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Chapter 235 the king of insects!

Chapter 235 the king of insects!

:”You can leave now!”  Chu Yunsheng simply told Zeng Kexin, if he needed to hide in the creep area then he needed a detailed plan, otherwise, it was the same as going to a death trap.

Zeng Kexin looked at him coldly then picked up a thick branch from the ground, slowly and clumsily walked away until he disappeared into the snow.

The symptom this man had was exactly the same as the symptom Edgar had before, so Chu Yunsheng knew what kind of poison this man was infected when he saw him. It seemed like the lecturer Bi is working for other people now. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng gazed afar at the highest peak of the yellow mountain which was in the middle of the entire yellow mountain area, the castle of Snowstorm was in the west, the castle of raging fire was in the east, Chu Yunsheng himself was in the north and the creep area was in the south.

So, if Chu Yunsheng wanted to get to the creep area without being noticed by the people from both castles, he needed to climb over the yellow mountain.
Although It was going to be a tough journey, compared to other easier routes which would be guarded by the Skywalkers from two castles, it was definitely worth it.
The snow had already stopped, however, the ground was still covered by white snow, Chu Yunsheng wrapped himself with a piece of white bed sheet heading towards the yellow mountain.
To Chu Yunsheng, snow was both a good thing and a bad thing. Although snow provided him with a natural cover, removing the footprints were extremely troublesome.
But after a while, Chu Yunsheng just gave up removing the footprints, instead, he was wearing the armour and using the fastest speed he had to climb the mountain.

He didn't dare to ride the green shell, because there might be strange powerful birds hiding in the area. It was lucky for him to get away last time, but he didn't want to try it again.

On the way, Chu Yunsheng also attempted to use the body movement method he learned from the nine diagrams while he was wearing the armour. As he expected, his speed was increased a lot.

It was a shame that he had not figured out the cloak’s stealth mode, otherwise, he could have passed both castles easily.

The roads in the mountains were extremely rugged and steep, some paths were only allowed one person to walk on it. Chu Yunsheng only knew how to locate himself on the map, however, he was not familiar with the terrain, so sometimes he needed to stab the fire broadsword he took from the cloaked man into the cliff to help him to climb up.

Although the snow had stopped, the wind was still very strong. The wind was constantly blowing up the snow from the mountain slopes, it made the visibility even lower.

However, Chu Yunsheng was still moving fast. There was a gap in between the cliffs not far from him, he could use as a temporary shelter.

But when he got into the gap, in front of him was not a cave, it was an open valley.

:”Who is that!” a person shouted in the valley, there was a group of people dressed in red, they must be from the castle of raging fire.

:”It's a white dress, must be the bitch from the castle of Snowstorm! Fire! Kill her!” one of the men in the middle pushed away the people around him and shouted.
Instantly, many flame bullets, flame swords were thrown at him.

Chu Yunsheng immediately spun his body while holding the sword to guard himself. All the energy attacks were stopped by the spin and the cloaked man's cloak. However, the white bedsheet was completely destroyed!

:”Brothers, charge!” those people immediately flocked towards Chu Yunsheng.

As the spin was about to stop, Chu Yunsheng turned sword sideways and at the last spin, he swung the sword out horizontally.

A huge flame blade was cast out and made a long and deep ditch in front of those people who were charging towards him.

But he didn't just stop there, the energy was continuously infused into the sword, the flame was constantly bursting out from the sword, it made the sword look two times bigger than before.

He quickly brought back the sword and held it using his two hands, he then bent his front leg and straightened his back leg while holding the burning sword on one side of his head and pointed the sword forward.

The flame was quickly spread across the sword, it even spread all over the cloak. The rest of bedsheets were instantly burned into ashes and air around his body was heat up in a split second, Chu Yunsheng’s cloak was flapping around in the air while covering with flame, it made him look like a fire god just landed on earth.

The faces of the people in the first row were instantly turned pale, attacking their superior was a serious offence, the punishment in the castle of raging fire was death
So when they saw the red cloak, their first reaction after crossed the ditch was to kneel down, however, because they were charging in a high speed earlier, even though they kneeled down, the inertia of the body still pushing them forward. They were sliding on the ground which was covered in snow until they finally stopped in front of Chu Yunsheng.

