didn't mean that he was going to change his mind. When the armoured man appeared, he had a glimmer of hope, because Zhou Tingyun seemed to be familiar with the man. But he didn't expect armoured man just simply said few words with her then left.

No one was sure that the journey later would be safe. they had got this far. it would be too damn shame If died when they just about to enter the city.

That was why he had the discussion with other awakenings about whether if they need to abandon those old and injured and speed up their pace.

“brother Lin, please! If we encounter the insect again, I'll fight them first. Oh right, They are the professors at Dong Shen university. They are very important to the government………” said Zhou Tingyun, but her reason was not really convincing.

She was interrupted by another girl:” Zhou Tingyun! Do you think you can fool us, he just a useless literature lecturer, even your university had decided to left him behind, do you think the government will give a shit? Brother Lin has already helped you out so many times. Stop pretending! Stop trying to use them over and over!”

“You! I…...”Zhou Tingyun wanted to argue, but she did know what to say.

“Liu Meng, keep your mouth shut! ” Lin Junchi said coldly:” Tingyun, it's everyone’s decision, I hope you could understand!”

Just when he finished, they suddenly saw a red figure was running towards them. It was so fast that It even raised a cloud of dust behind the red figure. The red figure was Chu Yunsheng, when he ran past the crowd he suddenly stopped:”why you guys are still here! Run! Quick! There are many insects just right behind us!!!! run!...”

Chu Yunsheng did not get far after he left the crowd. He discovered a golden shell which had just crawled out of the ground. Originally he wanted to sneak attack the golden shell, but he did not expect more and more insects started to appear, golden shells, green shells, red shells, he even felt there were something huge hidden in the dark behind the insects,

He quickly killed a few red shells that were approached him and started to run back. He could not deal with this kind of swarm!

“Look, flying insect!!!!” some people screamed while pointed at the distant sky"

The green shell’s screech sound was getting louder and clear.

The crowd started to panic.

“Xiao Zhou (Zhou Tingyun), hurry up and leave! Just leave us here, we are too old, it does not really matter, you need to go!” urged the old man whose leg was injured.

“Tingyun! Let’s go, now! Otherwise, it would be too late!”Lin Junchi shouted. Rest of people did not even care about them anymore, they just turned around and started to run.

Lin Junchi gritted his teeth and dragged Zhou Tingyun way.

“Let me go!!!!” Zhou Tingyun suddenly shouted and struggled to escape. She ran towards the old couple and dragged them up, “I am not going to leave you behind!” she said resolutely.

Chu Yunsheng thought this couple was Zhou Tingyun’s parents. he understood how difficult it was to see the family member died in front of them. So considering they were on the same team before, he wanted to help her out. He instantly picked up the skinny couple, one person under each arm and said sternly:”follow me!”

The old couple were skinny, so they weren’t heavy. To Chu Yunsheng it was not difficult to take them with him while running.

The Little Tiger had already started to run behind Chu Yunsheng.

Zhou Tingyun was dazed for a second, then she immediately started running.

Chu Yunsheng’s speed was too fast, and he was much stronger than Zhou Tingyun. Even Chu Yunsheng was carrying two men Zhou Tingyun still could not even keep up with his pace.

Chu Yunsheng was worried that they would lose the direction, so he had to stopped once in a while to wait for them.

The strange thing was, the swarm did not seem to want to push forward, they stopped moving right after they passed the green dragon mountain. Chu Yunsheng did not know why, but he did not have time to think too much about it.

Only when they finally arrived at the first line of defence, did Chu Yunsheng got a chance to ask who those two old people were. After he heard that the old man was a linguistics professor specialized in grammatology, he instantly attracted Chu Yunsheng’s attention.

His symbols deciphering progress was not going very well. He was not a linguistic specialist, so it was very hard to him to understand anything, even he had the relevant documents. He felt that the 500 words he learned from the book had reached his limited. He needed someone else to help him.

Nowadays, all kinds of dangers started to emerge around Jin Ling. But the cultivation method had reached a dead end.

This man had brought an idea to him, there must be some more people who were specialized in the linguistic study, and because of their study was not really useful now, they must have been ignored by the government.

he could ask Ding Yan to gather those people in secret, and then he could split the incantation’s into the symbols and distributes those symbols to different people to study them. Then after they deciphered the symbol, he would just need to gather that information and combine them. It would be much easier for him to understand.

In that way, the deciphering progress would be much quicker. At least it would be much quicker than just one person. He would also have more spare time to focus on his cultivation.


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