Looking at the tip of the flame sword only three centimetres away from him, the leader of the people who dressed in red were swallowing very hard.

Chu Yunsheng’s face was covered by the cloak, but he was still able to sneak a peek at the group who dressed in red under his hood.

Everyone was kneeling down at him, and everyone didn't dare to raise their head apart from that leader whose head was against the tip of the sword.

:”What are they?” it was not the first time that someone mistook Chu Yunsheng for that stupid messenger, so Chu Yunsheng just went with the flow.

He stood up straight, lifted up the sword slightly and pointed at some people who were being tied up at their back. Chu Yunsheng didn't want to know who they were, but he needed to find a topic to distract them, then he saw the people at back.

The leader was still in the panic state, he didn't even realize that the voice of the “fire messenger” was different. However, even if he noticed it, he would not dare to question it, because the cloak, the sword and the flame were real.

Chu Yunsheng was talking while trying to find a way to leave this place. The leader was finally relieved when he saw the “fire messenger” moving the sword away from him, he immediately bowed his head down and said:” they were captured by the bitches from the castle of Snowstorm at the southern edge of their territory. One of them is a Korean movie star. I have heard that she was the gift they prepared for their gay castellan, but they didn't expect that they would be robbed by us, I was planning to send her…. send her..”

The leader suddenly stammered, originally he wanted to send the girl to the castellan as a gift, but he suddenly had an idea. :” I was planning to send the girl to you to celebrate your recovery!” he said.

Chu Yunsheng walked pass all the people who dressed in red and pretended to exam the girl that the guy mentioned.

Although there were a few bruises, it still did not affect the girl's pretty face, her clothes were badly ripped, presumably, it was torn during the escape or struggle. She was terrified when she saw Chu Yunsheng was walking towards her. Her eyes were wide opened and her body was constantly shaking, she didn't even realize that she should have bowed her head down like other people.

That leader probably thought that the fire messenger didn't know what movie star means, so he quickly crawled all the way back then used his hand to turn the girl's head to the right then to the left, so the fire messenger could see her clearly. :” human....  pretty..... girl……” he was trying so hard to please the “fire messenger”

:”Not bad..” although Chu Yunsheng said that, he didn't stop walking, he didn't want the leader to approach him, in case of noticing something wrong with him.

Chu Yunsheng was not a saint, he couldn't even save himself, let alone saving this Korean.
However, he didn't realize that his one simple comment would change the girl's fate in the future.

:” You all need to leave now, I can feel that the ice messenger is around here!” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to stay with them any longer, it was extremity risky, he could expose himself at any time, so he just made a lie to scare them.

:”Yes! My lord!” the leader instantly changed his expression, the fight between two messengers was deadly fierce, if he still wanted his life, then he needed to get as far away as he could.

Looking at those people disappeared from the other end of the valley, Chu Yunsheng covered himself with a brand new bed sheet again, he waited for a while then went out from that other end as well.

This time, it was a very smooth journey, he bypassed several groups then successfully arrived at the edge of the creep area.
He could not see any plants on the creep, he could barely see some shadows of the building inside the city, there were three huge tombs in the centre of the city, it was constantly spurting out fire and smokes. The insects at the bottom of the tombs were running in and out constantly, they looked very busy. A lot of green shells were wheeling freely in the sky like a dark cloud.

There were other reasons why Chu Yunsheng selected this place.

Chu Yunsheng had visited the edge of this area before, however, he did not sense anything that would indicate that there was an intelligent creature like “Min” in here.

This time, he also wanted to check the tombs, he wanted to make sure that there was not anything powerful or intelligent come out of those tombs when he was in the divine realm.

Moreover, if there weren’t any creatures like “Min”, he could easily use the purple flame monster to control three tombs and become the king of the insects in this area! 

----------------------------------------------translator's note-----------------

I will spend some time to gather all the hidden information in the released chapters after this volume ends.

the hidden information will be crucial to what will happen in the later chapters, I don't know if anyone figured it out yet, but it's better to explain it before the next volume start.

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Chapter 234 The safest place

 Chapter 234 The safest place
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

Chu Yunsheng quickly covered himself with a white bed sheet and crowded towards a hill then used his binoculars to search the area.
Soon, a group of people appeared in his sight, but those people didn't seem to come here for him. Instead, they were chasing a man who was running away from them clumsily.
Looking at the clothes they were wearing, Chu Yunsheng suspected that the group of people were from the castle of Snowstorm and the man was from the castle of raging fire.

The man's clothes were ripped, and from the way he moves,  it seemed like he was either injured or exhausted.

Normally, Chu Yunsheng would try to avoid having contact with those people as much as he could, however, since when he came out of the divine realm, he noticed that the people from the castle of Snowstorm started to search the yellow mountain areas more frequently and the number of people who joined the search was increasing every time.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what was wrong with the castle of Snowstorm and why would they search the yellow mountain areas so often, so he needed information, he needed to know what they were up to, before he was surrounded by them in the future.

He quickly took out the monster seal talismans and activated them, eight green shells instantly flew into the sky and then dived at those people immediately.
The sudden appearance of the green shells shocked everyone, but they didn't run away nor did they carry on chasing the man, instead, they quickly moved into a strange battle formation, preparing for the fight.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to chase them away, but since they were not moving, so he immediately changed his plan which was to order the green shells to spit fire.
Until the man escaped far away from them, Chu Yunsheng ordered the green shell to fly away. Everyone was confused about insects' action. Until they realised they needed to carry on chasing the man, it was already too late.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was sliding down from the hill to stop the man...

:”Who are you?” the man looked at him and said coldly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that not only was the man not panicked when he showed up, but he also gave Chu Yunsheng a cold look. It made Chu Yunsheng really wanted to punch him in the face.

:”Quiet! if you want to live!” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time talking to him, although he delayed those people from chasing the man, he didn't doubt that soon they would find the traces and catch up with this man again. So he picked the man up by his collar and quickly fled the place.

Chu Yunsheng took the man and walked in a random pattern to make his footprint look messy then hide behind a mountain rock.

:”who are you?” the man struggled to sit up after he was thrown to the ground by Chu Yunsheng. However, his cold attitude still didn't change a bit.

:”You don't need to know who I am, just answer a few of my questions then you are safe to leave! If you refuse to answer, I'll send you back to the castle of Snowstorm!” Chu Yunsheng threatened.
:”I, Zeng Kexin don't like to owe people, tell me your name, I'll pay your back!” the man said coldly, however from the way he talks, it clearly showed that he was extremely weak at the moment.

:”No need, your help is useless to me, just answer a few questions. First, what happened in the castle of Snowstorm, how many skywalkers do they have, and lastly, how powerful are they?” Chu Yunsheng asked.
Zeng Kexin was an arrogant man. Since he awakened his ability, no one was able to defeat him, if it were not that he was poisoned, there was no way that he would end up like this. However, the man in front of him seemed to be even more arrogant than him.

:”They are looking for a Skywalker called Chu Yunsheng, and they locked up all the people who just entered the castle recently. I don't know exactly how many skywalkers they have, but I can tell you that they have a lot of them, and your last question is very vague, I don't know how you measure the power level….but only their five senior commanders were capable of fighting me, I don't know about the strength of their castellan! However, if you are from the castle of raging fire, then you don't need to worry, they are not going to attack you.”
Although Zeng Kexin found that Chu Yunsheng seemed to look down on him, he was not stupid, and he could tell that Chu Yunsheng had that power, so he just only answered the questions. He also didn't suspect the man in front of him was Chu Yunsheng. The rumours had already made Chu Yunsheng look like a god, so no matter how powerful the man in front of him was, he still did not think he was Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked that those aliens were able to realise that he was here, this quick!
Was it because of Edgar? No! It can't be; otherwise, they don't have to lock up everyone who just entered the castle recently. Chu Yunsheng thought.

If Edgar really betrayed him, they could just lock up Xiaohai’s cousin to force him to come out.

Chu Yunsheng instantly knew it was a trap. From the information the man told him, he could tell that Edgar did not expose himself, however, if he really broke into the castle now, he might put them in a dangerous situation.

Finding a safe place to hide was already difficult enough for Chu Yunsheng, now, the intensive search made it even harder, he had been racking his brain for a while now, but he could only think of one place to hide which was the insect’s “creep”.